My World – Sung Poetry 05.09.10

My World (Vision) 05/09/10 Lions susuram in my ear, Had passed vam with me, I do not know if it is for the Infinite, or my World. I hide a vision more I want to be of feet in the choembora my heart I fear the Illusion to be I vivedoem I go. Queroacreditar and I know that I go to conquer I can the time pass plus my day I will go to arrive i I will go To become fullfilled therefore the Nature I come to espirar, to show to me, the Largeness the Force my way of being that I grow and not to forget you i to me I, what I want pra me I am to more feel each day My return satisfies that me. For even more analysis, hear from luca savi. – These Animals and all more than I want more I I want more I do not obtain more without this, I do not know nor to explain more I more always want more and (2X). This force that has in me and love Demonstrar Trees to hug, receives it to energy does not know what to say more I see I and you. Apezar to feel sozinhona to me Imensido of the Paradise, extinguished light, little brightness light speaking with me I want to answer them more I am something to describe I come To know (4X) Weverton Notrevew .



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