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However, we must to have care with the disponibilizadas information, therefore we need to evaluate them, propitiating that we and the educandos let us analyze the information of critical and active form, making with that we let us not become and so little mentally ill people create themselves. It is from new technologies in the educative process that appear virtual objects of learning as instruments auxiliary in discipline of History of Brazil in its process of education and learning. We will start for appraising what he comes to be a virtual object of learning, where in accordance with Antonio Jnior are: digital resources, that can be used, reused if combined with other objects to form an environment of rich and flexible learning. Its use can reduce the development time, to diminish the necessity of instructors specialists, as well as, the costs associates as development based on web. These objects of learning can be used as resources simple or combined to form a unit of bigger instruction. They can also used in one be determined context and later being reused in similar contexts. ….

(2005, p.3) the virtual objects of learning in accordance with this conceptualization can be elaborated in vary platforms, where in our schools we find power point as one of the main forms produced for professors in the direction of dinamizar and producing quarrels in classroom. Where speaking Luciano Figueiredo of the relation of the historian/professor of salient History the following one concerning the new technologies: The utility of these products in education is undisputed, not only as instrument of representation that assists in the learning of contents programmarians, but as also estimulador of the research (particularly between students of 1 and 2 degrees) that they will allow the one confection hipertexto. (1997, P. 616) Moreover, for the virtual object construction of learning we have that to detach some questions for its elaboration, where Togni informs in them on the following one: When initiating a project of learning object construction, is necessary first to organize itself taking in consideration some peculiarities, namely: ) For who if it destines (education level, series); b) That content will be studied through it; c) Where it will be used (it will be for long-distance lessons or actual lessons in Laboratories of computer science, or same in classroom); d) What one intends that the pupil learns or systemize through its use (objective).



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