Mobile Communications

And all this is not just emerged and became widely available. Well, judge for yourself – who is currently out tsifromylnitsy, which provides a picture quality that was previously achieved by professional photographers and great difficulty all-night vigil in the dark laboratory at the light red lantern! My memory is still fresh memories of that time when the hard drive of the computer capacity of 5 Mb was a great and terrible humming box which hardly fits on the table and threatened to break up this table for each movement of the head! Today, virtually everyone in the pocket of a drive with a capacity of thousands of times superior to those huge monsters that does not require neither thick power cables, no batteries to store the information! Yes. Times have certainly changed. With this fact to argue stupid and useless. Many amazing things came into our lives in recent years.

And yet, the most amazing, in my opinion, is mobile. Young people today are very skeptical of stories about how once he had to stand in line to receive the phone. Why? Indeed, on almost every corner you can buy cell phone and starter pack for it! And after a few minutes not only be in contact with the person that is dear, but to get to the Internet (unless, of course, enough money to sufficiently fashionable terminal). Mobile Communications completely changed our way of life. People today often talk on the phone more than face to face. Moreover, the communication can not prevent anything. Clearly, sitting in a meeting with the chief, a pair of the institute, in the classroom at school, it is difficult talk on the phone. But for this, God created the Best! Message silent, not attracting attention, but very informative! Sometimes it even more informative than a simple conversation, because, they say, better to see once than worth a thousand words! And now a message can be sent to all – from plain text to the video, shot right on the built-in mobile phone (!) Digital video camera! As is the case with other technological advances, the CMC was specific path of evolution.

Gradually, it has paved its way from the field for which was originally intended – Hello! How are you? – To other areas of human life. Today, with the help of SMS can be very much – to pay for services online, vote for your favorite dancer or singer, and even get help about a product, service or person. If you pay by SMS and the SMS voting for us, things are already quite familiar, then SMS reference service – a new thing. But, nevertheless, useful! Agree, much easier to send SMS with the name of a person or company's name and get back information about objects that interest you, than to rummage in the large telephone directory, sorted in God only knows what order! And the phone book, as you know, not always at hand, and the law of meanness, just when you need it most of all – its not! And if a person stationary phone is not a class (which in these times is no surprise) – it does not help to find any phone book! What is the information via SMS, with which it is eaten, and, most importantly, how can I get? First things first. VMS Help – A new service, which provides in Khmelnytsky contact center 'Dialton'



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