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City of Quito

The city of Quito, located beneath the feet of the Pichincha volcano, is an excellent starting point to discover the natural and cultural beauties of Ecuador. In this article we tell you the secrets of one of their greatest treasures: Itchimbia, the Magic Mountain from where you can enjoy the city in all its splendor. At 2,800 meters above sea level stands the historical center of Quito, the largest in Latin America. The overwhelming beauty of the baroque churches and the simplicity of the colonial houses are complemented to perfection on cobbled streets where time seems to have stopped. However, if you shoe lifts the view you will discover the imposing Andean volcanoes that have been untimely guardians of this city. With the world at your feet the Itchimbia mountain is one of the most popular green spaces of Quito.

With 54 hectares, it is the meeting point favorite of those who wish to escape the urban chaos and armed camera tourists who intended to immortalize the different sides of the city. With its almost 3,000 meters, the Itchimbia is transformed into a balcony of luxury from which you’ll get a view of 360 degrees on Quito and its surrounding areas. When the sky is clear you can see the majestic profile of Pichincha and the gentle Valley of Turubamba. The best time to enjoy this spectacle is at dusk, when the last flashes of the Sun cover with his magical cloak around Quito. However, lovers of the sport often get it early, when the cycling paths are still soaked dew. Between mysticism and art in the past, the quitus believed Itchimbia was a mystical site which go to recover energy and purify the body. Fact or legend? Probably we will never know it for sure but what if you can be sure is that you will feel renewed when you descend.

You can blame him this effect singing relaxing of the 40 species of birds that live here, to the peculiar perfume that is formed from its 400 types of flowers or simply a blend of physical exercise and the height. Whether it’s for one reason or another, you will live a unforgettable experience. Do not Marvel if a Crystal Palace you will find in your journey. It is not an optical illusion, but the Centro Cultural Itchimbia, an ancient metal structure from Belgium that today has become a space technological hyper where concerts, exhibitions and theatre and dance performances are held. One more example of how the inhabitants of Quito know how to combine tradition and modernity. Of course, there is a big difference between reading and live in first person all these experiences. Why the best is taking one of the flights to Quito and immerse himself in the beauty of this city. For finding cheap flights to Ecuador, enter your dates of travel search engines of major online travel agencies flights. Remember that tourists than most likely have of finding cheap flights, are those that have flexibility on dates of travel and the reflection of pay the ticket as soon as possible.

Google Adsense

These are pages that have more external links, the most renewing, which have more original content, which are promoted and self-promotion, which are advertised on the form itself, which they have no competition in its class (ie the most voted by the public and by the organizing committee), which appear in the top of the list. The feeling that the internet has to navigate the Internet is that Google is the means and content. In fact, the appropriation of this word by the search engine has also influenced the subtle change in its meaning (for Google Adsense is considered a useful tool to make money through content). Can not be regarded as innocent terminology, nor is innocent "policy" of search engines. His technique is "roughly" to achieve effective without such owners to avoid a walk, more or less long, on the computer screen, where (we had not noticed until now?) Which never fails is the advertising. Parallels with the tangible reality we find in supermarkets, where it would be easy to establish an alphabetical order as a library, so that they are preserved in the hall C, and cleaning products in the L. Once you learn the method of classification, we would be easy and convenient to find everything in one quick visit. But the more time we spend at the supermarket is buying more options, and this is the reason for the slight disorder. Something similar happens in the network not only gain useful recipient visits (which links they click on adsense and other), also Google (the virtual owner of the hypermarket) gains at the expense of those trying to become visible on the Web through its paid advertisements.

Tennis Techniques

If you just start playing tennis, you can realize that tennis is not just hitting the ball and return it to the opponent’s Court. There are many things you need to learn as a beginner. Starting from your swing to strategies. While there are a lot of things that we need to learn as a beginner in tennis, however, we are still playing tennis, since it is a rhythm game fast with a lot of challenges that can satisfy our spirit of competition. Here I will share with you some techniques to play tennis easily. 4 Techniques to play tennis easily 1. Follow the right way from the beginning some people try to play tennis on their own.

