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Make Before Choosing One Web Hosting

In the industry of web hostings exists thousand of good and bad companies, who vendem lodging web. To find and to buy lodging web only in good web hostings is difficult. therefore, I compiled this list of 9 questions that you must make before choosing one web hosting.1. The frequency of backups? 2. Which are the tools and software that web hostings makes use to assure that my sites are always online? 3.

Which is the domain number that I can use in each plan of lodging web? 4. Which are the politics of payment and use of the company? 5. Which the way of functioning of the serving ftp? 6. I have access to the filing-cabinets of log and statisticians? 7. I can create email accounts, in web hosting? 8. What he is enclosed in the contract? 9. Maximum time of reply of the service of support to the customer?

European Americans

That we lived in the era on the personalisation nobody it doubt. At the moment we can practically personalize everything: our movable telephone, our car until our own body. Nevertheless, as comments the British designer of mounts Tom Davies almost nobody takes glasses that in their manufacture have considered really their perfect physical characteristics so that they have left. All we took glasses standard concerning its adaptation to our face morphology. Today I will speak to you of Tom Davies, a creator of customized glasses that arrive has to reach prices of up to 5,000 dollars.

Ton Davies creates its company in the year 2000 and it is dedicated to create totally customized designs for clients of high spending power. Sees Spoke This is the name that summarizes the form to work of this designer. a mount Sees Spoke is a mount or sun glasses designed for you by its optician in collaboration with Tom Davies to make glasses to size the optician have a series of tools of measurement taking that they are going to allow him to recover the data that the manufacturer needs to personalize the glasses. The client can in addition request a change of form, material or color of the glasses, according to his pleasure.At the moment, thanks to Internet and to the highly qualified manpower that has found in China, the English designer has been able to increase to his production of customized glasses and its portfolio of clients. The average price of its glasses is of about 600 dollars. Once the optician has all the measures and the modifications requested by the client, he must introduce all the data in a computer science program called Supertool that connects the optician which the products Tom Davies with their factory of manufacture in China work. In two hours boceto of the new glasses and all elements is realised, later it begins the manufacture and the assembly of the glasses. The time while the client makes his order and that receives its glasses usually is in 3 or 4 weeks.

In this video you will be able to see the complete process: The 5 elements to personalize According to Davies, there are five elements that are due to personalize in mount so that this adjusts perfectly to the morphology of the user and its style of life: 1. The length of the rods. Between European Americans and it can have until 10mm of difference with regard to the position of the ears, the Americans need long rods but; 2. The width of the glasses. The face of the Americans is about 20 wide mm but that the one of the European; 3. The bridge. Following the form of the nose, each we can need a width different bridge; 4. The name of the user; 5. The color of the mount. Photography of Eric Janes More and more people looks for the personalisation of products In 2009 Tom Davies sold 36,000 of its models, three times more than in 2008. The important sales but were realised with clients who need glasses in totally unusual sizes. The companies that are sent to make customized glasses do not stop increasing. It speaks to you at the time of the wood glasses, also you can visit the Web of Indivijual where you will be able disearos your own glasses. The price is similar to the one of Tom Davies, 595 dollars.

The Net

Still in accordance with publication of the Techenet (2008), the computers customers DNS can use the LLMNR to decide names in a net segment when a server DNS is not available. If a roteador to fail, removing a sub-net of all existing servers DNS in the net, the existing customers whom LLMNR supports will be able to continue to decide names in a base point-the-point until the linking of the net is restored. 4,1 Resolution of In agreement Names using LLMNR RFC the 4795 (2007) consultations of the protocol are sent and received using door 5355. In the case of the Ipv4 the request is sent for the address, in relation to the Ipv6 is used address FF02: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0. In a simplified vision the process of resolution of names of – in the following way: first host responsible for the consultation sends the request for address multicast of the net, an addressee only responte the solcitiao if it will be autoritativo for the consultation, case is true the reply of the consultation is envida way address unicast by means of the protocol of transport UDP. When receiving respota host from origin processes the solicito and initiates the access of the desired resources of the user. RFC 4795 (2007).

The use of the address unicast can be used in the following situations: host of origin repeats the consultation later that it received from host of destination, or host of origin consults a register for a complete address IP being the version Ipv4 or Ipv6. RFC 4795 (2007). By measures of security the requests unicast must be carried through by the protocol of transports TCP, consutas deriving of connections TCP does not have to be discarded. RFC 4795 (2007). 4,2 Unicast verification Defined for RFC 4795 (2007), before sending a reply to the shipper, the receiver configured with one only address verifies if host in net LLMNR has one another one that is autoritativo for the same name of the interface.

Software System

The analyst of systems using the process of the analysis of requirements below gets the following advantages, according to FALBO. To make possible the study of the behavior of the system; To facilitate the communication enters the components of the development team and customers and users; To make possible the quarrel of corrections and modifications with the user; To form a documentation of the system. Analysis of Requirements One of the main measures of the success of a software is the degree in which it takes care of to the objectives and requirements for which he was constructed. Being thus, the Engineering of Requirements of Software is the process to identify and to discover its objectives and necessities and to register them of appropriate form so that the analysis is made. According to Pressman (2006, p.144) the Analysis of Requirements results in the specification of the operational characteristics of software; it indicates interface of software with other elements of the system and establishes restrictions the one that software must to satisfy. Following the reasoning of the same author the study of behavior of the system it facilitates the communication enters the components of the development team and customers and users, making possible a quarrel corrections and modifications with the user. This analysis allows the analyst to study the objectives of the system and which will be the functions that it must execute.

Pressman (2006) still affirms that the Analysis of Requirements supplies to the designer of Software a representation of the information, function or behavior that can be translated into the architectural projects, of interface and level of mannering. Finally, the model of analysis and the specification of requirements provide to the desenvolvedor and to the customer the ways to evaluate the quality when software is constructed. Structuralized analysis Pressman (1995, p.276) affirms that the structuralized analysis, as all the methods of analysis of software requirements, are an activity of construction of models.

So Paulo Communication

This collection is more intense when it is about those that act in the exploration and the use of the natural resources. However, the ambient awareness still is a consequence of the reflection of few and that it must be dealt with the society in the local scopes, regional, national, international and planetary (SAFE, 2001). We know that it is not easy task and that it is not gotten resulted significant in short time. This because the ambient awareness has that, obligatorily, to pass for a process of education of the population: ambient education (EA? Mattos and Simes-Mattos, 2009). The EA is a specific branch of the education whose objective is the dissemination of the knowledge on the environment and its relations, stimulating in the citizens the critical-reflexiva capacity, the responsible conscience and, above all, attitudes and commitment with the question. Thus, as process that is, the EA demands permanent and continued educative formation and action (BRAZIL, 2007). In this complicated educative process, that demands as many actions, it is necessary the communication between the pairs (Freire, 1975).

The not formal education perpassa half popular of communication. For in such a way, the radio communication, as one of the informal ways of education, makes of the radio an excellent vehicle of dissemination for such objective. This affirmation still more is supported by the fact of this instrument of social communication to be what it reaches more people in Brazil, being syntonized more than the television in different states of the federacy, as in So Paulo and the Cear (Bridge Son and Sponsorship, 2010). The TV reaches a great part of the population, at the same time, with the same message, however, the radio, with its simple message, direct and more distributed, it arrives much more the people of what the TV. This affirmation if coats with bigger meanings, when it is desired to deal with ambient problems more regionalizados, that is, next to daily and the reality to the listener.

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