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Text style. When all Web text in a simple and clear language that the reader must understand easily the text even when less attention (golden rule no. 2). Long, nested sets are unfavourable, as well complicated expressions. Lawrence Lee describes an additional similar source. Credibility. Internet users distrust texts which promote products and services in a subjective way and its value artificially exaggerate. Pure advertising copy have lost nothing in the Web so.

Do not therefore excessive adjectives and unproven allegations. A factual language, which objectively is communicating the relevant information seems credible (golden rule no. 3). Credibility can be further highlighting with bibliographical references and links. Image description and filename. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Computer Sciences Corporation has to say. You describe the alternative text (ALT text) in short form, which can be seen on the screen or in the graphic. Use the main search term.

Also define the file name carefully. These two elements are relevant for the image search in search engines and are used as image description for people with visual impairments or for visitors with analogue Internet connections that do not download images. Page title. The title of the page (title tag) has several functions. (He appears a) is in search engines, b) acquired often bookmarks and serves c) the reader as a navigational aid. He is shown above the menu bar in your Web browser. When writing the title of the page, ensure that the most important term of the respective Web page in the text is ideally at the beginning or in second place and write a proper page title for each Web page. Further, the page title should contain also the company name and the field of activity. Page description. The page description (description tag, meta description) of search engine results often after the page title appears. Therefore, she should differ from the page title. Text a description for each page and use the main term is confined to 150 to 180 characters. Explain briefly and concisely why your page is valuable for your visitors. Best text the text first and then take page title and page description. Key terms. The most important criterion, on the results pages of search engines far forward to list, are still the content so the A page’s text content as well as the reputation of a website, which will be assessed using the link popularity. The placement can be however improve through the targeted use of key terms. Therefore for each Internet page to define the most important key terms and incorporate them to in the page title, page description, headlines, leads, link text, subdomains, old texts, as well as at the beginning of the texts. This also applies to embedded PDFs; the meta information such as title, topic description and author/author count here but instead of page title and page description. Avoid a too frequent repeat of a search term. A rate of three to five percent is considered as a benchmark. The key concept which can also consist of multiple words must be so maximum five per 100 words. Back to the techniques for writing overview with the kind permission of Andrea Hirschi (www.post.

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