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Because exactly, rationally, accepting this, emotionally I behaved in the way as I was created. I needed tactics, a strategy to convince me of this. That the happiness is not in the magic princes, who each one has its destination, that each one can be really happy without having nothing of this. First decided I me between being a success professional or to have a family. What it was really important for me? was to have a family who I wanted of truth. There I mounted my strategy: I started to evaluate all the marriages that I knew. One by one.

I started to dedicate me to this. To analyze the couple, to discover if they were happy and more than what this, if I would be really happy if I was in that context. I was evaluating everything and all my return. was there that I really convinced that was not guarantee you are welcome. To be married, to have children, to find somebody were not passport for the happiness.

Vi together couples for comodismo. Vi consumed couples. Vi children problems. Vi marriages of faixada. Vi loving husbands with. Vi fathers-in-law problems. Vi respect lack. Vi affection lack. Vi executives vitiated to drugs. Vi high executives with depression. Vi women without auto-esteem, married or not, executive or not. my conclusion was this: it is not alone because that woman found a husband and had pretty children, has a wonderful house, travels all the vacations and calls the friends for had taken wine in house, that necessarily it is happy. It is not alone because that woman is high executive, enviable position, all knows the world, super assediada, pretty, dressed and cultured well, that necessarily it is happy. more: I discovered that the objective of the life of somebody is not in having a husband, an excellent job or something thus.


Sony could have committed the largest security breach ever recorded in a console. During a Conference at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, various independent programmers have announced that they have the Sony console security keys. Thanks to these codes users could use copies of games on their consoles and home software without that Sony can make any action to prevent it. A failure in protecting the console firmware seems the origin of filtration. The Internet community has been pending in one of the conferences on computer security that these days is taking place in Germany.

The name of the Conference has been PS3:Epic Fail. No one expected that the presented novelties were so important. In a question-answer forum Vladislav Doronin was the first to reply. Responsible for the discoveries about Playstation 3 has been a user known as mark, which may have marked a before and an after in the history of PS3. The website Pspgroove has explained the details of the Conference and has published a video with the first 15 minutes. Mark and his team have announced that they have the security code in the Playstation 3. These codes are a kind of digital signature that protects the contents of all consoles. Until now never had achieved the codes for other consoles.

These codes are a tool for device security to recognize that the contents that are run are authorized. You could say that they are the signature of the companies. Each company has its own signature and is virtually impossible to get it. In other platforms have been used has other systems to deceive the system accept no official or copied content. Policymakers get the Playstation 3 codes could have benefited from an error in the encryption process from the console of Sony, possibly produced in its last update. The announcement of the publication of these codes would be a security problem that Sony could not solve. These codes are located on all the games and console applications. The company could not change the codes since it would leave useless all contents published so far. In this way Sony could not avoid in the near future users to use homemade software or copies in their consoles. The fault in the safety of the Playstation 3 can allow users known jailbreak without the need for hardware devices and regardless of the version of the console. The problem can be even greater for Sony, since in the future, if you want to manufacture a new console, the backward compatibility can be a serious problem since it should change the security codes. The publication of safety codes would mark a before and an afterwards for the Playstation 3. In his day other consoles such as Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox have gone through similar discoveries, but never accounted for safety violations as serious as the Sony console. Original author and source of the article

Teach Employees

In early October, in Moscow in Expocentre, an exhibition and conference on Training and Development Trainings expo 2008". Market for 9 years is a place for sharing experiences, learning and expanding the network professional contacts. As a rule, exponent – is training and consulting company in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the participants – HR-managers, business coaches and consultants, training centers, managers corporate universities, directors of training companies large cities of Russia and all those who are in contact in their profession with training and development. Exhibition of works in several formats: master classes, demonstrations, mini-lectures, round tables, presentations, conference.

Indeed, there are professionals meet to find out what's new on the market of training and development, to discuss working problem, ask questions to experts and simply to meet colleagues who have not seen, to share successes and new beginnings. At this year's Trainings expo organized a round table discussion: "Education and development: trends in the region." The event attracted over 20 participants from the Russian and Ukrainian cities: Saint Petersburg, Samara, Togliatti, Omsk, Novosibirsk, -Mansiysk, Kiev. Samara was represented by the Alpha Center, which organizes corporate business training in our city. Trends in staff development in St. Petersburg and Moscow go "hand in hand, in the same regions are lagging behind by 1-3 years. It is safe to say that the direction of development in the regions close. Distinguish the main ones: 1.

