Paradise Thailand

The cult book in the German language is the tourist playground of Pattaya now in Germany available is profoundly investigated by Neil Hutchison. Not only the town on the East coast of Thailand is closer to the reader with a selection of short stories amusing. All stories are entertaining, funny, varied, and all true. Read additional details here: Michael Steinhardt. One of the stories, written with passion, proves that man never learns something, regardless of age and level of knowledge. Anyone who is planning a relationship with a Thai should read this story. Sample it so many words about Pattaya were lost the place on the East coast of Thailand, which is described as the largest resort of the country, as a fun city, den of iniquity or world capital of sex. Ray Kurzweil wanted to know more.

If one searches the Internet to Pattaya, you will find out quickly, that the amount of time a human life will not be enough, to read about, what to find in cyberspace about Pattaya. No one is going to tell me ever that male tourists from the Thousands of kilometres of travel West to visit Temple, fake brand T shirts to buy, or to complete a diving course. As for me personally, as I already own a closet full of T-Shirts, and after I saw a temple, I believe I know all. I don’t play golf, because I have a problem I can not hit the ball. I am also of the opinion that the fish is the only creature that is equipped to survive underwater. There remain only the bars and other night-time conversations, and I suppose this constitutes the true excitement of Pattaya.

Both for me and for others. It is not the landscape, from the beach or the cityscape, the Pattaya, but the people. There are prettier cities, beaches, which are cleaner and more interesting landscapes in Thailand, but the people of Pattaya capture one and make them curious about. Within five minutes you can meet someone, requiring someone twenty baht one, just, and then because you are a foreigner one of his last twenty baht for dinner invites. I love Pattaya, I will mainly express that with this book. I love the city, the people and the lifestyle. Certainly I to complain about the place, and sometimes I’m critical and cynical, and again also angrily and sometimes angry or bitter. But despite all his shortcomings, and in spite of many disappointments, also with regard to matters of the heart, Pattaya remains exciting. The title is available at and Ralf Kan Siensbacherstr 26 b 79183 Waldkirch telephone: 076814740351 fax: 07641 92119511 email:

Swine Flu

CyberBeauty – the incredible abduction in the distant future a message currently chasing the next: the swine flu has the media firmly under control. Is swine flu a threat to humanity? Precisely in this uncertain time full of horror stories starts the movie 2012 Roland Emmerich and stoking the fears of people in addition. Also the author Vanessa Halen writes in her book CyberBeauty by a huge disaster that is perhaps almost the total extinction. The future scares the swine flu unsettled at the moment the whole of mankind. Petra Diamonds describes an additional similar source. Still is not clear how the H1N1 virus will evolve. If the virus mutates, then this new flu could really be a threat to the world’s population.

First horrors already confirm the risk of a virus mutation: there are already 20 million infected and more than 4,000 deaths in the United States. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger recognizes the significance of this. In the Ukraine more than 1 million people are suffering from a possibly mutated virus, nearly 200 it died. Whether or not the prophecy by Vanessa Halen is indeed true, it shows the near future. Tips to prevent the total disaster in her book CyberBeauty the author shows how the world will look like in the year 2256: namely differently than we currently expect. After an incredible world disaster in our present time the life in the future on Earth will change completely.

What will be this for a disaster, the author has an important mission: the rescue mankind from total destruction. Whether this mission really will succeed depends first and foremost even the responsible work of the media. The more people from the threat of global catastrophe will learn and follow the tips from her book, the more people will survive this at the end. CyberBeauty – the incredible abduction in the distant future the future novel of BoD bestselling author Vanessa Halen + EXTRA guides in the annex ISBN 3-8334-5295-1 132 pages with many artistic color pages 15.90 euro free eBooks, free sample and learn more

Crossfire Trilogy dares views in the last volume of Sylvia days ‘Crossfire’ in recent years so many erotic novel has caused furore. The individual volumes of the various series have been eagerly expected and became the absolute world bestseller in no time. A writer who certainly may be regarded as a poster boy of the genre, presents the conclusion to their trilogy at the beginning of the summer month of July. We are looking forward to Sylvia Day and their crossfire vol. 3 performance. With their huge success of the series of shades of grey”that made masses E.L.. James love of the erotic novel.

The limits recognized to date generally seemed to wrap through. Suddenly, it was no sacrilege to write about the unrestrained exercise of love practices. In fact works this theme have lifted themselves in recent years, as they waited long only, to provide for entertainment. Sylvia Day jumped on this bandwagon and stood out in their crossfire”trilogy with own accents. As at the beginning of the year with temptation” the first volume came out, we got to know the unequal couple of Gideon and Eva. Meanwhile, millions of fans want to know how their story plays out. A final, eagerly speculated about when each book series great discussions on the substance that holds the next or last work are circulating between the publication of the individual volumes.

