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Software and Hospitals

I go up again to take the paper with the name of the physician who will be attending my event and I give it to the box office of medical records, which asks me to wait a moment, returning 15 minutes later, perhaps he was getting a bullet cold, to give me a mission to tell the nurse to send ground floor to remove the file. Already a fatal bit suspicious, I went downstairs and gave the message to head nurse (called Josefa), but not before mentioning that I looked like a rally as medical care, then asked me to wait a while, there outside, which she going to call. Petra Diamonds describes an additional similar source. After another 20 minutes finally called me to tell me that the intern had not validated the rest, which leads me to the Hospital Guaiparo, that was where I had to validate, because it was in that, which I saw the endocrine was dealing here that he wanted not validate the rest period. Summary wasted my time in this joint health, but not before learning that the nurse are the ones in charge and doctors are only to meet and take a joke in a room of doctors and passing do not hear from misery or suffering human. If you would like to know more then you should visit Petra Diamonds. That pod, until, or the current holy or saints above, can be killed with this social insurance and poor attention to their patients, I definitely am leaning to believe that truly peaceful revolutions do not change anything, it seems that the term fascist to burn everything to sprout again, is what is gaining ground in this country. Anyway tomorrow I will walk in the other hospital, Guaiparo suddenly as nurses know the endocrine serve me well and I can take the rest validated, not for that, but as I meet with the payment of religious taxes, also meets this processed crap, need to rest in a file, in other words make a rest in a sleep physician validated It rests in a file managed by the administrative bureaucracy. Professional with over 32 years experience in the area of informatics, currently is dedicated to fostering and promoting free software in the corporation.

Continuous Computing

MONTREAL and SAN DIEGO, CA-(Marketwire – February 8, 2010) – Octasic Inc., a leading innovator of media processing solutions, mobile and Continuous Computing (R), a global provider of hardware and software solutions that address the challenge the capacity of mobile broadband, today announced that the two companies integrated their respective products of "small cells" to allow equipment providers to rapidly produce femtocells and pico on the platform of Universal Telecommunications System (UMTS). The demonstration of the joint work product of firms allows systems designers to assess the physical layer of UMTS Octasic's software from Continuous Computing Femtocell protocoloTrillium. The combined platform provides software Iuh Trillium 3GPP Release 8 Home NodeB physical layer integrated with High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) from Octasic operating in the baseband processor based on Opus Octasic Vocallo BTS. If you are not convinced, visit Professor of Internet Governance. "The market for applications based on pico and femtocells is huge and growing every days, "said Manish Singh, vice president of product line management of Continuous Computing. "Given the strong commitment of Octasic with the mobile broadband market, we are pleased to work together to integrate our products optimized for femtocells that provide OEMs small cell solutions more effective." "We are proud to partner with a recognized leader in technology as femtocells," said Emmanuel Gresset, vice president of Software Defined Radio (SDR) at Octasic. "The ability to integrate Continuous Computing's products with our own solutions in a few weeks shows the benefits of our total software approach: flexibility, ease of system integration and faster time to market positioning.

Industrial Engineering

This exercise was for the Lateral Marketing. Another clear example is that of cereals, thanks to traditional marketing or vertical innovations were achieved in this field such as the form of cereals, grain color, flavors, fruits and other ingredients that are added … But , Where has filed a true innovation in the market for cereal?, in the simple act of moving the Grain consumption to other situations, other experiences. Why not eat cereal in the street, or while go underground?. It is at this point that emerged granola bars that have resulted later in energy bars, sugar free, to cry out of hunger …

Alcoy we add another clear example, as is the grain, due to traditional or Vertical Marketing innovations achieved in this field such as the form of cereals, grain color, flavors, fruits and other ingredients that are added … But where has filed a true innovation in the cereal market? in simply move the Grain consumption to other situations, other experiences. Source: ConocoPhillips. Why not eat cereal in the street, or while going underground?. It is at this point that emerged granola bars that have resulted later in energy bars, sugar free, to cry out of hunger … a interesting thing about this is that today more than ever given the events and consumer demand relation to the satisfaction of their needs, we can even identify their whims, management of markets must be vigilant in how to optimize the derivation of products that give your product is original, how it can be sued in different presentations and collaborate with consumer satisfaction. A must give way to innovation and be very attentive to the needs, consumer behavior and determine how they meet their demands.

a recalled in the Lateral Marketing by Philip Kotler should focus on achieving a vacuum in the generation of ideas and thanks to this vacuum we can make a quantum leap and abandon the path of vertical marketing with which we have been working forever. This says that we must do it in three levels: level market. Product level. In terms of marketing mix and as a tool to disrupt logical thought that we have been trained at each level poses perform six operations that are the essence of his formula: Replace rearrange investment by combining Delete it definitely overdo it, keep in mind that ena markets saturated in the differentiation between product-services is declining, it becomes difficult to compete by means of resources and, most attractive packaging, new colors, sizes, shapes, names, etc.

