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World Wide Web Television

Lots of people portend for the next 10 years expanding Internet tv. At this stage of the phrase Internet tv still a novelty. anything with the development of technologies for which we sometimes can not keep up monitor, and transform the usual thing for us. This applies to television and the Internet virtual space. The plans still full of confusion.

It's no secret that the Number of unique users Global Internet Web is rapidly growing in geometric progression. For example, exciting fighters, horror films, the current continuously losing its young audience. Because basically a huge percentage of the younger generation a few hours a day, spends itself on the Internet. If you decide to engage in viewing the recently released movie or a hilarious video, then for such a situation in cyberspace There is a huge number of video servers, which at the moment might pass the latest novelties of cinema. It is clear that over time, humanity will abandon conventional broadcast to all of us and will give their preference Internet television. In addition, it has a large number of superiority.

For example, you will not be imposed on commercial breaks, which previously had to watch a long period of time. Another the broadly positive point is that you will not be tied to this or any other program on time, you will be able to listen to it in his spare time. Also another important advantage of not a few considered to ease the choice of fascinating information, it is easier saying you yourself are looking for exactly what you on vykusu. Or else, as in ordinary tv you're looking for, klatsat tv channels and find something decent hard. However, not much good, of course Internet television present their disadvantages. Which are: to work seamlessly needed high-speed Internet access. Communicating with the World Wide Web should be constant and not depend on weather changes or various other force cases in a position to influence the work of the Internet service provider. An additional disadvantage is considered to be an incredible flow of traffic. Statistics estimated that the total number of people raboayuschih about 6 hours per day Cyberspace, ten times in lieu of all the number of people whiling away six hours a day to the next tv.Umozaklyuchenie over time in our awareness of the traditional tv will be wiped out.

Conformity DIN

Sitemnaya protection of facades. Beauty under the protection of Specialization: Protection facade is said that the facade – the person at home. And indeed, his condition largely determines the appearance and functionality of buildings. First all it is worth noting that the facades are as individual and varied as they are human faces. They need the same personal touch and personal protection, as well as people. Cosmetic treatment of the surface here enough, but deep acting that have been developed precisely with the account of "problem areas" may be a building for a "source of eternal youth." The firm "Remmers" – a true expert on the facades, the harder and specific problem, the more apparent our best side – top quality products combined with a wealth of experience on thousands of fronts.

Holistic integrated solutions Anamnesis, diagnosis, therapy: only so you can provide real help, "the patient". This is true for the prophylactic treatment of modern facades and for the rehabilitation and restoration of old structures. Obtaining reliable values of all important parameters and correct analysis of the object – the conditions necessary for choosing the right individual concept of recovery. Also needed advice on the subject. Especially, it is often fronts include a variety of materials: stucco, brick, stone, concrete, wood. All these components are combined in various ways.

For any situation we have a good balanced solution. Individual protection against moisture protection from moisture penetration, increased resistance to heavy rains, water-repellency treatment – in the treatment of the facades are the main problem. The firm "Remmers" during sequential development For 50 years, took the leading positions in products for repelling both for facing masonry, and for silica brick, stone facades, or mixed type. To restore the brick and clinker facades damaged by exposure to moisture, we have developed an innovative method of sludge processing. In an extensive range of complex treatment of facades also includes products for cleaning and coating of facades, and and rapid recovery of the concrete. Protection systems for facades consist of the mineral coating and the coating on the silicone resin. There are products to enhance and restore the structure of the stone. All components optimally matched to each other, their functionality verified in practice, taking into account the convenience of the coating process. System Warranty "Remmers," Protection of facades in 10 years – guaranteed We are so confident that we do what we can now pass this confidence to our clients: quality guarantee system, "Remmers (RSG) is given for 10 years. It gives businesses a real competitive advantage, and planners – the exact understanding what kind of feedback they receive from our products. Numerous certificates of the trials and imprisonment of Conformity DIN, WTA and other regulations demonstrate merit and efficiency of all system components of our product and confirm their safe interaction. Warranty RSG indicates that the firm "Remmers," ready to share responsibility with the organization to which the application, in case of damages, against which the products are used, within the specified warranty period. Greater certainty for the developer or other clients simply can not be. Of course, having a warranty processing system fronts, not least benefit our clients, which it is provided: you get a significant competitive advantage, and your customers happy and would recommend you to their partners. Your advantages in the RSG: resistant to showers facades – 10 years guarantee savings in heating costs improve the appearance of the conservation value of facades facades are not sealed, but continue to "breathe" careful planning and application run enterprise specialized in the RSG products are safe for the environment

The Ceiling

If the project provides for soundproofing the ceiling, the installation of the ceiling too an operational necessity. Types of suspended ceilings: – rack metal, mainly used in bathrooms. To date, rarely used, because of its impracticality (condensation, dotted rust is not very clear docking with the wall) – rack made of plastic, used in all areas. It is convenient for mounting, docking thin seam, well washed, large choice of color – Armstrong, is used in offices, halls, shops and office buildings. Quickly mounted, low price, easy restored, a large selection of colors and types – suspended ceiling is used in all types of premises. Great selection by color and type of material, practical in case of flooding from the upper room. Quite expensive relative to other materials, but in the end, during operation, pays for itself – drywall, used in all types of premises. Going to almost any configuration of the ceiling, low price, quick installation, a slight loss of height of the ceiling is water-resistant and normal.

We have listed, not all types of suspended ceilings, but they are most in use today. Next, we discuss some details of the installation of the ceiling drywall. Before the installation should be done counting the zero level of the ceiling. It then does a skeleton of aluminum rails and installation of drywall. Further, the seams are filled with special filler 'uniflot' serpyanka glued, primed and shpatlyuyut.

For more safeguards to avoid the appearance of cracks in the ceiling Drywall is made of two layers staggered. When installing the ceiling of a complex configuration, you must first make a template out of hardboard for smooth lines. On the main square ceiling, we recommend moisture-resistant drywall used as after installation of the ceiling should be a cycle of painting works, and this work is associated with high humidity, respectively, if the drywall absorbs this moisture, the next time drying it starts to warp, crack will begin to appear.

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