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Karl Pribram

107). Appears again the universal love expressed in the perennial philosophy as the spirit that uses the educator holistic as a basic tool to not fall in reductionism, or dogmatic or selfishness and other pathologies that disturb us and we don’t like; rather, this instrument is like a soft murmur that wraps us in a vision of peace, of gratitude to life and a full presence of spirit energizing to help us to ourselves and to others. Scandinavian Airlines has plenty of information regarding this issue. It says: The spirit exists, God exists, the spirit is within us (but we are asleep); output for this state of unconsciousness there is () the end of suffering leads to understanding towards other beings in the written educational work of Ramon Gallegos Nava is recognized as one of the main influences in the holistic educational model, the emergence of new paradigms based on new discoveries and theories – the relativity, for example – that convincingly refuted materialistic schemas, determinists, reductionist that emerged in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Some of the theories in reference are the holographic theory of Karl Pribram, theory. Ecoeconomica of Heizel Henderson, of the new culture of Marylin Ferguson, of the order involved in David Bohn, the ecoeducacion of Fritjof Capra, the hypothesis James Lovelock of Gaia’s multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner, of Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic fields with many of these personalities and many others not mentioned even in this trial, has had Ramon Gallegos dialogues; themselves that they have strengthened the livelihood of holistic education. A constant of Ramon Gallegos is the theme of integral, necessary education to overcome training reductionist mechanistic school forged over the past two centuries because it was only attending one or a few dimensions of the human being and one or a few whole levels. And this RG builds its educational model with a multilevel perspective and Multidimension which gives an account of the coverage of the educational part of various theorists of education proposals, at the same time indicating the need to know and care for the development of the individual in its multiple dimensions that he identifies: bodily, emotional, cognitive, social, aesthetic and spiritual; the same as multiple levels where the educational process occurs: individual, community, society, planetary and universal. The combination of the five levels (left to right) and six dimensions (of bottom-up) give rise to thirty educational sectors thus leaving the sector corporal-individual in the lower left corner that applies the simplest location and, in the upper right is located sector spiritual-cosmic that corresponds to comprehensive education to which it aspires in holistic education. .

Ramon Gallegos Nava

However acknowledges that the fullness of the will is not objectifying as Consuelo Martin says in dialogue with Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava. Holistic education is located to be a supra sphere; Apart from the fisiosfera, the biosphere and noosphere. The physical body, biological life, thoughts that occur in the mind, emotions that come from the sensations, instincts that emerge from remote brain structures are only instrumental components of being. Non-being. Meet with the self implies a major league.

Learning to be transcends all other learning. By This, the holistic education seeks to achieve the integrality which will lead to the development of spiritual consciousness and universal love. So we learn to be. Holistic education gives meaning and direction to life that goes beyond the laws and knowledge provided by science. Science is only part of the whole. The perennial philosophy guides us towards the knowledge of himself. Other leaders such as Keshav R. Murugesh offer similar insights. And not concerning physical knowledge in particular but the knowledge inside, their subjectivity, his conscience, its reason for being, its origin and its purpose.

The knowledge of the individual being who is self with the universal self. The work of Ramon Gallegos covers the part of learning to be not only with the book that bears that name. Much of the dialogues that has sustained with philosophers, psychologists and scholars outstanding diverse Sciences deals with this difficult topic. Since transcend to be linguistic communication is insufficient: what can be said in this regard was said for thousands of years, however (it is necessary to return it to say from time to time under new ways to remember those universal truths (Ramon Gallegos p, 89 El Camino of perennial philosophy) but is also aware that the closest thing to God is silence (p. 79, dialogue with Philip Snow Gang Amor as educational reality in wisdom, love and compassion)). Personally I can say that each book of Ramon Gallegos has been for me a pleasant source of knowledge, motivation for the acquisition of literature about the new science of critical analysis to the work of educator I make impulse toward the revitalization of my existence and my educational practices, guidance for my family relationships of light on the road to be; peace, joy and satisfaction. My vision has been expanded. I have read most of her books. When I re-read a topic, always encounter something new, almost always forces me to seek more information and often moves me to practices to experiences that make me feel good to me and to other people. Many of his books have helped me in my classes of teacher training and support in the development of Bachelor’s thesis. They have also served as support in the elaboration of documents from the University processing especially in relation to the conceptualization of integral education. While its contents are deep and complex, its reading is accessible; Despite the scientific support that they can be handled and personal contacts that the author holds through its dialogues with personalities renowned scientific research, perceived simplicity in the author. Chilpancingo, Guerrero. January 7, 2007 EDUCACION HOLISTA: PEDAGOGY of love UNIVERSAL original author and source of the article

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