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The Nature

More rational that it makes what says. when it says is because it is really putting an idea in course. You know who this I inhabit, only this you inhabit, that is, to live its days to carry through its ideas, or said of another form: To live, is here and now what it shows the difference between failed people of success and, notices that this independe of its degree of intelligence. You can have an intelligence quotient beirando the genius, but all its ideas shining they go the same for thin, few really are carried through until the end. thus, we see a negativista shining, eloquente, that it explains and it proves why the things had not been carried through. Of the other side we have the being of medium intelligence that it was not bafejado by Gods, with dons exuberant that became it an illuminated being, but found the strategy to mold its life with the simple ones inhabits of for in practical its ideas. starts if to differentiate of the common ones, because, even so its thought is little fast, spends its time not in conjecturas, but in accomplishments. What makes healthful an enterprising man, alive, integrated in the life is its capacity of for in courses its ideas.

To have ideas is proper of any a rational being. It is indifferent if these ideas are formed in one week or in a flashing, what after all it goes really to make the difference is if they will be ece of fishes in practical or not. If you to write down its ideas, only the ones that have the nature of objectives to be reached, but that they are strict inside of its physical capacity, financial and intellectual to be atingveis for its proper effort, certainly, you will have in hands a beautiful agenda.


The So Paulo laborers, denouncing facing the pelegos unions, they had unchained actions that had reed-echo in the Brazilian syndical fight. The unsatisfied syndical base with the performance of the pelegos of the cupola of the unions, not compromised with the interests of the laborers, in protest against this comodismo, such unchain strategical actions as: Operation Turtle deceleration of the production Commissions of 2 Plants. These strategies they had produced effect positives efficient, therefore, the So Paulo metallurgist with the mobilization movements had knocked down the pelegos unions and had started to fight against sustentculo of the Brazilian military dictatorship the wage wage freeze. The laborers had ignored the effective repressive syndical legislation, breaching, in the practical one, with the law antistrike initiating an performance that unleashed the syndical structure of the structure of the State. In this manner, they prepare land stops future stoppages, leaving of the phase of resistance for an ample movement of masses, followed for other categories, such as: doctors, bank clerks, public officers, among others, average segments of the society that had passed, with the end of the economic miracle, to quickly suffer the responsibility from the exploration, proletarizando itself. 1 Skin of the sheep with the used wool in the harnesses on which if it puts the saddle to soften the seat – word of contemptuous matrix, in the syndical movement (HOUAISS, 2001, p.2172). 2 the Commissions of Plants searched to approach the worker in its workstation, as well as stimulating the fight for conquest its rights. These Commissions had for objective to represent the specific interests of the laborers of each plant and become it great strategy of the new unionism. first Commission of Plant, officially recognized was of the Ford of Brazil, in Is Bernardo of the Field, in the 1981 strike (BRITO, 1983, p.

Instrumental Portuguese

For one better agreement of these processes was analyzed the way as the administrative functions in the scope of the company Martelinho de Ouro, located in the city of Christmas RN are developed. The researchers had carried through an interview the employees and had observed the internal environment, having as objective main to analyze the practical organizacionais and as reference the contents you discipline of them you study in the first period. The art to manage if translates for the performance of the administrative functions through the levels strategical, tactical and operational. The administration in its multiple faces backwards challenges that they need to be decided, in such a way when elaborating the planning of the company the administrator thinks about action alternatives to surpass the difficulties in order to reach the efficiency and effectiveness. The technological advance it constitutes the basic platform of the development of the organizations and allowed the consolidation of the globalization. The administrative papers are important for evolution of the company, therefore of an administrator the performance of ten papers expects that contemplate specific situations in the administrative scope, therefore the ability human being predominates in any activity. However the searched company congregates the necessary conditions for the balanced performance of the practical organizacionais since she is being lead in competent and dynamic way.

Words key: Organization; Functions; Challenges; Practical; Abilities. 1. INTRODUCTION Created to oportunizar a scientific vision to the pupil of the course of Administration of the College of Sciences, Culture and Extension of the Rio Grande of the North, this work, has as intention to make possible one to know more significant and contextualizado (practical theory/) approaching elements gifts you discipline in them of General Theory of Administration I, Instrumental Portuguese, Culture and Society, Methods and Techniques of Study and Research, and Mathematics.


INTRODUCTION the starting point of this research is the development of the armaments through the conflicts. The technological advances had been bigger in elapsing of century XX, therefore in this century it had the two bigger world-wide catastrophes: first and World War II. World War II is a complex subject, with an immense variety of study objects. A subject not very explored is the strategical importance of the Air base of the Amap in this conflict. Most of the available sources in the Internet, for example, at least had not been written by Brazilian researchers, and yes for North Americans. The books only cite the air base, leaving to detach the events that had constructed its history. To the few, he is being constructed, through academic works, the rescue of the history of the Air base, but still it has the necessity to clarify its importance in amapaense history e, mainly, in the life of the remaining inhabitants of the times of the war.

