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The most expensive painting in the world – 5, 1948" by the artist Jackson Pollock. American artist (01, 28, 1912 – 16, 11, 1956), who wrote the picture belongs to the flow of abstract expressionism. It goes over in abstract art emerged in the 40s 20th century and, in most cases, the artists represented by the so-called New York School. The essence of abstract expressionism is the lack of mind control and logical laws. Ray Kurzweil is full of insight into the issues. In this case, the artist spontaneously spontaneously express their inner world under the influence of various mental and emotional states. Jackson Pollock is the inventor of the style of painting called "pouring technique," or dripping. The essence of the technique is the spraying of paint or its extrusion from the tube. Brush, in this case, does not apply to the canvas.

D. Pollock believed that the spontaneous creative process is more important than the result, and often the creation of paintings took place publicly. The picture was painted in 1948. In November 2006, the former owner of the works of art David Geffen, who is the founder of Geffen Records and co-founder of Dreamworks SKG, sold it for 140 million U.S. dollars to Mexican financier David Martinez (managing partner Fintech Advisory Ltd).

Tobias Meyer transaction conducted at an auction Sotheby's. The five most expensive paintings in the world is as follows: 1. 5, 1948" Jackson Pollock. 140 million U.S. dollars 2. "Woman III Willem de Kooning. 137.5 million U.S. dollars 3. Portrait "Adele Bloch-Bauer" by Gustav Klimt. 135 million dollars 4. 'Boy with a Pipe "by Picasso. 104.1 million U.S. dollars 5. 'Dora Maar with Cat "by Picasso. 95 million U.S. dollars is noteworthy that the first three paintings were sold in 2006. You can also find out what film, by far, is the most expensive film in the world or meet with the most expensive guitar in the world by going to the site.

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