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In my life I learned many things, some I learned alone, others with somebody or in group. For example, when embryo I learned to breathe d underneath? gua. Already it drinks I learned to smile, to cry, to enxergar colors, movements, to hear and to recognize the voice of my parents, I learned to saborear maternal milk. With the time I learned to walk, to speak, to break things and with the time I started to read to write, to add, to deduct, to multiply, to divide, glue it, to cut, to draw, to color, to mount, to disassemble, to swim, to sing and to kiss. After that I learned to play ball, video-game, to beat, to apanhar, to loan and to catch loaned, to walk in the center of So Paulo, as much of bus as of meter, I learned to give I change, I change to receive it, I learned computer science, a profession, to clean, to wash clothes, wares, learned to cook, I learned truth, the certain the made a mistake one, since 2001, more necessarily in day 21/04. With this everything what I made was extinguished and again passed to be recounted and you to me sent where since 30/12/2007 I learned to love, to give of me, exactly to somebody so wonderful as you to make and you happy..

Virtual Library

We receive about 5.000 daily visits in the Virtual Library the Student, who serves as excellent reference. The not legitimated professor who not to emancipate itself will be rejected and for the pupils. Mitchel Resnick is often quoted on this topic. (LITTO, 2001,) Experiences with SOON 4, programming language created for the scientist Seymour Paper, demonstrate that for being about programming total structuralized and directed toward children, the level of understanding of mathematical contents are raised excessively. Our first contact with this language was in 1991, in a course of infantile computer science (INFOKIDS), created in partnership with the CEFET/MG-Uned Leopoldina, when we could even perceive the encantamento of the children front to this new technological world that started if to disclose for them and we educators, therefore in then, few were the existing educative programs in the market that mesclassem computer science and education. The Profa. Dra. Helosa Vieira of the Rock – Coordinating of the Nucleus of computer science Applied to the Education – NIED; Unicamp and Coordenadora of the TelEduc Project – Development of Technology for ED – IC-NIED/Unicamp, defender of the use of the technology as mediating of the education, in its articles also points the 5 creation of e-learnings to assist the learning in the situations of long-distance education, demonstrating that the possibilities of promotion of education are if multiplying day-by-day.

(ROCK, 1996, p 87) Beyond e-learnings, many educators use fruns, blogs, chats to develop its lessons, therefore they had perceived that with use of the computer, the information if propagates and the knowledge if spreads out without the borders of the time and the space. E, if the pupil already is accustomed to these ways, becomes more easy seduziz them disciplines for them for given them. However, a concern takes account of the parents and educators: the content of these sites, blogs and chats are adjusted to the age and phase of the development where if point out the child or adolescents? Resources exist to accomplish this control or care that the proper programs offer, tranquilizing the parents who cannot follow of close the use for its children technological half them.

Action Against Nuvenus

Apple divulged officially today, 13 of December of 2010, the note with the insatisfao of the meteorologistas on the use of the Nuvenus Chovendus, created for iPad. The justification of the scientists is of that meteorology would be losing gradual the credibility of the population. After many years as present science in the life of the people, meteorology already came losing the confidence of the people, who would not be more trusting its forecasts, and the new arrival of the applicatory one would only aggravate the situation. Furduno would have if originated the publication after, in the official site of International the Meteorological Organization, of the letter I contend the indignation of the scientists who demand the withdrawal of the Nuvenus Chovendus of the App Store. According to Jarry. the Stail, president of the Organization, the community of scientists would be being harmed later that thousands of people had installed in its iPads the applicatory one of the time. Filed under: futurist.

The applicatory one functions capturing an image of the sky and clouds, and after to analyze the current conditions, as images and speed of wind, is capable to foresee as it will be the time in the next hours. Moreover, Nuvenus Chovendus if connects to the Internet to know resulted of next users, thus increasing its power of forecast. According to anonymous sources, the biggest damage would be the participation of some meteorologistas in the development of the applicatory one, and that still they work for the Meteorological Organization. Asked the respect, Stail it did not confirm no information, since the case still is under inquiry. Our team entered in contact with the representatives of the Nuvenus Chovendus in Brazil and was informed that the applicatory one does not aim at to harm the science of meteorology, and that, for the opposite, it can be an excellent tool so that meteorology can come back to have the credibility of before. On the participation of meteorologistas in the development, the representatives had affirmed that it is a to be considered possibility, therefore the desenvolvedores of the applicatory one would need a base scientific, and not only technological, so that the Nuvenus Chovendus could function perfectly..