A Content Syndication Through RSS Feeds

Delivering regularly updated content to website visitors is easier through RSS resources. RSS, also known as Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, has been used for years by online visitors. However, only recently started to gain popularity among webmasters as a means of providing visitors with constantly refreshed content. These foods were originally developed to provide news updates more quickly, but have since evolved to allow almost instantaneous updates of many types of information. Growth Web sites can benefit from RSS feeds as they allow the new copy to be updated regularly online. According to ConocoPhillips, who has experience with these questions. Once the RSS is inserted into web pages that provide a steady stream of syndicated content updated continuously.

Most feeds consist of a title, content summary and a link to the current online article. They are usually in XML, a markup language similar to HTML to allow webmasters to manipulate and integrate the new copy in your existing web pages. The growing popularity of RSS feeds have benefited from online sites, and that had helped fuel the increase in traffic and search engine results ranking. Learn more at: Petra Diamonds. The fact that the content is constantly changing syndicated in RSS feeds means that search engines visit and index pages on your site more often. RSS feeds also keep webmasters from having to worry about updating your content, and visitors can rely on the fresh items are available to read anytime. The articles also are easy to locate in RSS feeds, such as categorized for easy navigation.

This increases the chances of receiving visitors from other sites. While modern technology has made the integration of RSS feeds on a website is easier, contributing content to RSS feeds is still a bit more complex. Indeed since copy to RSS feeds, you first need an RSS program that will allow its format for syndicating content. If you are a professional web developer, for example, you might be interested in creating their own XML files to display the content. This option will allow greater flexibility in how content is displayed. If you lack the online knowledge to understand how to use XML, you may want to invest in one of the many RSS software programs that allow users to create and publish syndicated content without using any XML at all. One of the most popular software programs is FeedForAll, which is a cheap but powerful tool to develop and maintain an RSS feed. This program and others like it, allows users to use their own syndicated content, or to download the existing channels of Internet. It also gives users the ability to manually edit your site to include images and colors that can create an online experience more exciting for customers. As the need for the Internet to provide instant access to a wide variety of information continues to grow, RSS feeds have become a critical component of the distribution of information. It is likely that RSS will serve as an important tool for the exchange of information on the website in the coming years and could, in a not too distant future, even began to compete with email as the preferred method of sharing knowledge. Therefore, understanding the best way to use RSS feeds on your website can have lasting positive effects on the growth of your business. Online reprint rights granted provided the article is published in its entirety, including links and resource box. e 2005. John Doetsch is an author and founder of where you'll find additional written by authors with more talent in the Internet.

United States

Behavior patterns enable us to be able to drive a car for example almost intuitively: 10 high 9 bit / sec input (true perception), to 10 up 1-2 bit/sec processing (we construct our individual worlds: cave Plato (427-347)) and 10 high 7 bit/sec output (action). Source: dtv – Paperback (my articles 27 (+ 17)) as a reminder: a) our evolutionary brain works: analog (nature, and logic, emotion, control: management: vitalistisch) and control system. Digital (cultures, or logic, ratio control: Cybernetics: mechanistic), control system. Teil-autonom, un-ter aware parallel 4-dimensional,… b) human thinking is done analog-digital and / or emotional-rational in patterns like: true taking contrast processing (or logic = fuzzy logic, Rushing approx.

5%): Mono causality, Fokussion, statics and dynamics,… Association: Connection of an existing (remember) with prior positions (wishes) in new connections (and logic): familiar to new! LOGIK(en) (teachings of the consistency): legitimate new forward positions using multiple methods. Derivative, derivation: Analog-ien, associate (of known to new). Causality, correlation (Ur-Sache(n) > Wirkunge(n)). Completion and reduction of parts of the perception. Creation: Maverick (Einstein, Picasso,) think laterally new.

