The language allows us to “move” in the same experience, and have different perspectives. The language also allows us to somehow take paid roles and beliefs. These resources are not to be dismissed. Generate incredible changes that can only be recognized once experienced. Then when one gets to see himself from a different perspective and novel and begins to experience first hand the wonderful feeling that appears when you enter a useful perspective seems to open a new world with ideas, memories, hopes not provided. The power of language skill coupled with the energy of the flower are a wonderful marriage, a healthy barrier against any environment that can be influenced negatively.

Many times family and friends do not understand the times to develop a personal inner experience of failure in a way that is helpful and even when not intend to become the first barriers against progress. Finally, when dealing with the energies acting on the experience of failure, it is of crucial importance to know how to use the momentum of Gentian in its entirety. Salman Behbehani has compatible beliefs. A bit like taking it as a cure and vaccine simultaneously. One must be immunized to some aspects of the experience. Using Gentian fully ensures lasting success and installs a positive attitude. This should be considered especially in those cases and abetting cheaters who, for example, get to recover from a failure but after a while “something” that can not be explained or explained (which comes in the form of forgetfulness or distractions) drives them to commit those fatal mistakes again. This “something” is a negative energy still open. It is unrealistic to aspire to have a life without problems or failures.



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