Gprs Setting For Chinese Phones

Beeline GPRS phone in China to configure the Internet on Chinese phone, follow these steps: 1. Make sure that it is supported by your operator and you have it connected. 2. Go to menu => Services => profiles – Select GPRS – can modify an existing profile or create a new profile settings: Profile name: Beeline Inet APN: Login: beeline Password: beeline 3. We proceed in browser: Menu => Services => Internet => Settings => Edit profile Profile settings: Profile name: to your taste and color of Home: Profile: Beeline Inet (created previously) Connection type: HTTP (URL remain unchanged; Port: 8080 (or 9210)) Username: blank Password: blank If you have did not work, perhaps, your Chinese phone does not support the protocol HTTP.

Try a protocol WAP. MTS GPRS in the Chinese phone to configure the Internet on Chinese phone, follow these steps: 1. Ensure that this service provided by your operator and you have it connected. 2. Go to menu => Services => profiles – Select GPRS – can modify an existing profile or create a new profile settings: Profile Name: MTS Inet APN: Username: mts Password: mts 3. Proceed to Browser settings: Menu => Services => Internet => Settings => Edit profile profile settings: Profile name: to your taste and color of Home: Profile: MTS Inet (created previously) Connection type: HTTP (URL remain unchanged, m . is; Port: 8080 (or 9201)) Username: blank Password: blank If you do not work, maybe your phone does not support Chinese protocol HTTP. Try a protocol WAP.

Megafon GPRS phone for the Chinese Internet settings on the Chinese phone, follow these steps: 1. Make sure that it is supported by your operator and you have it connected. 2. Go to menu => Services => profiles – Select GPRS – can modify an existing or create a new profile profile settings: Profile name: Megafon Inet APN: internet Username: gdata Password: gdata 3. We proceed in browser: Menu => Services => Internet => Settings => Edit profile profile settings: Profile name: to your taste and color Home: Profile: Megafon Inet (created previously) Connection type: HTTP (URL remain unchanged, ie,; Port: 8080 (or 9201)) Username: blank Password: blank If you have not got perhaps your phone does not support Chinese protocol HTTP. Try a protocol WAP. TELE2 GPRS phone in China to configure the Internet on Chinese phone, follow these steps: 1. Make sure that it is supported by your operator and you have it connected. 2. Go to menu => Services => profiles – Select GPRS – can modify an existing profile or create a new profile settings: Profile name: TELE2 Internet APN: Username: blank (not required) Password: blank (not required) 3 . Proceed to setting Browser: Menu => Services => Internet => Settings => Edit profile profile settings: Profile name: to your taste and color of the Home: Profile: TELE2 Internet (previously created) Connection type: HTTP (Address reserve unchanged, ie,; Port: 8080 (or 9201)) Username: blank Password: blank If you do not work, maybe your phone does not support Chinese protocol HTTP. Try a protocol WAP. Source: Chinese Mobile Phones Shop

Mobile Communications

And all this is not just emerged and became widely available. Well, judge for yourself – who is currently out tsifromylnitsy, which provides a picture quality that was previously achieved by professional photographers and great difficulty all-night vigil in the dark laboratory at the light red lantern! My memory is still fresh memories of that time when the hard drive of the computer capacity of 5 Mb was a great and terrible humming box which hardly fits on the table and threatened to break up this table for each movement of the head! Today, virtually everyone in the pocket of a drive with a capacity of thousands of times superior to those huge monsters that does not require neither thick power cables, no batteries to store the information! Yes. Times have certainly changed. With this fact to argue stupid and useless. Many amazing things came into our lives in recent years.

And yet, the most amazing, in my opinion, is mobile. Young people today are very skeptical of stories about how once he had to stand in line to receive the phone. Why? Indeed, on almost every corner you can buy cell phone and starter pack for it! And after a few minutes not only be in contact with the person that is dear, but to get to the Internet (unless, of course, enough money to sufficiently fashionable terminal). Mobile Communications completely changed our way of life. People today often talk on the phone more than face to face. Moreover, the communication can not prevent anything. Clearly, sitting in a meeting with the chief, a pair of the institute, in the classroom at school, it is difficult talk on the phone. But for this, God created the Best! Message silent, not attracting attention, but very informative! Sometimes it even more informative than a simple conversation, because, they say, better to see once than worth a thousand words! And now a message can be sent to all – from plain text to the video, shot right on the built-in mobile phone (!) Digital video camera! As is the case with other technological advances, the CMC was specific path of evolution.