They see, then copied but not realizing in doing the correct way. Over time it will become a bad habit that will be difficult to change. So from the very beginning you should seriously consider the possibility of taking lessons with a tennis coach, if you want to improve your level of play, especially if you want to enter a tournament. As a beginner you can still learn on your own because there is currently a large amount of videos and pictures on the different strokes of tennis. But it only takes into account that it is obviously more difficult to learn on your own.

If you want to learn how to play tennis for quickly and easily, from your home, Da Click here! 2. Focus on the consistency in the game as a beginner, if you’re playing against a beginner also, most of the time is not necessary to send a winning blow. It is not necessary to hit the ball with all the possible power and that as a beginner, it is likely that comes flying off the Court. This also applies to your opponent. So the key is to continue returning the ball with accuracy.

Colored Plastic

The need for plastics coloration appeared due to the increasing interest among ordinary people to all the bright, color, colorful. Scientists have shown that due to the peculiarities of his mind, each person pays attention on such "juicy" items. And it does not matter what it is: food packaging, packaging items, or a device, the main thing – the subject should be bright to attract our attention. Coloration of plastics particularly important when establishing the degree of packing. Coloration of plastics produced in several ways: dyes are used, concentrates, masterbatches, concentrates pigments, masterbatches (masterbatches), various builders. Often, to give a specific polymer properties such as resistance to UV, stain resistant and trudnogoryuchesti possible to use mixtures of these substances, but in this case pigments can alter the characteristics of each other. In addition, all materials used for coloring plastics, differ depending on the application, for example, for molding products under pressure film extrusion, etc. ge. Concentrates, masterbatches, masterbatches (masterbatch, masterbatches), concentrated pigments for coloring plastics are made by firms in accordance with color catalogs, as RAL, HKS, Pantone, NCS, etc.

But today domestic and foreign firms producing concentrates, masterbatches, masterbatches (masterbatch, masterbatches), concentrated pigments for coloring plastics is constantly increasing the number of items, number of colors, color effects, purpose and quality modifying additives. In addition, they often go to meet our customers and produce concentrates, masterbatches, masterbatches (masterbatch, masterbatches), concentrated pigments for coloring plastics and to order customer's requirements. For example, the St. Petersburg company SPC "Leopard 2", working in the field of coloring of plastics in 1992, thanks equipped with the latest technology laboratory capable of creating a unique color, with a special tone or hue.

Occult Windows

Some time you needed to leave open programs and them they had been occupying its bar of tasks making it difficult the use of more programs? Therefore he is, this also happened with me, therefore work in a city hall and my computer is serving of our radio on-line and it has that to be with two open programs constantly for the transmission of the radio. But they made it difficult me the life, therefore I closed them for accident some times. Then I discovered an excellent program that helped me very, if calls ' ' Hide Window Hotkey' ' , it is a program small of easy manipulation. To use it is easy, after installed, opens it and it goes to appear the following screen: In the window that appears you visualize all the programs opened in desktop with a square of marking to the side of each name. You can also see the status, where ' ' show' ' he means that you can visualize the program open and ' ' hide' ' for the programs that are ' ' escondidos' '. In the superior part of the program three buttons meet main: Hide, Show and Close. Hide serves stops to occult the window, Show is used to desocultar program occult for the other button and Close closes the program. It sees an example of as to use: 1 – It marks the program that it desires to occult: 2 After marked in the box to the side of the name of the program, click in ' ' Hide' ': 3 Soon, to the side of the name of the program, in status appears written hide, and the program is occult.

