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Google Analytics

Synergies between AdWords-Analytics A common problem with which we are when we have a first contact with our customers is that most programs are already using more or less advanced web analytics but do not know all the juice to get the information they offer. All statistical programs provide basic information as the number of visits, pages per visitor, the origin of the visit, type of browser used, etc … but depending on the type of website that we are managing we look more in some data than others. Professionally, I think a free tool like Google Analytics is more than enough for most web projects, and if you configure an advanced form we can offer really valuable information. The advantage is that Analytics is a free application and if we use it with Google AdWords allows us to draw together information really interesting.

E-Commerce sites in e-commerce sites the most important metrics we analyze are: profit, revenue, conversion rates, average order and the average cost of conversions. This configuration is difficult to obtain reliable data, but if AdWords and Analytics configured properly most of the information we have in real time. For example, you can specify the price or benefit to an individual product so when you view the data on our website see which campaigns have a higher return on investment (ROI). A particularly important data Analytics gives us is knowing what data sources are those that we are generating revenue. For example, we know the daily cost of the banner on the website of an affiliate, to know the profitability of an e-mailing campaign, knowing that a keyword in SEO (positioning organic) revenue we generate X and the words of our most profitable search engine advertising campaign (SEM).

Deputy Director

This of the legal, managerial autonomy and its own budget with that count. The public a career professional will enter the system through a competitive selection process and may only be appointed and removed in cases and under procedures that are provided in the Law on Civil Service System of the State Civil Service System Professional Career positions include the following: a) Director General, b) Director of rea a c) Deputy Director General c) a Deputy rea d) Head of Department, and e) Any other equivalent to any of the above. A in relation to charges of self-designation, the program said that the Secretariat of the Comptroller General, within the scope of its powers must give general criteria for its determination. These must meet the requirements previously established units for each position, and subject to performance assessment procedures, not to the recruitment and selection that are arranged in the mentioned law. It is important to mention that the public servants appointed and workers unionized base or Federal Public Administration will have access to professional career, holding in his case, the procedures for recruitment, selection and appointment under this arrangement.

To incorporate the basic system or unionized workers will be required license or being separated from the place occupied, unable to remain active in both situations. The System of Civil Service System is divided into subsystems, which are as follows: Sub Human Resource Planning. Determined in coordination with the agencies, the quantitative and qualitative staff required by the State Civil Service for the efficient performance of their duties; Entry Subsystem.

Canada’s Tax System

Levels of the tax system of Canada Canadian tax system under current conditions is presented in three main levels: Federal (48% of government revenues); provincial (42% of government revenues); local (10% government revenues). The main part of the federal budget is personal income tax, the percentage of its constantly increasing. During 1985-1994, the proportion of income tax increased by 45% (from 56,580 million to 101,943 million Canadian dollars). Significant and receipts from corporation tax, tax on goods and services, excise, customs duties and taxes in the social insurance funds. Tax revenue sources provinces consist of: * Income tax; * sales tax * tax on corporate profits, excise tax * * taxes in the social insurance funds; * gift tax, rent payments * * various registration and licensing fees. The main share of earnings yield income tax and indirect taxes.

Tax revenues of local budgets are composed of real estate tax and tax on business. The country has developed a clear system of tax Regulation: Tax policy is developed department of fiscal policy and economic analysis of the Ministry of Finance. All projects submitted for discussion – particularly in the House of Commons. Collection of taxes involved in Ministry of national income. All disputes concerning the taxation allows the Tax Court.

Individual provinces are made exceptions. For example, Quebec independently collects income tax and tax on income, Ontario, Alberta – a tax on profits. The main acts in the sphere of tax legislation are: the Law on Income tax (regulating the collection of income tax and corporation tax) and Insurance Act unemployment benefits (social security). Modernization of the tax system the first stage of modernization of the tax system in Canada has tax reform, begun in 1987, she touched the two major revenue items of the budget: income tax and profits tax. In what was carried out a radical overhaul of indirect taxes. Gains tax on the market value of great importance in the personal income tax has gains tax on market value of assets. Whereas previously, only half of that income subject to taxation, and the real rate of total federal – provincial tax equal to 26% at the present time taxable percentage increased to 75%, while the effective tax rate to increase the market value increased to 30%. Income tax expense significant role played by income taxes and related various tax breaks that encourage company to the management of assets and capital, introduction of R & D development activities in certain areas and other socially useful activities.

The Pupil

However, although the great speech on the importance of the use of the TICs in the schools we perceive that the professor, still, it is arraigado the traditional classrooms. Perhaps this if must to the fact that we professors were not educated with technologies. We are the calls? digital migrantes? , we are born in an age with little technology and are in adaptando they. In accordance with VILARINHO ' ' what it cannot occur is the professor to ignore the fact of the digital technology to be day to day part of the pupil (…). the technological resources are basic weapons to become the lessons instigantes and apreciadas' '. The pupil in contrast of the professor is one? digital native? , he was born inserted the new technologies and he does not have fear of it. We are witnessing a popularizao of the TICs, that if become, each time more, part of the life of the people, either in the work or as form of interaction of the people with the world where they are inserted, spreading out knowledge and cultures.