The Second War was divided at two moments: offensive of the Axle and the counter-offensive of the allies. The first one is marked by the fast advance of the machine of German war on the countries of the Continental Europe. This period had beginning with the invasion of the Poland for the German troops and had its critical point during the German onslaughts against England, mainly for the sea, with the attacks of submarines the merchant ships that directed it the English ports. This golden period of the hegemony of Germany on the Continental Europe the same knew its first great revezes in 1942 in the north of Africa and during the beginning of the Soviet counter-offensive in Stalingrado in the end of year. As the period had as initial landmarks the surrender of the Sixth German Army in February of 1943 and first the great allied victories in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Kirymur Water

Sailing where the heart of Kirymur beat, where the land if opened and the waters of the sea had invaded When taking the bark in the maritime terminal of Madre de Deus and sailing in direction to the coasts west or east can still be enjoyed of a rare natural beauty in the Bay of All the Saints (Figure 1). Potentialities of different categories are observed as: vegetal resources represented by bushes great areas of manguezais, hdricos resources represented by the water of the sea and river and important natural resources represented by lands indicated for the shelter of the wild fauna. However, in contrast with the natural landscape, beyond the industrial activities (Figure 2) and fishing (still the bomb is used by some fishing with frequent occurrences of accidents as it was informed by the conductor of the bark), although the manguezais to be areas of ambient protection, it has observed the increasing occupation of the islands for constructions of luxury for summering and many of surrounded them and with salty water swimming pools. Of one of the luxury houses the residue of the sewer can be seen being discarded in the sea directly contributing significantly for the increase of the pollution of the water of the sea (Figure 3). The ecofisiolgica interpretation on the ambient impacts on the ones of manguezais of the region of the Bay of All the Saints is very complex because it is an area that suffers negative pressures since the discovery from Brazil and, mainly, after the increment of the industrial activities in the beginning of the century and implantation of the petrochemical activities throughout last the 50 years in its edge. The obligator vegetal species as Rhizophora mangle, racemosa Laguncularia and schaueriana Avicennia are submitted the multiple factors of estresses and present heterogeneous physiological answers as strategy of survival in this region that, certainly, have been determined for the degree of severity of the tensors, to the time of exposition to agro-industrial pollutants e, over all, for the genetic characteristics of each species.

Relations Human

It stops to understand it, in first place, is necessary to know its meaning global that according to Odebrecht (1998, P. 194) ' ' … is the instrument for which the human beings dialogue, they negotiate and they arrive at the agreement, by means of the use of said word e, of complementary form, with the support of the written word and the language of nmeros' '. It can receive a plurality of meanings, contexts, interests and speeches she characterizes what it? of one she forms simple? as the face of the world contemporary. The efficient communication allows its users, an ample vision and significant of all the process with that it interacts this it makes of it, a primordial instrument for the growth and development, independent of the area, individual or sector of the society uses that it.

To understand what he is communication organizacional she is necessary to understand as if he gave its evolution in recent years. The traditional theoreticians of the administration well little emphasize the question of the communication in its works, to put, can themselves be taken off of history some important points to be observed in the evolution of the communication in the organizations. For this, valley to the penalty to observe and to associate the point of view of the following administrative theories. The Fordismo-taylorismo was the system based on the regimen of production tax for Henry Ford in its manufactures and ' ' scientific organization of trabalho' ' idea of Frederick W. Taylor. In what the organizacional communication makes reference, this system takes to the vertical communication (from top to bottom, that is, of the strategical one for the operational one) and autocratic, restricted the work orders (that is, the superior orders and the sobordinate obeys, without right the questionings). This system still today, is used in diverse organizations. The School of the Relations Human beings if gave as reaction the classic and scientific vision of the organizations.

National Plan

It fits to stand out that one of the strategies of the National Plan of Education (2011-2020) is ' ' To keep national program of reorganization and acquisition of equipment for schools of the field, as well as of production of didactic material and formation of professors for the education of the field, with special attention to the classrooms multisseriadas' '. We believe that from the knowledge of the history of this Nesting let us obtain to produce some materials, the example of ' ' histories infantis' ' , pastimes (word-crossed and hunting-words), diverse activities, configuring the didactic book. We are working in the extension project that will become Real this proposal in the University of the State of the Bahia, Campus XV. It fits to mention despite the proposal of the production of didactic materials will be compromised to questions as sustainable development, cultural diversity and sort. How much to the question ' ' gnero' ' , the participation called our attention the seated D. Maria in the dynamics of the conquest and maintenance of the land. It is one of the women whom its seated identity values very of; she speaks with pride and emotion of the history of the nesting.

