Remember: People are not fish and birds, etc.! Nature (management, life) people are not machines and computers, and so on. (Cultures, Cybernetics) > collective intelligence, group or swarm intelligence is an emergent phenomenon of random, evolutionary. Communications and specific actions by individuals can intelligent behavior of the Super organism”, i.e. the social community Internet, wikipedia, twitter, facebook, YouTube, etc. as info structures and processes, aggregating human intelligence, cause. To explain this Phenomenon system-theoretical, sociological and philosophical approaches exist.

u0085 Aristotle summation theory. Classic example is the Ant State autopoiesis to biology (self-organization, control). A single Ant body = matter (proteins) and energy (invigorating intangible principle) = spirit, soulless? has a very limited, but also highly functional behavior and response repertoire. In the self-organizing interaction behavior patterns, processes and results arise from human point of view however, intelligent”can be called. Certain aspects of intelligence”(better structural functionality”) a colony of ants foraging can be captured in rules and simulated using computer programs. The individuals of staatenbildender insects insects, 2 / 3 of all species, approximately 750 000 species operate with limited independence, are however very purposefully in the performance of their duties.

u0085 are what researchers on one extremely powerful, highly return the developed form of self-organization. To communicate with each other, their pheromones fragrances as information carriers and bees ants use the waggle dance. Without any form of identifiable centralized parent supervision, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. is the neurons a combination of a super organism from single unintelligenten proteins (part and wave) also our brain,. A neuron is nothing more than an integrator with response threshold, more precisely, a sigmoid response curve. Reinforcements, due to use, caused protein structural different accumulations (thickening): knowledge, emotion and transcendence. First, the complex autonomous interaction of billions of neurons is what we mean by intelligence. > Source: by…; Author 1) theory of complexity.

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