Further development of the market for corporate learning and extinction of the market open programs. Frankly, the market is open learning directly in Samara not experienced stage rapid growth. There are my reasons: middle and line management is not willing to invest in its development personal finance, and the tops are trained in the capital or abroad, acquiring knowledge, and new business contacts. In an open format, largely remain the program of personal growth. 2. The emergence of system in organizing training for medium and large enterprises. Education staff have become more organized is not a point and short-term and integrated and coordinated with the overall strategy of the company. This approach to training also contributes to the solution to the issue of career planning and motivation: "I teach here – I'm valuable to the company. My cost increases as a professional. I know how to develop my career after training. " 3. Building a program cadre. One of the reasons – this demographic well, economically advantageous to prepare change within the company, given the specificity of how industry and the company itself. Otherwise it may miss profit in the period of search and adaptation of new employees, especially if the candidates for leadership positions. 4. High demands imposed on the level of training of teachers, business trainers, consultants. The reason is clear: doing business in Russia is growing rapidly and they need the same level of development of the people involved in the processes development. To educate and impart knowledge, technology, skills, coaches and consultants themselves need to be several steps ahead. These trends suggest that the market for training and development continues to grow, the number of requests for systematic training of staff increases, increased demands to the results of training activities, there are clear criteria for selecting providers.

Professional Education

The first Law of Lines of direction and Bases promulgated in the year of 1961 (Law n 4,024/61), instigate the desencadeamento of some debates concerning the subject, but still thus, the dualidade on the structure still persisted, exactly after guaranteed the flexibility between profisssional education and the secondary one. As public politics, the Professional Education is seen as it has broken a national plan of economic and technological development supported and articulated to others job politics, of work and income. The Laws n 5,540/68 and 5,692/71, promulgated in a scene marked for pressures of the average layers for education, would represent a governmental strategy in the direction to contain the strong demand for superior education. The Law n 5,692/71, had the necessity of formation of technician of average level, attributes to the education of 2 degree a character of obligatory professionalization.

The objective of universal and obligatory professionalization attributed to the education of 2 degree not only left to take care of to the strategical intentions of the Law n 5692/71 as well as accented the crisis of characteristic identity of this level of education. (WEDGE, 1975). The failure of the universal and obligatory professionalization of the education of 2 degree culminated with the promulgation, in 1982, of the Law n 7,044/71, that it extinguished the obligatoriness of the professional qualification in this level of education. For Saviani (1999), it still agrees to point out that educational reforms of years 70 had had inspiration in the theory of the human capital, that gave to the education the power to favor the development of the nations and the social ascension of the individuals. The theory of the human capital, appeared in the United States and England, years 60, and Brazil, years 70, was structured in the scope of the theories of the development ideology of the postwar period, as part of the strategy of American hegemony.


The conduction of the vehicle is made through the act automaton where the movements are involuntary. Therefore we must consider the necessity to reformulate the learning process, therefore it is in this phase where the candidate receives the information on the transit, that the behaviors will be installed, from adequate and consistent form, when guided well. To decorate the transit plates (MCP), to pass for an evaluation where the only objective is to be approved, does not matter where situation, to lead the vehicle per 15 minutes with the examiner of transit in a wild place Would be this the best form to guide the young future driver? It would not be more convenient than, beyond the meaning of the plates, in the education of the conductor it was introduced concepts to acquire knowledge the candidate of the importance to obey to the norms and the legislation for one direction more insurance? He imagines if each conductor to decide to make its proper law and to define its proper rules and to apply them, in the hour and of the skill that in accordance with desires to its necessities not leading in consideration the too much drivers to its redor would be a true chaos! On the other hand, if to give to the chance it individual to reveal its opinion on the transit and to debate its point of view, it would not be introjetando of a more solid form its knowledge? (MLP- strategy of the elaborative repetition). We must then assume, that one of the causes of the turbulent transit and tumultuated, he is that the formation of the drivers who had had its fast learning alone using its MCP makes with that the meaning of the plates, norms and laws that become the safe transit, they leave of being significant and important and consequentemente these drivers start to be a threat in the streets and highways. We consider that, in the measure that the information on the direction to propagate and the norms of transit are introjetadas and accepted without reluctance, interpreted and apprehended as a common rule to all, our MLP will collaborate for the aprimoramaento of our behavior having been able to lead to the citizenship feeling, that defines its relation with the true autonomy, where the common good starts to depend individually on the behavior of each one, composing a society, a balanced group. .

Combat Depression

People who are mentally ill seems to also be afraid to hospitals or at least trying to avoid medical care. Looking at it from the point of view of someone affected by these issues see frightening the panorama of a sterile and loaded with instruments of hospital room, even to seem strange to someone who does not suffer from mental disorders. Mental patients generally don’t want to go to hospitals and seek methods to combat depression so it is difficult to get treatments for them. Mobile psychiatric treatment units have been established for this purpose. Psychiatric rehabilitation helps people suffering from mental illness to recover or maintain the skills that will allow them to function in society, which will give them comfort and security that deal with them personally in their own homes.

Programs and methods to combat depression are individual for each person with a specialist who will take the case of custom shape in the environment in which that person lives. They work with people who they suffer from mental illness to determine their strengths and social resources. From there they seek the goals and tasks that can help the person get better. Both the patient and his environment has to take measures to improve at each visit. Mobile psychiatric units are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual.