The use of the computer and more important the digital medias if becomes each time for the improvement of the pertaining to school environment. But this improvement alone if becomes significant from the moment that the professor takes conscience that stops being efficient it must know and have a basic knowledge of the technology that will go to use not to run the risk of if losing before critical individuals that dominate this type of equipment. The TICs must be used in the pertaining to school environment as an ally for the promotion of the learning, not if forgetting that the professor is who determines the content and the pupil is the citizen that decides optimum way to digest this content. As it affirms VIEIRA ' ' the deep and fast transformations, in course in the world contemporary, are demanding of the professors who act in the school, in a general way, a revision of its forms of atuao' '.

Togni Learning

However, we must to have care with the disponibilizadas information, therefore we need to evaluate them, propitiating that we and the educandos let us analyze the information of critical and active form, making with that we let us not become and so little mentally ill people create themselves. It is from new technologies in the educative process that appear virtual objects of learning as instruments auxiliary in discipline of History of Brazil in its process of education and learning. We will start for appraising what he comes to be a virtual object of learning, where in accordance with Antonio Jnior are: digital resources, that can be used, reused if combined with other objects to form an environment of rich and flexible learning. Its use can reduce the development time, to diminish the necessity of instructors specialists, as well as, the costs associates as development based on web. These objects of learning can be used as resources simple or combined to form a unit of bigger instruction. They can also used in one be determined context and later being reused in similar contexts. ….

(2005, p.3) the virtual objects of learning in accordance with this conceptualization can be elaborated in vary platforms, where in our schools we find power point as one of the main forms produced for professors in the direction of dinamizar and producing quarrels in classroom. Where speaking Luciano Figueiredo of the relation of the historian/professor of salient History the following one concerning the new technologies: The utility of these products in education is undisputed, not only as instrument of representation that assists in the learning of contents programmarians, but as also estimulador of the research (particularly between students of 1 and 2 degrees) that they will allow the one confection hipertexto. (1997, P. 616) Moreover, for the virtual object construction of learning we have that to detach some questions for its elaboration, where Togni informs in them on the following one: When initiating a project of learning object construction, is necessary first to organize itself taking in consideration some peculiarities, namely: ) For who if it destines (education level, series); b) That content will be studied through it; c) Where it will be used (it will be for long-distance lessons or actual lessons in Laboratories of computer science, or same in classroom); d) What one intends that the pupil learns or systemize through its use (objective).

School Archives

School of design 3D: That your works are not lost the conservation of the digital archives raises new challenges. At present there are negatives and perfectly conserved positives of century XIX but already are had lost for always digital archives that have not turned ten years. The following factors are due to consider that affect the present sources of documentation: All the digital supports are very fragile. The hard disks are in permanent risk by electrical or mechanical failures. The membrane of poli carbonate that surrounds to the metal where the data are recorded is susceptible of oxidation throughout the time. Another risk is the abrasion that undergoes a CD or DVD that happens periodically through the reader.

Also we must know that the life utility of a CD is entered as of the date of its manufacture and not of its recording. The conservation of the digital data not only depends on the device for its recovery, but also on suitable software. So far, the manufacturers of programs contemplate that a new program can read archives older and it is to hope that it continues thus with time. Dependency of the energy. In this case the electricity corresponds directly with the memory.

There is no closed digital file. Since it can time and time again be published of fast and simple way. This also means vulnerability. Whenever he appears new a storage media, we must migrate all our file towards him. In this way we updated hardware and corresponding software. A file of digital images, only can be safe if he is " vivo" and taken care of well. The archives " hbridos" made up of the copy in paper and the corresponding digital file they would be the perfect option, whenever it is possible.


If as says, two hundred years ago the clowns, artists, titiriteros and other personages of the world of the nonsense had to be put under the patronage of the great ones of the Earth (according to they say some you represent of which another private organization), now with those new laws that these prevailing (to see digital canon taxes among others) in fact, it considers among others to live on the work of others things, that is to say, the patronage of the great ones changes to become " groups privados" that they feed on the public money that obtains through certain taxes and that it is distributed between his associates. Very tuna! it is to speak of intellectual property or that right that supposedly allows " creador" to live on the fruit of its work, but when that idea or concept is expressed by means of law and allows that to the money secured by the canons or taxes is distributed, through a private company the doubts grow and " original concepto" it is weakened. This clear one that now the great ones of the Earth have become " groups privados" that they do that the government of turn legislates in favor of its interests and every day the clown activities certain, artists, titiriteros of other personages of the world of the nonsense are seen clearer. Now it is explained, that wraps and causes certain governors, because they are these and not others, those that can more favor to them to live on " the soup boba" , that if! , presenting/displaying to the town the so praiseworthy argument of that right that allows " creador" living on its work. It is already known! In interpretation or the presentation of a distorted world they are an example to follow. Memory when they began to go off you even photocopy of books, or of book pages and other texts, that one was the principle of the declivity of the business of some publishing houses and perhaps for that reason, they had to lower the prices, because sometimes it turned out more cheap to become you photocopy that to buy a book.

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