We think about elaborating an infantile history that counts its history. FINAL CONSIDERAES We observe in the interviews carried through with the seated ones that the first memories focaram events and experiences that the group of occupation lived deeply, the verbal register of the souvenirs left in the fight for the ownership of the land, of the marks printed in the body and the soul of these people. It does not have as not to perceive that the proximity with the city is about one ' ' hand way dupla' '. If on the other hand it facilitates the commerce, the access to the insumos and industrial goods, for another one, represent a problem in the construction of the identity of seated of the children and young.

The Forces

The five forces that govern the competition in a sector Source: Porter (1986). Porter (1989) detaches the importance of the attractiveness of the industry for the formularization of the strategy. That is, the understanding of the forces that regulate the competition is basic to determine the ability of the organization to get superior taxes of return at the cost of capital. Thus it is perceived force of the incoming potentials when new companies who if insert in definitive segment with the objective to gain market parcels. This action directly intervenes with the offer-demand law, affecting the economy of sector (PORTER, 1986; 1989). suppliers are characterized by influencing directly on the organizations of all a market segment.

Through increase or reduction of prices and the product quality, they directly intervene with the costs and final product quality generated by the organization, being able through pressure to all reduce the taxes of yield of the sector (PORTER, 1986). The forces exerted for the purchasers are characterized, also, for all influence of a sector, being able to pressure for low prices, better quality or charging bigger disponibilizao of services. With this, the purchasers can cause with its requirements the reduction of the profitability raising the rivalry between the competitors (PORTER, 1986). The substitute products are not inserted goods and services in the determined sector that possess similarity to the products and/or services of the proper sector. This is, is products that are capable to substitute the satisfaction and necessity of the product supplied for determined sector for the same or minor value. How much bigger performance of the substitute, bigger product will be to the relation price/will be the pressure on the profit edge (PORTER, 1986). The rivalry between the companies, characterized for the competition, is characterized when one or more competing they are suffering some pressure, and decides to adopt better more competitive behavior adopting strategies for if locating.


The modern societies are, therefore, for definition, society of constant, fast and permanent change. This is the principaldistino between the societies ‘ ‘ tradicionais’ ‘ modernas’ ‘ 8. According to Hall, different of modern thinkers who saw aidentidade as steady and unified, in after-modernity this identity has semostrado each time more dislocated and broken up. The concept of identity developed here is not, therefore, a existencialista concept, but a strategical and positional concept. That is, of directly contrary form what it seems to be its semnticaoficial career, this conception of identity does not designate that steady nucleus of euque passes, of the beginning to the end, without any change, for all dahistria viscitude.

(Hall, 2007, p.108). In the specific case of the ciganas communities, we can observarque had always revealed cultural identities considered sufficiently peculiaresao group. According to Muniz (1995), even so they have promoted some alterations emseus customs to be able to interact of satisfactory form with the local society, the gypsies if it has shown capable to assure the basic traces of suaidentidade, not even the threat represented for the television, that influenciasobretudo the young with the dissemination of proper ideas of the world occidental person, will obtain to wound of irreversible form. PIERRONI (2006) affirms that, the people gypsy sings and danatanto in the joy as in the sadness, therefore for the gypsy the life is a party and anatureza that the most beautiful generous encircles it anfitri. Where it wants that they are osciganos are soon recognized for its clothes and ornaments, and, principalmentepor its noisy habits. They are a full people of energy and great dose depassionalidade. They are so peculiar inside of its proper code of ethics; honrae justice; sense, felt and feeling of freedom that infect and to incomodamqualquer system. The cigana community loves and respects the nature, the aged etodos the members of the group educates the children of all, inside of the proper principles enormas of a purely verbal tradition, whose sopassados teachings.

Training, Coaching And Co.: The Career

Checklists help belongs to the working life at the choice of the suitable offer continuing education and training. You should be always up to date, because who cares not to his training in addition to the professional, can lose easily the connection in fast paced industries. Especially who inserts breaks, for example in the parental leave, should provide and take care of further training measures. So the training in the curriculum vitae looks not only beautiful but is actually useful, Lernwillige should note some points which will be presented in the following text. The need in our fast-paced information society, to bring the professional knowledge up to date, is indisputably additional qualifications and certificates will also increase the market value of personal”on the labour market. Discussions about shortages in Germany, which will worsen even further by the demographic development, also close with the conclusion: investment in good training measures are socially necessarily desirable and mostly makes sense applied in some cases money for employers and workers.

To make the measure but a sustainable success, selecting the right provider is the correct pre-and post-processing decisively, as well. Prior to the seminar is already an offer in the narrower choice, should be faced following questions: fit the requirements described in the program for me? Education and qualifications, experience and the like are meant here. Who looks over these questions, risks in the wrong movie”to sit. Also it helps to formulate the goals of further education in writing: what will I learn? Why do I need it? And how will I implement later learned in everyday working life? The goals are clear, the course or course description assumes once again under the microscope: the description of the content is meaningful? Is a concrete objective of the training formulated? Get the participant a certificate or certificate at the end? Subsequently, the details are to check on the progress of the measure.

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