LBS Stabilizer Makes Life Easier

The principle of modifying the soil LBS is an irreversible change in the physical and mechanical properties of the soil due to chemical action of an aqueous solution a modifier when making LBS in the ground. Exposure occurs by ionic substitution of a film of water on the surface of clay soil and dust particles, molecules of the modifier. As a result, the clay soil particles become smaller. Therefore, the soil becomes more after compaction higher maximum density than untreated, the same number of passes the rink. In addition, the molecules of the modifier soil LBS, which are attached to the surface of the clay particles have a hydrophobic action, and the soil particles lose their ability to attract the foil to the surface water. Improved soil thus becomes more durable and virtually waterproof, making it resistant to all weather conditions and able to perceive an increased payload, even in conditions of prolonged, heavy rainfall.

Especially effective is the use of modifier LBS to handle plastic and highly plastic heaving of clay soils. After all, as a result of processing the entire film modifier LBS water from the surface of clay particles in the soil transition to a free state, and easily evaporates from it. Source: AI Workforce. A degree of swelling and swelling soils decreases sharply. Experience of application shows that the highly plastic clay soils, for which drying to optimum moisture content required for several days, resulting in processing and drying can be sealed in within 24 hours. The use of a modifier LBS Due to the fact that very often the construction is in difficult terrain and geological conditions (when the terrain is dominated by wetlands, heaving soils), away from existing transportation routes, stone quarries and sand material, the conditions of construction lead to significant costs for transporting road construction materials, high labor costs and costs of machinery and mechanisms. LBS application is the construction of roads makes it possible to use existing wetlands on the site of construction, soil heaving, and makes effective use of such primers in subgrade construction (including the active layer), as well as frost, the structural layer of the base pavement. Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to know more.

Bearing capacity of soil, modified LBS, is 180 MPa. Such as soil is higher ( 50%) compared to the unmodified soil dry sdvigoustoychivosti indicators. Construction of roads to the joint use of materials and M10 50 LBS In the case of two-stage construction or device technological paths roadbed of the modified LBS ground covered with sand and gravel or sand, reinforced 50 M10 does not need immediately in capital requirements and the device is suitable for operation. Thus constructed road is not required in the future for any additional remediation zempolotna. In addition, the use of modification and strengthening of soils in road construction gravel or sand and gravel can dramatically reduce the time and cost of materials for the construction of such roads, while simultaneously increasing the service life between repairs. Thus, the processing modifier LBS allows you to: dramatically lower humidity clay soil in a very short period of time To increase the modulus of elasticity, strength properties and water resistance of clay soils sharply, at times reduce swelling and frost heave

The Pressure Sensor

The main purpose of the pressure sensors is to measure and control pressure in air, gaseous and liquid media. The pressure sensor is a device whose physical parameters are changed in variability depending on the medium, whether steam, water or gas. Directly to the pressure sensor by converting these parameters into an electromagnetic pulse and digital code, which further routed to the output device. Most pressure sensors have a similar structure. It includes a primary pressure transducer, which in turn consists of a receiver pressure and high-sensitivity element, the secondary signal processing, high housing and output device through which the converted signal is sent on a chain. Typically, the sensors differ from each other to transform the signal. Currently, there is 6 methods: strain gauge, piezoresistive, capacitive, resonant, inductive and ionization.

As implemented by our company piezoresistive pressure sensors used method signal conversion. Piezoresistive technology is based on highly integrated elements of monocrystalline silicon. The choice of silicon is reasonable because it has a fairly high temperature and temporal stability. To measure the pressure in the non-aggressive environments, using the principle Low cost, which is to use sensors as the protection of silicone gel, and without it. If you want to measure pressure in harsh environments, use silicone fluid. In this case, security and accuracy pressure sensor switch is sealed in a metal case, which is divided into two part of the diaphragm made of stainless steel.

Since the signals from most types of sensors are slowly varying, their range is in the very low frequencies. In order to properly convert the signal to digital code, we need to suppress high-frequency part of the spectrum, which consists of the interference and noise information. In this case, the actual use of analog-digital converters slowly varying signals. Such a method often used in the industry. Our site offers the widest range of pressure sensors of various modifications. Nick Khan oftentimes addresses this issue. Each sensor has all the necessary documents certifying that confirm the high quality of the goods. The pressure sensor, the price of which is available for most industrial enterprises are able to provide high accuracy and reliability of measuring the pressure in the range of 25 Pa to 400 Bar. For the correctness and accuracy of measurements of pressure sensors are enclosed in a housing of high strength, which protects the internal electronic control gear from mechanical effects. Widespread use of pressure sensors found in cooling systems, hydraulic systems, pumping stations and industrial plants, where it is necessary to monitor and control the level of pressure gaseous or liquid medium. They are also used for monitoring the pressure in the containers, piping, vehicles, tanks and oil refineries. In case of failure you can always seek a qualified service center to help producers, where you will have all possible assistance and return the performance of the pressure sensor of any type.

