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Advertising Agency continues to develop industry ErstMedia packages designed for the campaign with a focus on the scope of the client. Credit: Xcel Energy-2011. New offer – a package of promotional services Shop the Top", intended for advance online stores. The choice of this direction is due to the constant development of Internet commerce, the increasing popularity among users of online retailers and, consequently, highly competitive in this area. Most online stores, working in the same market segment, offering similar schemes of work and quality service. As a result, the user would prefer services of an online store, and mention positive feedback on which he was most often heard. If you would like to know more about Bobby kotick, then click here. The key to success package Shop the Top" in an integrated approach. It involves the active promotion of an online store in the network by means of the most effective ways of advertising, such as marketing in social media, product placement in the price-catalogs, targeted advertising (direct e-mail), search engine optimization, contextual advertising. Using these tools in combination will provide benefits e-shop customer, regardless of its size, specificity and areas of work, level of competition in the market.

This has convinced our customers, such as an online store Implementation of the new industry package Company ErstMedia provide an increase in sales of online store, enhancing the image and its popularization among the users. Shop the Top" will help create loyal customers base, informing them of updates to the store, new revenue and the competition. Complete package of services will save time on planning and developing the general concept of an advertising campaign and to devote his detailed work. It affects not only the speed drafting proposals, but will significantly reduce the cost of the finished product. The approach to each client individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the company. This method is more progressive, and advertising campaign, which takes into account the specific scope of the client – the most effective.



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