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Video-Blog is the next generation of publishing ideas and products over the Internet. Everyone knows Text-Blog. They now use the videos for a better form of expression. This form of communication can involve a lot of resources, but everything is worthwhile. If pictures say a thousand words, the video exceeds by far. A Video-Blog requires larger disk spaces on web pages, a faster server, and a new set of programs of support, your video can be fed through RSS. This is the technology of syndication of your website/Blog to other RSS aggregators.

Video-Blog makes more personal way to express themselves on the Internet. Now, if your put this into a business opportunity, you will have a lot of benefits. Think of it as a powerful tool in the way to show your products and services to your potential customers and in addition free. People like to see what they will buy. Some would like to see proof of how a particular product works, Software, tutorial etc and be sure of what they’re going to buy. We all know the influence of a commercial, the effect of the video in a Blog is similar to that, your samples your product, people see it and scan it, if what your show is good enough then buy it. If your business is starting you can create a video in your own home. All you need is your web camera, microphone, lights and video software.

Invest in a good web camera is good, the higher its resolution is better the visual quality of the video and you presentaras your products in the best way to get the best results. Make a short story, or simply capture your products is a good choice, just make sure that you are showing the best profile for each one. The lights are important in a production. Make sure that illuminates the entire area that will be used to create the Video-Blog, you can also use lighting effects as a resource added to the presentation. If you require sounds for your video you’ll need a microphone. Register the voice as a way to added to promote the product and its benefits to consumers is very effective. the sounds are as important as the video itself. Your video editing software can be any program, like for example Windows Movie Maker by Microsoft, this is necessary to complete your work. You can add sounds, eliminate some bad angles, slide transitions or insert some still images also. Some programs are easy to use even with zero in video-editing knowledge. Video-blogs are a great tool, but it also has disadvantages. It can slow down the visitor’s computer and download time can be time-consuming, especially if the client is still on a dial-up connection the good news is that this will be a problem with the mass use of broadband. But that this does not stop you, the Video-Blog is here to stay and is an alternative very profitable for you, although it is best to keep the text and use the video to realsar the presentation of a product or service. Video-Blog offers an interactive form of sales, you involve customers, show them the advantages of what they offer and this is often enough to make a sale. !If you want to have your Weblog as professional uses WordPress original Luis Ivan Castaneda Jimenez Autor and source of the article

Club House

Inside of this Hill each flow is obligated to a sinuous but defined route, most segments end in cul de sac, for safety and greater exclusivity and differentiated pavements will have to facilitate the understanding of their use by drivers of cars or buggies, riders and pedestrians. Motorists will have that circular at speed reduced by the irregularity of the path, not bumps that cross walkways, so unfriendly to people, brakes, tyres and shock absorbers, pedestrians may move cars protected by something more than a curb and have spaces of permanence and of meeting without the risk of accidents. This environment, with fluid spaces and changing perspectives is complemented with human scale equipment, luminaires other than the standardized, banks in species of trees selected according to their purposes and functions, also differentiated in various vials, to avoid the homogeneity that leads to mediocre landscapes and shaded surfaces. And in the midst of this studied natural space, is projected to create systems of advanced technology, fiber optics and cameras hidden for access control and security, a network of exclusive use Wimax, sized for that community services, access the internet or send e-mails from a Bank of any road. The sporting aspects are in the project from the first schema, because a development that ignores the significance of Sotogrande for golf and horseback riding is unthinkable and are evident in the intrinsic design of vials, with paths for animals and buggies and routes defined for the latter, allowing circular from each House to any hole of the golf courseas if it were a buggie rented in the Club House situated opposite. It is a performance aimed at those who, beyond the purchasing power that have, understand and endorse the new values that must have the human habitat, even though in the case of non-urban residences. Source: Press release sent by Climamania.


One of the most effective supports in time to retain customers and keep them updated with the latest news from our portal, website or blog are undoubtedly the newsletters when they are used properly and not abused them, because many consider it spam email. Several people do not dare to use newsletters as a marketing tool because they think that they are very complicated to configure. The truth is that you nothing further from reality, there are software solutions more difficult to handle that others, but none of them is impossible to control. In managing the list of customers or members of the newsletters several companies choose to collect all the information for your account. That is, registration/cancellation systems are implemented and existing, and you don’t need or want new media or new formulas that customers or users are given low or high of newsletter distribution lists, but at the moment that the user registers on the website in question, it is automatically subscribed to the lists, and the same is true when its registration is cancelled or edit your preferences. In these cases, being the company itself which gets all requests for low and high directly from its members, becomes available a technology where all records of low and high of its services can integrate fully automatically. Thus, your company will continue to maintain autonomy in the management of all subscribers to your services, distribution lists, or newsletters, leaving all work more heavy, punctual and massive distribution of messages to the members, to the software of management of newsletters. A greeting..

Latin American

I couldn’t finish it in five or six years. Then I won the life giving classes and making calculations of structure. I think that I did not have any opportunity to design something really interesting. And I doubt that you have done so. But it was the middle of survival that had. Until in 2002 came the economic crisis to the Southern Cone and I decided to accept an invitation from a professor at the University of Georgia to continue my career there. So literature, the vocation that had since childhood and against which fought almost all my teenage years, ended up winning the game. What are the problems faced by a Latin American writer? I think that in the background are the same faced by a writer in any part of the world: nobody understands that passion, this Vice but who carries inside.

Of course, as in all always there are particularities. Perhaps the biggest problem faced by Latin American writers is the limitation of resources when they should do some research. If one is a professor at United States and need a datum, a document, workbook, or hundred books about abstinence between the Papuan or the history of Patagonia, simply ask for it and a few days after they bring it you from anywhere in the country without any cost. In terms of imagination, to the creativity, do not have any problem, since writing is one of the most economical trades that exist. Geniuses always protrude from their own context. Others spend their energies inventing excuses. Toward what PATRIAS of silence (memories of a disappeared person), we show the worldview of a man in captivity and this is in itself a novel narrated in times of dictatorship as abordaste these issues in particular? What need a writer to play this very sensitive topic socially? I do not know.

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