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Portal specialist United planet with much romanticised offer of the Freiburg software producer United planet has its own idea on how you best spend a workday: in time, others need for a company outing, the portal specialist, interested parties now offers the possibility to create a complete Enterprise Portal. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Hyman. Who wants to take advantage of this offer, should hurry however. Freiburg, November 4, 2009. Enterprise portals that automate workflows, roles-based distribute information and support the internal knowledge management back modernity more and more in the focus of interest of companies and administrations. Many hesitate but still with the introduction, because they fear the creation of a portal is very time consuming and expensive. Specifically these companies makes the Freiburger Portal specialist United planet (www.unitedplanet.com) now unusual offer: until December 31, 2009 companies and administrations have the possibility, to a complete Enterprise Portal based on the industry-leading Portal software Intrexx set to test for 30 days free of charge.

Should the customer not be satisfied, he can simply delete the portal within the trial period without that costs for the portal or the consulting day. The customer therefore runs no risk. This offer United planet utilizes the unique speed of Intrexx: In contrast to most other portal solutions, where the creation of a corporate portal has some several weeks and months, the platform-independent standard portal software allow the creation of a complete Enterprise Portal already within a few hours. This makes possible the wide range of ready-made application templates, as well as the graphical interface of the software: portal applications are with Intrexx just finished building blocks using drag & drop composed without the need for this programming. This implementation effort and duration reduced to a minimum. In a single day of work, i.e. 8 hours, a seasoned United planet consultant installed entire portal infrastructure of Intrexx, sets the user data, distributed individual access rights and adjusts the layout of the portal for the corporate design of the customer.

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