The Digital Certificate And Invoices Certified Scanning – Part 1-2

In this first part will enter first in the model definition is a digital certificate, how to be electronic signatures and explain the role that institutions with the right to certificates digital, the Certification Authorities. Details can be found by clicking Grupo Vidanta or emailing the administrator. In the second part we will focus on how to develop digital and digitization certification certified manufactures complementary. Digital Certificates and Certification Authorities A Digital Certificate is a document digital, computer, whereby a trusted third party (a “certification authority) ensures the link between an individual or entity identifiable and public key. Explain what is public Lac-laves later. A Certifying Authority, certifying or certify-er, called AC in English or Certification Authority in English acronyms (Certification Authority) is a trusted, responsible for issuing and revoking the digital certificates used in electronic signatures, for which we use the public key cryptography.

Judiciaries a particular case of the Certification Service Provider. Henceforth we use the Spanish term desertification Authority Cryptography is the science of encrypting and decrypting information utilization techniques that make possible the secure exchange of messages coded that can only be read by people who are permitted. The purpose of cryptography is, first, ensure the confidentiality of communication between two entities (people, organizations, etc..) And, secondly, to ensure that information that is sent is true in two senses: the sender must be really who claims to be and that the content of the message sent, usually called cryptogram, has not been amended in transit. There are various formats for digital certificates, the most commonly used are governed by the standard ITU-TX 509. The certificate contains the name of the certified entity, the serial number, expiration lafecha and a copy of the public key holder used to certification actually in the association.

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