The Pupil

However, although the great speech on the importance of the use of the TICs in the schools we perceive that the professor, still, it is arraigado the traditional classrooms. Perhaps this if must to the fact that we professors were not educated with technologies. We are the calls? digital migrantes? , we are born in an age with little technology and are in adaptando they. In accordance with VILARINHO ' ' what it cannot occur is the professor to ignore the fact of the digital technology to be day to day part of the pupil (…). the technological resources are basic weapons to become the lessons instigantes and apreciadas' '. The pupil in contrast of the professor is one? digital native? , he was born inserted the new technologies and he does not have fear of it. We are witnessing a popularizao of the TICs, that if become, each time more, part of the life of the people, either in the work or as form of interaction of the people with the world where they are inserted, spreading out knowledge and cultures.

The use of the computer and more important the digital medias if becomes each time for the improvement of the pertaining to school environment. But this improvement alone if becomes significant from the moment that the professor takes conscience that stops being efficient it must know and have a basic knowledge of the technology that will go to use not to run the risk of if losing before critical individuals that dominate this type of equipment. The TICs must be used in the pertaining to school environment as an ally for the promotion of the learning, not if forgetting that the professor is who determines the content and the pupil is the citizen that decides optimum way to digest this content. As it affirms VIEIRA ' ' the deep and fast transformations, in course in the world contemporary, are demanding of the professors who act in the school, in a general way, a revision of its forms of atuao' '.



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