Gradually, it has paved its way from the field for which was originally intended – Hello! How are you? – To other areas of human life. Today, with the help of SMS can be very much – to pay for services online, vote for your favorite dancer or singer, and even get help about a product, service or person. If you pay by SMS and the SMS voting for us, things are already quite familiar, then SMS reference service – a new thing. But, nevertheless, useful! Agree, much easier to send SMS with the name of a person or company's name and get back information about objects that interest you, than to rummage in the large telephone directory, sorted in God only knows what order! And the phone book, as you know, not always at hand, and the law of meanness, just when you need it most of all – its not! And if a person stationary phone is not a class (which in these times is no surprise) – it does not help to find any phone book! What is the information via SMS, with which it is eaten, and, most importantly, how can I get? First things first. VMS Help – A new service, which provides in Khmelnytsky contact center 'Dialton'

Repairing a TV

Urgent repair the TV, or significantly reduce the time to repair your TV. To reduce the time taken to repair your TV set before calling the technician you need to know the make and model TV that you want to renovate. The make and model TV you can learn in a passport or a TV on the back of the TV, there's usually stuck with the label information on the TV. For example: you have a TV SONY KV-2100K. SONY TV is a brand, and KV-2100K is a model of TV. It is also advisable for you to tell on TV technician for the external manifestations of malfunction of your TV.

This may be uncharacteristic sounds or smells that issued your TV. With this information technician will have a general idea of what your TV will take the necessary parts, and repair the TV will take less time. As well-organized workplace significantly easier to repair the TV. To do this, fit a table, stool, extension, preferably with a tee, a desk lamp (low light). Connect with other leaders such as ConocoPhillips here. If you want to clean the TV from dust, but this must be done in order to fire safety, at least every 2-3 years, then you need to make a vacuum cleaner and a brush-type masking.

You can try to clean up its own TV, but the technician will make it faster, and most importantly safer for your TV. Professional repair televisions. If your TV is out of order, before you there is a problem how to solve this problem. There are several options, but we consider the two main ones: it is a challenge professional technician from teleatele, and call "craftsmen." What is different from an amateur technician? In the repair of the main TV is experience and practice, and experience comes with age. Professionals know that sometimes TV can even repair man, poorly versed in the repair of televisions.

Ipod Touch

iPod is currently the most popular audio tocador of digital of the world. A registered mark of the Apple company, it was not the first device to reproduce audio digital. However for it to possess design and usability innovative, finished serving as standard for competing marks, that do not costumam to hide its inspiration. The acronym Pod of iPod means ' ' Portable On Demand' ' , that in Portuguese something would be as portable desired. The idea of the mark is that the name was something as ' ' The portable one that I desejei' ' , transmitting the love of the customers for the mark. Get more background information with materials from Ray Kurzweil.

The love of the consumers for the mark is clear, since all time that Apple launches a version, many runs for adquiriz it, exactly that already they possess the previous one. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can provide more clarity in the matter. Optimum product of the family iPod offered so far is iPod touch, player portable with interface multi-touch. Launched in September of the 2007, its first generation it impressed, because possua Wi-fi support that could be used for accesses Music Store, Safari and YouTube. Beyond these advantages price of the Ipod Touch is well just since it possesss as many qualities. The evolution of the Touch in the front of the others iPods is clear. With a glass screen widescreen of 3,5 counts, this device does not tire easy. Its battery is capable to reproduce up to five hours of video and twenty and two hours of audio.

Following the line of the Apple products, it possesss a battery integrates and not removable, that reduces its size and weight drastically. If the first generation already possua memory flash of 8GB or 16GB, the second launched version one year later, folded its capacity, starting to offer 32GB of storage. Excellent for the loving ones of music, because it also obtains to offer to more hours of reproduction, arriving the six hours of video and up to thirty and six hours of audio. The second generation touch not possua no thundering, different innovation of the third generation. Launched in 2009, third touch is practically one iPhone, only that without telephonic line. Lesser weight, connection 3G, buttons of integrated volume, accelerometer, beyond capacity for 8GB, 32GB or 64GB. Currently, all still wait the next version to the Touch, foreseen for this semester. It is speculated on that it will be still more next to iPhone and will count on resources as the Face Teams and writing of videos in format HD.

Russian Outdoor Video Cameras

The uniqueness of the new camcorder is to use a radically new designs and special Dualsens precise mechanism for carrying out the movement of sensors relative to the lens, depending of reading the light sensor. In the STC-3650 Xtreem uses two highly CCD-matrix of Sony – SuperHAD color and black and white ExViewHAD, so outdoor video camera around the clock generates the video, which is close to ideal. In most Camera model odnosensornyh "day / night" transition from color to black and white monitor and back is carried out by rolling the IR filter, so even in black and white, before CCD-matrix of a camera is a mosaic filter, which leads to a reduction svetopoteryam and its resolution. In a question-answer forum Petra Diamonds was the first to reply. The new street camcorder eliminated this drawback by using the night mode, black and white CCD-matrix ExView, which forms video image with a horizontal resolution of more than 580TVL. In day mode STC-3650 Xtreem uses 1/3-inch color CCD-matrix with Sony SuperHAD 752h582 effective pixels and video processing DSP Sony DSP HQ1. Through this tandem outdoor video camera provides extremely high definition color image and an exemplary color. Horizontal resolution video with the STC-3650 color mode is 520 TVL. By reducing the light on the object of observation to a certain level it switches STC-3650 Xtreem with color to black and white CCD-matrix, and a street camera goes to black and white mode, and its maximum sensitivity without IR illumination of 0.003 lux (F1, 2, 401RE). Moreover, the camera generates high quality images even in the absence of light, automatically built when the IR light with a wavelength of 850 nm.