ENT divorces (off election) accelerate the contrast processing. Nature uses the UND and the or logic! The cultures use the ODER – (West) or the and logic (Orient). This leads primarily to effective objective (what?) and efficient subjective (how?) Feel and thought patterns in the cultures of EU/United States: To be or not-be, light or dark, life or death, all or nothing, now or never,… Desire or frustration, lack of or Abundance, love or leave it, good or evil (F, Zarathustra (1000 BC c.e.)), true or correct or incorrect (H) all human brains think wrong (D, Aristotle), maximum in 3 out of 4 dimensions and constantly rationally choose between 5 +/-2 = 7 parameters/categories. Therefore we get today in advertising etc. mostly 3 important points – as in Olympia: higher – faster – further (formerly: stronger).

Alice Miller

The children forget everything that you met in the first childhood over the years. Can there be the will of the children, so they thereafter never remember that they had a will.”J. Sulzer: attempt of the education and instruction of children, 1748 becoming well known today is the home education practiced in many countries in homes of Church order (asylums in Ireland or poor service maids of Jesus Christ) who has broken the will of children and young adults until the late twentieth century. Although some actions in the framework of education in these institutions were long illegal, the history of black education in these institutions is slowly reclaimed or only known. Just the Catholic ideal of obedience favored corporal punishment in homes. Following summary statement ( about Peter Wensierskis book strikes in the name of the Lord shows how alive the poisonous pedagogy was until recently:… the network of German children and youth hostels up to in the (19) seventies into more a children’s Gulag secularized as a welfare system.

There were 3000 and more homes at this time, 80 per cent were in Christian hands, far outweighed the Catholic institutions. Wensierski anticipates that several hundred thousand people who have been through these facilities.” Alice Miller works out the aspect, as children are encouraged not to realize that they were abused under the violence of adults, especially in the form of sexual abuse. Under the poisonous pedagogy ‘ I understand one Education, which is designed to break the will of the child, with the help of open or hidden power, manipulation and extortion to make it the obedient subject.”A. Miller: Eve awakening, 2001 source:, extract humans as cybernetic forced adaptation (control) to the industrialization and its automation (mechanistic world and people image: obedient subject).


April, April? No, no joke! Already the new blu-rehs home for more nature in the living room is the guiding principle of the first edition of the year 2011 message text: 88 pages can be the Blulife editorial team provides you attractive articles on Blu-ray, the document downloaded as a free PDF or ordered as a high-quality print version on New the FSK is 01/2011, which 18 members available is available as download only and exclusively for FSK Blulife adult. Furthermore, there is the possibility to order the magazine now also in the subscription. Petra Diamonds shines more light on the discussion. In the issue of Blulife 01/2011 is about upcoming Blu-ray be the heroine from the American publications and interviewed participants from Bambi 1 and 2 are current Blu-ray highlights, like Goethe!, Resident Evil: afterlife 3D, Bambi, unstoppable, Piranha 3D, and the social network discussed great documentation on Blu-ray in an area specially created will be made you tasty the Blu-ray home cinema system BDS 800 by Harman/Kardon, the 3D Blu-ray player BD-S1067 by Yamaha and the headphones Headzone home HT of Beyerdynamic in detail for you tested in detail about CyberLink Media Suite 9 reported latest multimedia product you have interesting Blu-ray can read imports and special editions there are concentrated action with the PS3 games Killzone 3 Sony and ll THQs Trinity souls of Zill o’ you is among other things the new PlayStation phone presented information, which movie and which game through the members were elected by to the best of the year 2010 can you look in an extraordinary home theater you will be presented a detailed insight into the milestones of in film history and in the life of Alfred Hitchcock, as well as in his film history and much more more… was founded in the last quarter of 2007. The management was on the relaunch of the site and thus on the right horse, because with the format decision the portal has developed into the best Germany. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ray Kurzweil by clicking through.

As a member of the Blu-ray group Germany and the always current news, software testing, film – and Spielreviews and engineering – we are the number 1 website for Blu-ray in Germany and Europe. The access numbers and magazine orders confirm the growth and popularity of this Web site. We appreciate your feedback, whether positive or negative. The only way we can maintain existing or if not improve, even change.