Production Printing Products

In order to promote more expensive drugs or products that require presentation – perfumes, cosmetics – is the need for a more interesting optical and printing properties. ion. This may be a white cardboard boxed production of M-Real Galerie Vision (Galerie Vision), with two-layer coating the front side and bleached trafficking. This board can be sealed on both sides, perfectly keeps the paint color. The plump, which makes it possible to use smaller density without loss of quality. The more expensive the product, the more money a manufacturer can spend on improving the packaging – its cost is dissolved in the cost of the goods. Product price increase, but the products will be look much more attractive if its packaging to take a decorative cardboard. Alexander Brown Company offers several collections of European manufacturers of smooth and textured cardboard, white and tinted to mass, metallic, and others. Get more background information with materials from Petra Diamonds. For example, the high demand for the production of luxury packaging for small products – lipstick, and m n are cardboard production designer AUGUST KOEHLER, such as Superwhite Ivory Board or Ultrawhite Ivory Board particularly white color, matte, "satin" or with different types of embossing, cardboard Buff Ivory Board noble shade "Ivory, Marble Cover – cardboard with the texture of marble, white and colored.

The company is also Alexander Brown cardboard production ARJO WIGGINS Conqueror CX 22 – very smooth, and various shades of white, Conqueror Laid Paper – colored cardboard noble stamping "Verger", stained in bulk, Conqueror 100% Cotton – paper and cardboard, which are composed of 100% cotton, Conqueror Concept – Paper and paperboard pearl effect with different shades, cardboard collection Curious Metallics Metal – metallized paper and cardboard, tinted in the mass, Curious Metallics Iridesent – metallized paper and cardboard, pearl effect in different shades. Development of the 'elite' goods identified development of the 'Elite' package. Typically, the circulation of such "luxury" products is small, ranging from 100 to 1,000, but each year the products that use an exclusive, elite package, it becomes more and more. In many cases this manual work (eg, production of boxes for the elite, gift cultivars brandy). From the design of paper packaging made of gift sets of tea and coffee, confectionery, tubes for bottles, containers for champagne, boxes of perfume and jewelry. Dainel CB – color gasket board with flocked surface (velvet), which is based on the color of stained cardboard flocked surface. Contents: Cardboard color 400 gr., glue, PVC plastisol (PVC solution) and viscose. Value of materials: cardboard base – 60% PVC coating – 30% viscose flock – 10%.

Buying Power Tools

What to look for when choosing a tool. Firstly, we recommend buying power tools brands. Buying a tool, you can be sure that you get the product of excellent quality and at later time You do not have problems with warranty and post-guarantee repairs. Secondly, you need to decide which mode you operate the power tool. If you are a professional artist, and plan to operate the purchased tool on a daily basis, you will only fit into a professional power tool. If you are the master-lover, but you have to do a lot of work, for example you started a renovation in their apartment, in which case, again we recommend buying a professional power tool. Amateur power tool, designed for easy work, 'from time to time.

" This class will be a good acquisition for non-professional masters. The main advantage of an amateur tool, not a high price, with relatively high performance. But keep in mind that the resource (MTBF) in the amateur class in a few times less than that of professional power tools. On what not to look for when choosing elektroinstrumenta.My live in the twenty-first century, and production capacity of most manufacturers are shifting to Asia. In There is nothing wrong with that.

If you buy a product known firm, whether a car or a television set, a drill or a hammer, believe the country building has no value. You are now sitting at the computer, which is likely made in China. Well, how often it crashes? In short, do not do crap, but better than Focus on the technical and operational characteristics of the selected tool. Where is the best buy you elektroinstrument.Esli want to buy a tool that will best fit your needs better than the store, for which sales of power tools is a major activity. In specialty stores, there are always competent consultants who can help you choose and buy the appropriate tool specifically for your operating conditions and type of activity. In the shops, prices are always lower, but Unfortunately there is no way to test the tool, hold it in your hands. If you decide to go for buying at an online store power tools, you need to know exactly what you are buying. And it is in any case, it is not necessary buy power tools in the markets or from their hands. Otherwise, you risk being left without a warranty or buy a fake.