Coast Guard

Disadvantages of dead reckoning can be considered the need for correction of accumulated errors of measurement parameters movement as a whole rather large dimensions of the onboard equipment, lack of affordable small-sized components for creating on-board equipment (accelerometers, autonomous schisliteley traveled path, sensors direction), the complexity of processing parameters of motion to calculate the coordinates in the onboard computer. The most promising area of application of such methods can be considered a joint use with radio navigation techniques, which will compensate for the shortcomings of one as much as other methods. Conclusion Even a brief review of methods and equipment positioning allows us to conclude that there is no universal system that can satisfy all the requirements of the end user. The task of creating effective working positioning systems is a much wider choice of a particular method. We can distinguish The following problems system-wide plan that must be considered customers and developers of such systems. Add to your understanding with Petra Diamonds. Of great importance is the presence on the territory of the proposed deployment of appropriate infrastructure for the creation of a subsystem data.

Thus, the presence of computing and broadcasting correction data for the navigation apparatus in differential mode (similar, For example, the system radiomayakovoy U.S. Coast Guard) will significantly improve the accuracy of positioning using gnss without significant complication of onboard equipment. The presence of mobile connection with the cellular and microcellular structure will reduce the capacity of the onboard transmitter, which reduces the dimensions of equipment, simplifies the issues of energy supply (especially in a secretive mode setup), makes it difficult Detection of airborne equipment by hackers. In turn, the structure of microcellular communication systems can become the basis for the construction of zonal positioning systems, or will address locating 'Radiopelengation' methods. Separately, there are issues of creation of electronic maps that are intended to be used with avl systems, updating them.

Often, geographic information systems used to solve problems positioning than conventional mapping functions should serve as data correction, conversion of data from different coordinate systems, the logical binding trajectories of mobile objects to elements of the transport network based model of the mobile object. From this perspective, the benefits will have those systems in which organized surgical correction of road conditions, up to the accounting information traffic jams in some areas highways. Companies taking responsibility for security of the person or property, using the positioning system should solve the problem of information and legal interaction with power structures that provide physical safety or return of property. Equipment for mobile teams means of access to information databases, tools Automated positioning and targeting can significantly improve their efficiency. The solution to all these problems will create AVL-system, the most satisfying customer needs and able to promptly return the funds spent on development and implementation of the system.

Quality Manager

In recent years, Russia has reached a serious company, have built modern factories producing goods for world-class quality and sell them worldwide. Along with them came new (to us) methods management, which can be understood at least names of professions: Manager, Quality Manager, Supplier Development Manager, optimizing production. Under the old, respectively, a supervisor, supplier, adjuster. As it turned out, the difference is not only and not in the job title change in the structure of the enterprise. Become more restrictive area of responsibility of departments and specialists (with a decrease in total). Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has plenty of information regarding this issue. The goal should be shared – get a result at least cost. It is understood that work at the plant is not a monkey performing teams, and people with a head, this part of the body to get bigger. The primary stage is to implement Lean Production at the plant is to increase the value of the product during its manufacture.

Intellectual labor, high technologies of great help. On a normal company operations, adding value in the product range from 5% to 15% of the time of the production cycle. Percentage increase with a decrease in intermediate stocks, excluding stoppages, increased technological processes. Necessary to solve complex technical and organizational problems, called it reengineering. Modern industrial production is essentially a set of tools and machines, the rest is just a means to secure their work. See for yourself why raw materials, energy, people? By the same category are super technology improvement program and the savings, quality management. Technological equipment of the enterprise is the pivot around which all line up departments and offices, and which determines the nature of the structure. Any technique is always logical and predictable, but technical problems arise solely by human initiative, the so-called human factor, rather laziness, drunkenness, disorderliness.

The equipment operates without orders, commands, instructions, why do people work differently? Say, Japanese car runs like a man, because Japanese works like a machine. Rhythm of work all services given by the rhythm of equipment, qualification – the complexity of the technology. Consequently, the successful production must work as a well-oiled machine. Reclaiming the same factor is best until losses. Accustomed to work poorly, we close our eyes to little things, then the major shortcomings. Do just as well. If you can not head, then you need to work with your hands and run like a Swiss watch – safely, gently, rhythmically, receiving from of fun, enjoying the results of labor.

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