Because exactly, rationally, accepting this, emotionally I behaved in the way as I was created. I needed tactics, a strategy to convince me of this. That the happiness is not in the magic princes, who each one has its destination, that each one can be really happy without having nothing of this. First decided I me between being a success professional or to have a family. What it was really important for me? was to have a family who I wanted of truth. There I mounted my strategy: I started to evaluate all the marriages that I knew. One by one.

I started to dedicate me to this. To analyze the couple, to discover if they were happy and more than what this, if I would be really happy if I was in that context. I was evaluating everything and all my return. was there that I really convinced that was not guarantee you are welcome. To be married, to have children, to find somebody were not passport for the happiness.

Vi together couples for comodismo. Vi consumed couples. Vi children problems. Vi marriages of faixada. Vi loving husbands with. Vi fathers-in-law problems. Vi respect lack. Vi affection lack. Vi executives vitiated to drugs. Vi high executives with depression. Vi women without auto-esteem, married or not, executive or not. my conclusion was this: it is not alone because that woman found a husband and had pretty children, has a wonderful house, travels all the vacations and calls the friends for had taken wine in house, that necessarily it is happy. It is not alone because that woman is high executive, enviable position, all knows the world, super assediada, pretty, dressed and cultured well, that necessarily it is happy. more: I discovered that the objective of the life of somebody is not in having a husband, an excellent job or something thus.



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