Surgery Risks

The violation of the Auklarungspflicht may constitute a claim for damages by law, doctors are obliged to educate their patients about the risks of any surgery. Before surgery a patient must be clarified so by his physicians, he agrees in the operation or type of intervention and what these risks as far as these are not detectable for him as a medical layman. The doctor must explain the severity of the surgery / surgery in his determination and he allowed this gloss over any risks or exacerbate. The scope of the risk education includes such risks that materialize very rarely. A doctor does not fulfil the aforementioned obligations, he violated his medical education duty.

The doctor makes damages to his patients. Injured medical education duty liability requires that the surgical risk for medical experience was known or should have known the treating physicians. Is a risk at the time of not yet known, is not medical education compulsory treatment. It is not known to the physicians and it must be them not known a the doctors due to a lack of fault liability. Also are little of importance such as reflections, that the admission of previously unknown complications in medicine not be totally ruled out is theoretically consistent clarification about risks that are known at other way of treatment for the decision of of patient in the surgery consent.

The legal assessment, is whether a culpable violation of the duty of disclosure of the doctor, the task of the Court in the liability trial. To do this, a medical expert must be asked in the rule. In the liability trial is however to note that the Court not an own interpretation of contradictions or ambiguities in the remarks of the expert can be overridden. Anyway, as far as medical issues underlying its assessment, must the judge due to lack of its own Clarify expertise ambiguities and doubts about the statements of experts through a targeted survey (BGH, judgment of 06.07.2010, AZ: VI ZR 198/09). Discussions on liability issues of type of should be made by experienced lawyers.

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