You must know the individual in your own home, at your school, work or even in your environment. These services are short-term and are aimed at obtaining goals, allowing people to develop the skills and support they need to be self-sufficient and have a more satisfactory life at your own pace. If you want to see as I could out of my depression and achieve a natural balance, you only have to click here. Original author and source of the article.

CRM Company

A minority of staff may have a significant impact on the rest only if it is to have an alternative and reasoned point of view, to change the workflow. Of course, for the formation of such a view of the very minorities you need the arguments, but with something like, once everything is clear – your arguments are contained in functionality of the CRM-system. Gradually, this part of the staff will begin to feel better (easier) of its activities, working with the system and improving its efficiency, which inevitably will manifest itself externally and will provide impact on the rest of the staff. In this case, the company's management should not overlook the fact that the minority will be able to influence the rest only if this activity will be sustained and continuous. Therefore, management must actively encourage and support this part of the team that the process should not go down "to nothing." Thus, changes will occur not on orders from above, but directly from within the working group that in addition to things will improve and the team spirit of the company as a whole. In addition, employees have the opportunity to self-realization, and this is a better motivator than fulfilling the requirements imposed from above. A strategy of a minority on the process of adopting a new CRM-system can be gradually expanded to include involvement in and management of the company. After this, the effect will be provided already and the bottom (due to the position of the active minority of employees) and top (for through directives and instructions received from the management company).

Physical Education

To present the project. To verify the interest after the presentation of the subject. Art and Physical Education and its relations with the corporal culture.

Presentation of the subject of period of training to the aged ones. We identify each aged in relation to the subject the individual importance and to the interest disposal of our presence in the institution. 04/10/2010 Ampliar the forms of sociability and interaction enter the aged ones through dances in group and pairs. Dance. We verify the participation and aged socialization of referring to the activities the proposals serving as first contact of integration between the involved citizens. 18/10/2010 Estabelecer relation of respect, commitment, reciprocity, appreciation with the proper work and the work of the others.

Declamation, stories. Through the appreciation and the participation of the aged one, it was possible to perceive the relation of respect, commitment and reciprocity with the other 25/10/2010 Estimular the therapy of the good mood, providing moments of joy and descontrao with the other in order to get loose itself of the adversities of the daily one. Cantos and musicalizao. We perceive the unfastening of the aged one through the glad moments considered in the practical ones. 08/11/2010 Recognition and use of the capacities to express and to create meanings in the sensrio-corporal plan in the activity proposal. Mimic Dublagem and. Through the corporal expression, the aged ones relembraram its sensrio-corporal capacities on the basis of the activity proposal. – The picture above serves as metodolgica strategy of synthecized form, that points the process of development of the lessons since the beginning to the end of the interventions, serving as base with respect to the analysis of the data and construction of the research.

The Bearer

If on the other hand, we vendssemos this same option, we would receive the prize, but we would assume the obligation of vender, not right it, the action object until or in the expiration of the option for the value of R$ 46,00. The sales options are little common in Brazil, its functioning are similar to the options of purchase, much more popular this way. The sales option to give the right, to its bearer of vender the action for one determined price and in one determined date, in this context, the thrower, person whom the prize receives, is with the obligation to buy the action object, in the expiration of the option to the combined price, case is exerted by the bearer. It functions, accurately, the inverse one of the action of purchase. The terminology used in the sales and purchase options is the same ones. Valley to stand out that the sales options have little liquidity in Brazil, therefore its use is small, of this form little strategy is mounted with this type of paper..

Ambient Economy

The structure of this article meets divided in four item, namely: The first part will examine the general aspects of the market of metallic packings for drinks in the national context, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of if using the steel and aluminum in the production of cans for cooling beers and. They will consist, also, in this section, the main statisticians of the cincoempresas of the sector installed in Brazil. In the second part it is looked to prove that as much the technological innovations as the strategy implemented for the Metalic (to produce steel cans) became it more competitive than its competitors (manufacturers of aluminum cans). This analysis will be made on the basis of the information contained in the magazine Metallurgy and of the BNDES report, being overcome as referencial theoretician to the modern theories that turn on the concept of competitive advantages of the Traditional Economy. In the third part it is looked to over all prove that the decision of the Metalic in producing cans of steel, and with aluminum, did not become it more competitive than its competitors (manufacturers of aluminum cans), Northeast naregio of Brazil, which depended up to 1997, of the supplying of proceeding cans southeastern Brazilian, with raised transport cost, beyond what the steel he provides a bigger preservation of the environment, has seen that the time of erosion of the steel is well lesser of what aluminum. This analysis will be made on the basis of the information contained in the magazine Metallurgy and of the report of BNDES, being overcome as referencial theoretician the rules ofthe Ambient Economy that turns on sustainable development, ecoeficincia, amongst others. In the conclusion, it is emphasized that the Traditional Economy reproduces with sufficient lucidity the necessary elements for promotion of the economic development, lacking only of bigger concerns with the ambient questions.

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