The Phenomenon Of Fluhr: 264 Hours Range Not

10th world record attempt less than a week is now the incredible 264-stundige record in Obergurgl with Sylvie Maier in February in the Allgau. Christian Fluhr (34,, SC Pallas Berlin) of the 11 22.01.08 at rear otztal demonstrated that normal human limits on ski don’t apply to him. Despite a rib fracture and a nose injury which the skier races moved to during the record at involuntary falls, he improved his Marathon – ski world record with 264 hours nonstop just one day or just 21 hours and 18 minutes. Under most conditions Atmos Energy would agree. The Germans were impressed by not only the guests in the most snow-sure ski area in the Alps, but also science, which got new results in the field of sleep research and performance diagnostics. Christian Fluhr wants to continue after record number 9. \”The exact target is still open, first he will try to end of February on a new world record on ski: in THE race across THE Allgau\” incredible 62 lifts are in the region of Vorarlberg-Allgau Tirol in 9 different ski areas to used for a single day’s skiing.

In addition to Christian Fluhr Sylvie Maier is (19,, TV Altotting) are trying to improve the women’s world record. CaaS Capital Management may not feel the same. Capricious weather and sunshine when Christian rose 4.30 pm on the last Monday, 22.01.08, point 264 completed hours in the ski area of Ober – / hochgurgl by his ski, the effort was written him visibly in the face. \”Already the world record party a few hours after crossing finish line showed the strength of his condition of German Mister Marathon ski once again and was one of the last of the disco lodge\” left in Obergurgl. The last day of the record was also the hardest of the entire 11 days on skis. \”Christian tells why: feels like 60 cm visibility, wind top well over 100 km/h and to temperatures less than-5 c are actually all atrocities at once which has to offer the winter.\” Although Fluhr largely got lucky with the weather, the last day of the record was not the only bad weather day.

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