Sustanon Buy Online

Weight gain with Sustanon. Sustanon, four – component testosterone is a popular muscle building product and is often applied in the bodybuilder scene. Sustanon 250 is an oil dissolved injectable 4 – component steroid consisting of the following four Testosteron: Testosterone decanoate – 100 mg testosterone Isocaproate – 60 mg testosterone Phenylpropionate – 60 mg testosterone propionate – 30 mg, that basic idea of the company was Organon by the combination of four steroids with varying half-life in the context of a testosterone replacement therapy the patient daily injection to spare. The testosterone mixture of Sustanon is coordinated so that it offers an immediate, as well as a long-lasting effect (up to 1 month). The testosterone propionate for example, unfolds its effect very quickly, where its effect slowly but it gives very long against the testosterone decanoate. Like all Testosterones, Sustanon-250 is an androgenic steroid with a strong anabolic component. In bodybuilding circles, the average dose of Sustanon is usually between 250mg up to 1000mg per week.

Even if it about 1 month will remain active through its components, the actual half-life is approximately 5 days. The injections should be so every 8-10 days, to achieve a roughly uniform concentration. For an injectable testosterone Sustanon is relatively Wasserziehend. Consumers report relatively frequently by post injection pain. At doses from 750mg you should not abandon an Antiestrogen such as Nolvadex or aromatase such as Arimidex. Some bodybuilders use also a natural aromatase inhibitor such as E.g.

zinc in relatively high doses (75-100 mg per day). Sustanon greatly impaired the endogenous testosterone production, settling with clomiphene is strongly recommended at the end of the treatment. Athletes who want to quickly gain mass and strength, can combine experience with Methandrostenolone, Anadrol, or also Nandrolone decanoate Sustanon. For athletes who want to cyberspace rather a combination with trenbolone is also (available only as a veterinary product), Stanozolol or also Metenolonenantat possible. For the medicine Sustanon was a major step forward in relation to a not so often to inject Testosterone replacement therapy when compared to the previously used products such as testosterone cypionate and enanthate the patient needed. The same advantage were aware of bodybuilders and substantially reduce the injection intervals through the use of Sustanon. Injections between 250-500 mg with an injection interval of 8-10 days were common in the 1980s. The disadvantage of the combination preparation was and is but the difficulty to maintain testosterone levels because the different half-lives of each testosterone ester much harder to predict, than if you used only a single specimen.

Enterprise Portal GmbH

Open ice LMS and open ice competence by Community4you form the technical basis of the EU-project SOLE – support for SME in their accession to the open labour market in Europe. In a question-answer forum Max Schireson was the first to reply. The Chemnitzer Community4you GmbH has its open ice LMS – learning management system software products and open ice competence – competence management & assessment ( conceptual and technical partner in the EU project SOLE – support for SME in their accession to the open labour market in Europe”( The three-country project is from October 2007 to October 2009 under the auspices of the Bulgarian firm Interminds LLC, the Dutch institution ROC Midden Nederlands and German Community4you GmbH designed, developed and carried out. Enables SOLE Bulgarian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to perform Web-based the learning process of their employees, accelerating and making. SOLE will support Bulgarian SMEs with an easy-to-use online tool which a tailored induction programme for all Make available to industries. Staff use of competency profiles and generically produced eLearning modules will transform within a very short time in effective and productive employees. The integrated training wizard offers employers to create the possibility of company-specific job profiles on the basis of generic competencies. These profiles can be adjusted thereafter continue to be company-specific.

At the same time, the employee receives the ability to assess its own competences and to expand. On the basis of the competence assessment of the employer and employee a number of necessary generic eLearning modules are provided, which will shorten the process of training the workers. The training tool, the corresponding competence tools and integrated eLearning modules will be available in Bulgarian and can be customized company-specific. Info: Community4you GmbH in its Enterprise Portal combines the IT software company Community4you GmbH ( System open ice ( a knowledge and information management system with features on a modern, Internet-based service-oriented architecture portal platform integrated solution eLearning. The software aims to provide access to all relevant information each employee of a company or a Government at any time and from any location, without permanent Internet access. The company focuses on the basis of experience from business, communication and technology projects on the development of innovative, high-performance solutions for eBusiness, eLearning, eGovernment and eCommerce on Linux/UNIX and Windows. The Community4you GmbH was founded on 1 January 2001 and supervised Frankfurt, Lufthansa, OTTO GmbH & Co KG, VW, BGW, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Messe AG, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn as well as ministries and institutions of public administration today customers such as fair. Press contact for more info/pictures: Community4you GmbH Nadine Kreissig Handel Strasse 9 09120 Chemnitz FON: +49(0)371 909411-0 fax: +49(0)371 909411-111 eMail:

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