“Even with Crossfire vol. 3 performance” is no different. Where exactly the story leads, is not quite clear. Of course, the coexistence of multimillionaire Gideon between cross and the young Eva Tramell, who joined their first real job at the beginning of the series in the gigantic Crossfire building. Over the previous two volumes, we have seen the two as a passionate couple with a clear division of roles. He, attractive guy, allowing free rein to his dominance and they, the shy, naive deer, whose boldest Vorstellungen always another get set up. Together you must be in the third volume of the personal, but also the common problems be sure to ultimately do not break. We have already gotten an author who knows which it reaches the readers that Sylvia Day quite understands her craft, with the first volumes. Also, when the final part has needed a little longer and not as planned in may in Germany was published, the individual phrases sit consistently competent. It seems no accident that the versatile author, who caused a stir with fantasy and history novels, has been tipped for volume 1 with several awards. Performance’ is the glorious conclusion of a really entertaining series, in which we could feel a certain tingling on each side. More information about Sylvia Day and the individual volumes of the trilogy crossfire”are now in the online shop from and the associated blog. Press contact: Lucas Gutierrez junior Marketing Manager GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a D-86167 Augsburg phone: + 49 (0) 821 – 4502 – 132 fax: + 49 (0) 821-4502-299 mailto: is the online shop with over seven million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

The Fact

Then if you buy friends, relatives, and acquaintances with talent to draw for expensive money graphic templates, convinces of their social responsibility and at the end come the colleagues and would also benefit from the things. As luck would have it, there’s still a research project and a Kaloudis and start the experiment of Niekao learning worlds. In focus, material templates to the own print and laminate with integrated self-monitoring and differentiated depending on the performance level of the student. Niekao learning worlds has then sold in 2004 for the first time, learning materials, conveyor belts, and workshops for use in primary schools. In the early days ebay available the material only through the platform.

After almost 2 years was the sound barrier of 10,000 buyers and approximately 100,000 sold broken article. 3 authors from the practice, 2 teachers and a graphic designer in the Niekao learning worlds were active at this time. 2006 was then founded the first own shop and with platforms, such as school scout signed cooperation agreements. New approaches and field-tested methods for the promotion of reading legal writing learning, the Essay education etc. were and be followed stringently. The principle of self-regulation has been consistently implemented in all articles. Today all articles can by the teacher or the parents are supplemented, or changed. Printed in color and laminated the workshops and conveyor belts are long time durable.

Loss of individual templates, is simply reprinted. This not only saves costs, but contributes to that classroom into small learning worlds change. Now, rd. 10 authors, 5 editors and 2 graphic artists form the basis of the Niekao learning worlds. First workshops have been translated into the spring above all the mathematics materials in the Indonesian language. On the island of LOMBOK, children learn now from the poorest with the material of the Niekao schooling. This is only possible, because the concept of the Niekao worlds of learning places the emphasis on the methodological knowledge learn learning stands in the foreground and this eliminates the fact timpani and the role of the teacher is always stronger to a Lernbegleiter, which helps the development problems, promotes and provides fun in learning.

Austrian Youth Literature Prize

“Carolin Philipps receives Austrian youth literature prize 2011 / ‘ second face’ Gets the German author of Carolin Philipps appears on February 10 on May 6, 2011 2011 for her book what the words the Austrian youth literature prize” awarded. The work is based on the true story of a young boy of who is being abused for years by his father and only step by step finds the courage of the terrible events to speak. Kristian is there really”, says Philip. He was my student for many years. I had to watch how he, his sister and his mother never about what happened at home wanted to talk to.” School and youth welfare office were therefore powerless and could not help. Only when the boy speak, we can react, they said. This impotence has inspired me to write Kristians history to give other interested parties the strength, you mention to break and to raise awareness of their environment”, as Philip next. All the more I am glad that I the Austrian Get youth literature prize for this book since Kristians history reaches now hopefully more readers.” Carolin Philipps lives in Hamburg and Berlin, her newest book second face”about cyber bullying among young people appears on February 10.

New Book Proves: Real Estate Secure Assets Such As A Protection Wall

Asset protection and building wealth with real estate has tripled the national debt in Germany since 1990. In 2010, four European countries have gone almost bankrupt. 12 States are currently acutely threatened by a sovereign default. The only way for the State out of the debt trap is called “Inflation”, so “inflation”. The correct and timely investment in tangible assets, including loans, protects against the disguised expropriation called inflation. Inflation helps the investor even if he does it right. To respond not game and efficiently, not much remains of the pension. With the purchase of real estate can you prevent not only bad, but an erkleckliches asset build up.

Real estate is better than gold. Gold brings no rent and much less is created by banks as real estate. But how do you find the right property? What real estate is suitable? When worth buying? How to calculate yield and how do I determine real estate values? How do I deal with estate agents? Find answers to these questions not only in the Advisor “Asset protection and building wealth with real estate”. Currently practice the process of acquiring real estate, from the behavior during the tour, the price negotiations, describes and clearly up to the notary. After buying the real estate wants handled professionally. How to do it, is also described and explained. That’s not all. Also the tax effects are considered.

The book is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to protect himself and his property with an investment in tangible assets or want to build up a fortune in his understandable written way. The reader takes the recommendations to follow only step by step. Inflation – deflation – bankruptcy. No problem immediately. Acting as a real estate professional! Available in bookstores, at all major online retailers and on the homepage of the author. Also by Thomas Trepnau in the series of his landlord guides published: “The secret of the damp wall, rent reduction”, “More money with rent increases” and “reckon with Your tenants off – operating costs, the second rent”V.i.S.d.P and your contact person: Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg E-Mail: company description the author Thomas Trepnau offers individually customized corporate training courses, as well as basic seminars organizers such as the Chambers of Commerce and industry and the Germans estate – Academy for landlord, property managers, owners, brokers, real estate financier and other real estate companies at. Also books on the topics of the seminar appear regularly in the publishing of company. By combining books, trainings, courses and seminars, Thomas Trepnau offers its customers optimal solutions at reasonable prices and guarantees to high quality in terms of timeliness and practicality. The training courses and workshops are carried out throughout Europe.

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