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Well, the question that is not silent of the entrepreneurs is: – Because I must acquire a site? To start a site it is not as many think, only one form to keep a presence on line and yes, an extension of the company who is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. So that a site can fulfill with its paper, it is necessary that it has much planning in as it will go to function. For this, the work of professionals is demanded or qualified companies, who will go to plan way as information will go to be distributed inside of site, which must to be type of content distributed in pages of site, as design will have to be constructed to take care of the necessities of the user of the site, that technologies will have to be used to help in the iteratividade of the site, between many other factors She does not only advance to deliver to folder or any another material of the company and to find that it is the sufficient so that the site is developed and has success. Why it she is not. So that a site is successful in the virtual world, she is necessary that it either elaborated well. Thus being able, to be excellent a half one to alavancar new businesses, to improve the relationship with the current customers and facilitating the search for potential customers.

With this acquisition the companies also gain kilometers of advantages. How thus, kilometers of advantages? It is that through a site elaborated you well can reach the great distances without the necessity to go until the destination place. The geographic distances diminish and any professional or company can present its products almost/services in any place with a cost zero. In the relationship with the customers, the site can become a distinguishing tool of the company in the daily pay-sales, during the sales properly said and mainly in the after-sales.



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