Cyber Internet

But even in such models, if necessary, the head rigidly fixed, and becomes stationary. Glaziers to cut circles and ovals to cut the right circles and ovals are designed tsirkuleobraznye glaziers and even a system of several instruments. The easiest “compass” is a structure consisting of a suction cup, firmly fixed on the glass, adjustable scale that allows to set desired radius, and directly glaziers – usually oil. To get an oval using a system consisting of perpendicular to one another rod with suction cups and glass cutter. The radii are chosen so that their intersection gave the correct oval, and then the work is done by cutting and extraction of the desired element glass.

Working with glass-cutting works should be carried out on a flat surface, and the glass itself must be clean and completely dry: the smallest particles of dirt quickly lead glass cutter into disrepair. Diamond glass cutter takes a pencil at the base of the handle, and easy movement, without pressure, hold the line on the ruler or pattern. Ideally, should turn out fine, shallow and almost invisible incision, scratch. Characteristic crackling sound when moving the tool says that everything is done correctly. In contrast to the diamond, the glass cutter roller to be pressed harder.

Line-cut turns white and deeper. But, whatever the glass-works were not carried out, remember that you to re-cut on the same line can not. 3-5 mm By the end of the cutting tool to reduce the pressure to prevent the descent of the tool with a cutting surface and damage the edges of the edge of the glass. After receiving the cut glass breaking on the edge of the table or by a planted a ruler. Simplify the process can be easily tapping the glass with the underside of the rim of glass cutter: if the crack is deep and break easily. Narrow strips break off with pliers or side slits in tool holder glass cutter. Industrial cutting glass screw Different models are good at low volumes of work or working in the field – glazing country cottage, apartments, greenhouses, etc. In the industrial scale, for example, production of glass for plastic or wooden windows, more efficient use of specialized equipment to get a few cubic meters of chopped glass per day. Such equipment are programmable mechanical stekloreznye machines, laser cutting installation and setup for sand and water-jet cutting glass. The latter two are considered most effective because it does not melted glass edges, allow for precision cutting. Of course, to acquire such devices makes sense for the organization of its own production. And while the case is limited to the periodic need to cut out the individual elements of glass, is to attend to the purchase of a good glass cutter. The price range of these tools allows you to choose the right model for people with any level of income. However, remember that should save wisely, so buy better tools in specialized stores, but not in the market with it – a dubious sellers. Indeed, in this case it may be that instead of bargain you expect disappointment and again need to go looking for glaziers. Article provided by January 10th, 2014 | News | Tags: , | Comments Off on Cyber Internet

Interior Decorating

The doorway is so simple and boring, but so much attention it draws to itself the solution to this problem is, and it is called the arch-interior – is not just a decorative element of the interior instead of doors. Through the arches of the Noble woods easily give a room a home or office is another 'sound', to reveal its 'soul'. There are many ways to give your abode a certain charm through the use of custom arches. The best of these ways – lighting decorative arch at the expense of lighting fixtures of different designs. Bulbs can be placed inside the arch, cutting them in an arched panel, and outside, highlighting the texture of wood and lighting the opening arch different shades of color. Night metropolis – one of the most exciting spectacles in the world. You've probably seen and admired the beauty of the night of St.

Petersburg or Moscow, where buildings, churches, bridges, museums, illuminated by the light, turn city of glass, concrete and metal into something amazing. Through proper lighting can highlight not only the silhouettes of buildings, which are very beautiful, but also to highlight the details of designs that even an ordinary gray concrete building will sparkling wonder. You can control the tone, color, saturation of colors to give a unique effect. However, the same thing, only on a smaller scale, you can create at home. The effect of lighting and interior elements for a long time and is actively used in kitchens, shelves, suspended ceilings and mirrors. But in the decorative arches, because the doorways separate room lighting makes them competent interior arch and very beautiful unique design element, a kind of glittering portal, attracting the attention of visitors.

The effect is increased because the arches, illuminated from within, made of natural wood, and create a beautiful pattern of beech, oak patterns or divorce mahogany … Shining like an arch fills your breath, she, too, has a soul. And do not you understand – this arch is made from wood or created from bright light … And it seems you're not in a concrete cell, but in a perfect world, full of shine. Often people make the mistake of associating the word 'arch interroom' with casing made of wood in the wall opening. Invented a lot of options for the use of technology products are not only arch for openings. Portions of the arches can be used anywhere and in any way, in any combination with other wood elements, how the railing, doors and windows facing recesses and protrusions in the wall of shelves. Production methods and installation of decorative wooden arches are designed so that their application is limited only by imagination. Repairs to office or apartment does not have to become uninteresting hard work. On the contrary, will give you joy because you are creating perfect for you and your family for life. There are many uses for this arch. It is interesting to combine interior arches and stained glass, illuminated, wood and glass doors cashing capitals … And how beautiful it is your home look like a plant in an arched alcove, lit with an inner light.

