The Forces

The five forces that govern the competition in a sector Source: Porter (1986). Porter (1989) detaches the importance of the attractiveness of the industry for the formularization of the strategy. That is, the understanding of the forces that regulate the competition is basic to determine the ability of the organization to get superior taxes of return at the cost of capital. Thus it is perceived force of the incoming potentials when new companies who if insert in definitive segment with the objective to gain market parcels. This action directly intervenes with the offer-demand law, affecting the economy of sector (PORTER, 1986; 1989). suppliers are characterized by influencing directly on the organizations of all a market segment.

Through increase or reduction of prices and the product quality, they directly intervene with the costs and final product quality generated by the organization, being able through pressure to all reduce the taxes of yield of the sector (PORTER, 1986). The forces exerted for the purchasers are characterized, also, for all influence of a sector, being able to pressure for low prices, better quality or charging bigger disponibilizao of services. With this, the purchasers can cause with its requirements the reduction of the profitability raising the rivalry between the competitors (PORTER, 1986). The substitute products are not inserted goods and services in the determined sector that possess similarity to the products and/or services of the proper sector. This is, is products that are capable to substitute the satisfaction and necessity of the product supplied for determined sector for the same or minor value. How much bigger performance of the substitute, bigger product will be to the relation price/will be the pressure on the profit edge (PORTER, 1986). The rivalry between the companies, characterized for the competition, is characterized when one or more competing they are suffering some pressure, and decides to adopt better more competitive behavior adopting strategies for if locating.



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