Baal Shem Tov

The Zohar has a great influence on us even though we do not understand. Well described by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Ephraim of Sadilkov, grandson of the Baal Shem Tov: "The sacred language of the Zohar is fit for the soul but you do not understand what he reads, as a person who enters a perfume shop, but leave without buying nothing, anyway, is affected by good fragrance. Therefore, we do not have to do but want to grow, as a baby who instinctively want to be big. Try to calm him down, tries to convince him not to continue to grow or to stop demand it. Impossible. We can not stop it, then, nature pushes him to development with an unbeatable force. That is how we work tirelessly in our internal search of spirituality, with perpetual enthusiasm to continue growing.

If we do, certainly, we will. This is only condition and all that is required of us. The spiritual operating system already exists. We just have to put up with our desire, our spiritual aspiration, such as a power tool consisting of multiple components (our souls) that only needs to be plugged into the mains (the general force of nature) to start working. Without this inner drive from us, the system has no effect on us. Or more precisely, it will affect us through suffering, in order to awaken, although it is impossible to really move forward in this way. The pain only encourages us to want to develop, but real progress only occurs as a result of our own desire.

And the suffering is only an indication that we have not yet acquired the desire to develop. It turns out that everything depends on the environment, as we explain the Kabbalists. The system exists, the media, books and teachers, and are, as the atmosphere that awaits a new born baby provide everything you need to grow. All that remains in our hands, is to get into the right and we allow it instilling the desire to achieve our purpose in life: to develop our souls until they return to join together and with the Force that created them. * The Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is Masters in cybernetics, doctor in philosophy and Kabbalah, a professor of ontology and epistemology. He is founder and president of Bnei Baruch and ARI Institute in Israel. More information and



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