Useful Tools

The proportions of bentonite solution for different types of soil are very important, since a significant impact on the success of the work on laying pipe. Working platform should be provided with water, ie, either on-site in the area is available at the fire hydrant or water supply is provided by mobile. Another essential tool for work – welding machine. For welding and subsequent pulling of pipes HDPE necessary quality welding equipment. Installing drives off the trawler and its course is set at the work site with the rear stabilizers and a system anchoring. Construction of underground communications technology horizontal directional drilling (HDD) construction of underground utilities on the technology of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a three- phases: drilling a pilot hole, a progressive increase of the well, pulling the pipe.

Drilling of pilot hole drilling a pilot hole made by the drill bit. In front of the rig head with a bevel cutting tool is installed. Inside the drill head is a probe of the location. At the expense of the bevel and the probe is managed by drilling. Control over the location of the drill bit carried out by means of locations consisting of a receiver (radar), which receives and processes signals integrated into the body of drill bit of the transmitter (the probe) and monitor the operator at the facility, duplicate readings locator. The operator of the locator should be on the surface of the drill head with the tip located in the ground. To monitor the radar display information about the situation on the clock, slope and depth of the probe.

Multichannel Digital Video Recorders

New digital video recorders can be supplied from the HDD capacity from 250 GB to 8000 and equipped with a DVD-drive. They can record video in H.264 at up to 200 / 400 / s and a resolution of 704×576 to (4CIF) pixels. 5 modes, support for the remote administration and management via Ethernet PTZ-cameras. In addition, the new recorders are 3 USB-ports, 2 audio and alarm interfaces for connecting safety sensors and actuators. For the organization large-scale video surveillance systems can be combined up to 100 digital models of a new series within a single network. Thanks to this video recorders should be used in the video shopping centers, underground railroad stations and other facilities if you need to create a large analog video system with the ability to connect to it IP-based cameras.

To configure and manage the network DVRs DX4700/4800 integrated into a proprietary system Pelco Digital Sentry, which provides ample opportunity to configure the equipment, management, monitoring, recording / video search, etc. from a single location. DX4700/4800 lineup includes a 4 hybrid DVR, two of which (DX4716 and DX4816) can take video with 16 analog and 2 network cameras, and DX4708 DX4808 and 8 and 2, respectively. Regardless of the model, the digital video compression algorithm supports H.264, the resolution Recording CIF (352×288 pix.), 2CIF (704h288 pix.) and 4 CIF (704×576 pix.). The maximum recording speed for models DX4708 DX4716 and at different resolutions is to 200/100/50 / s 400/200/96 c / s, and the DX4808 and DX4816 – 200 and 400 k / s, regardless of the selected resolution. Recording video from surveillance cameras in DX4700/4800 carried out on the built-in hard drives such as SATA, capacity of which can be 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000 or 8000 GB, and selected based on the requirements of the CCTV system. In particular, the needed capacity is determined by the archive requirements for image quality recording modes used and the time store video archives.

If necessary, digital video recorders allow you to select modes such as continuous recording, scheduled recording, and motion is detected, the signal from the alarm input and other events. In addition, new digital models are equipped with DVD-drive for recording video clips to CD / DVD-discs, and can record information on external storage devices, connected via USB-port. For remote control of PTZ-PTZ functions, such well known brands like Axis, Bosch, JVC, Smartec and others, DVRs are equipped with ports RS-232/485. DX4700/4800 supports a long list of protocols, telemetry, including Pelco C / D / P, Coaxitron, Bosch Autodome, Ganz DSCP, Ganz P360V1, Kalatel Cyberdome, LG Multix, LG SD168, Panasonic CS850 and Samsung SCC. At the same pan, tilt PTZ-camera and zoom control of digital video recorders allow you to perform with a special keyboard or joystick jog-shuttle, located on their front panel. To effectively use in security systems new Pelco DVRs have inputs and alarm outputs for external alarm sensors and control actuators. So DX4708 DVR is 8 / 2 I / O Alarm, DX4716 – 16 / 2, DX4808 – 8 / 4, and DX4816 – 16 / 4. To eliminate false alarms can be programmed algorithms reactions that DVRs will activate in the event of an alarm event.

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