The Ceiling

If the project provides for soundproofing the ceiling, the installation of the ceiling too an operational necessity. Types of suspended ceilings: – rack metal, mainly used in bathrooms. To date, rarely used, because of its impracticality (condensation, dotted rust is not very clear docking with the wall) – rack made of plastic, used in all areas. It is convenient for mounting, docking thin seam, well washed, large choice of color – Armstrong, is used in offices, halls, shops and office buildings. Quickly mounted, low price, easy restored, a large selection of colors and types – suspended ceiling is used in all types of premises. Great selection by color and type of material, practical in case of flooding from the upper room. Quite expensive relative to other materials, but in the end, during operation, pays for itself – drywall, used in all types of premises. Going to almost any configuration of the ceiling, low price, quick installation, a slight loss of height of the ceiling is water-resistant and normal.

We have listed, not all types of suspended ceilings, but they are most in use today. Next, we discuss some details of the installation of the ceiling drywall. Before the installation should be done counting the zero level of the ceiling. It then does a skeleton of aluminum rails and installation of drywall. Further, the seams are filled with special filler 'uniflot' serpyanka glued, primed and shpatlyuyut.

For more safeguards to avoid the appearance of cracks in the ceiling Drywall is made of two layers staggered. When installing the ceiling of a complex configuration, you must first make a template out of hardboard for smooth lines. On the main square ceiling, we recommend moisture-resistant drywall used as after installation of the ceiling should be a cycle of painting works, and this work is associated with high humidity, respectively, if the drywall absorbs this moisture, the next time drying it starts to warp, crack will begin to appear.

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