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Then if you buy friends, relatives, and acquaintances with talent to draw for expensive money graphic templates, convinces of their social responsibility and at the end come the colleagues and would also benefit from the things. As luck would have it, there’s still a research project and a Kaloudis and start the experiment of Niekao learning worlds. In focus, material templates to the own print and laminate with integrated self-monitoring and differentiated depending on the performance level of the student. Niekao learning worlds has then sold in 2004 for the first time, learning materials, conveyor belts, and workshops for use in primary schools. In the early days ebay available the material only through the platform.

After almost 2 years was the sound barrier of 10,000 buyers and approximately 100,000 sold broken article. 3 authors from the practice, 2 teachers and a graphic designer in the Niekao learning worlds were active at this time. 2006 was then founded the first own shop and with platforms, such as school scout signed cooperation agreements. New approaches and field-tested methods for the promotion of reading legal writing learning, the Essay education etc. were and be followed stringently. The principle of self-regulation has been consistently implemented in all articles. Today all articles can by the teacher or the parents are supplemented, or changed. Printed in color and laminated the workshops and conveyor belts are long time durable.

Loss of individual templates, is simply reprinted. This not only saves costs, but contributes to that classroom into small learning worlds change. Now, rd. 10 authors, 5 editors and 2 graphic artists form the basis of the Niekao learning worlds. First workshops have been translated into the spring above all the mathematics materials in the Indonesian language. On the island of LOMBOK, children learn now from the poorest with the material of the Niekao schooling. This is only possible, because the concept of the Niekao worlds of learning places the emphasis on the methodological knowledge learn learning stands in the foreground and this eliminates the fact timpani and the role of the teacher is always stronger to a Lernbegleiter, which helps the development problems, promotes and provides fun in learning.

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