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Drilling – a method of understanding the world. The desire of knowledge of the planet is observed for many centuries. The main object of the study was to land. It was interesting to understand what is under the ground, whether there is life and is it possible to drill through the planet. Our fathers and grandfathers had hoped to solve one of the major mysteries of the planet. This show guns that were found during archaeological excavations. Salt, oil and gas is produced in such a way as drilling. Drilling is not only informative but also practical.

Reading the works of famous Chinese philosopher Confucius, which date from the six hundredth year of BC, there is an opportunity to learn about Chinese wells for the extraction of water and salt solutions. These wells were constructed with the help of percussive drilling. Their length of nine meters. Drilling in Russia were used in the IX century. This was associated with the production of salt in the area of the city Staraya Russa (Novgorod region). With discovery of oil in the Caucasus in 1848, was built oil well. Drilling method used to conduct engineering surveys for construction.

Because people have decided to use drilling is not just for mining, but also for sampling the ground in places of future buildings. At the moment there are types of work as engineering-geological surveys, engineering and geodetic survey engineering and environmental surveys. It is known that drilling in the history played an important role, Leonardo da Vinci. He, in spite of the fact that he was a talented artist who is seriously interested in drilling. Leonardo da Vinci invented The following types of jobs – engineering survey. He was the creator of the masses of various devices for engineering research, and created drawings of rigs to help carry out research. During the life of Leonardo were built ten machines for this process as horizontal drilling. They are still of great interest to builders from the technical point of view. The French, using the wizard, became the first in the construction market. Now with the help of engineering research specialists can make a special map of natural and manmade features of an area where construction will take place. Engineering surveys allow humanity meet not only the practical necessity, but also to protect the ecological balance of the planet. On the website of 'PetroBurServis' provides detailed information on engineering surveys for construction.

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