It notices that it also disappears of the bar of tasks: The program is not closed, it remains functioning and he is only occult. If to want to visualize the program is alone to mark the program and to clicar in Show. Not click in xit, therefore this closes the program HWH, click only in the red X in the superior part of the window of the program, this will make with that it minimizes for the bar of the clock: To open the program, it is enough to clicar two times on the icon. This program is gratuitous and excellent to keep its area of organized work, preventing the tumult of windows opened in the Windows.


Unfortunate mind earthquakes are catastrophic events that nobody on the face of the Earth is safe and to which we are exposed at any time. But thanks to the internet and computer access, detect an earthquake in time possible from our home. The Quake-Catcher Network is a project that is currently working the universities of Stanford and California to detect earthquakes in time, making use of the computer, internet and software, developed by the same entities. In the laptops this is made possible thanks to the accelerometers that have the newer laptops and they usually come to protect the hard drive, and on board computers, since it does not have this type of device, this is feasible by means of a sensor connected to a USB cable and which can be obtained at a cost of US$ 49. The software comes to operating systems like Mac and Windows and you can download it free from the official site, where you can also get a manual for the use of this program and also sign up as a volunteer in the project. In you will find the link to sign up and download the software. For assistance, try visiting Dry Harbor. With respect to this issue you will also find another post, showing a video that will teach you how to make a homemade seismograph with the Wiimote.


Soon, to understand the conscience as something that constructs the image of the world, implies in only verifying that the mundividncias gain objetividade, from the nexus or of the resistance between feelings and impulses of the psychic life with the values of the world, culture and the civilization. Dilthey defines this tension of forces that permeia all of the life in the following way: ' ' As well as nothing we know of a space situation that would exist before the sensible multiplicity, or of a college to see ' ' azul' ' before the afeces, and the structure, for the opposite, if it converts into sensation alone I stimulate in it, the nature of the diversity of the stimulatons in the sight and in the tato alone it appears as espacialidade, thus also the feeling as the impulse alone appears with the other in whose warp they appear: it swims we know of the structure of the impulsive life before the multiplicity of the stimulatons; they occur at the same time. E, therefore, always has also jointly sensitive multiplicity and felt reality, feeling and affective value of the determinative one, impulse and object of impulso' '. (to see, p-35) Thus, the will to represent the world is for the feeling, in the measure where the conscience searchs to determine the content that is for the will. To this relation, Dilthey calls auto-reflection, therefore all of life if carries through effectively as image of the world for intermediary of the conscientious will of something, the scienter, wants either religious, artistic or Metaphysical. Thus, will if transforms into value of knowledge, since the life of the pensante being if does not separate of the psychic life of the being that feels, it is consolidated in this vital complexo. For this reason, we have a totalizante notion of the life that does not hold of the logical point of view the conflicts between the conceptions it world and the historical conscience. .

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg

Orphaned at twelve, he had several activities. He worked as a printer’s devil, later, as a typographer, assistant pilot of the ship “Alex Scott-his nickname is the term used in the Mississippi River, meaning” two fathoms deep “and indicates the minimum depth for good navigation,” participated in the Civil War (1961) and was a miner in the Far West, journalist, traveler and lecturer great success. In 1870 he married Olivia Langdon. In 1907 he was awarded the title of doctor honoris causa by the University of Oxford. Curiously his birth coincided with the passage of Comet Halley, the only short-cycle comet is visible to the naked eye, and knowing the return visit of the same, predicted his death to coincide with his appearance, he was wrong only in one day.

After publishing the story humorous The famous leaping frog of Calaveras County (1865), used his experiences in other continents to The Innocents Abroad (1869). His three most famous works are: Life on the Mississippi (1883), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884), based on memories of childhood and adolescence. The last two recount the adventures of two youths in a complex, tough, funny and sinister at once. With them back the spontaneity to the prose of his generation. His rich language, peppered with dialect and slang, of course, lively and full of humor, allows each of the characters speak with their own voice great comic and expressive performance. The clash between civilization and freedom is too central motif of the three books. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (1889) is set in a somewhat anachronistic medieval England, where the protagonist strives to implement the positivist and productivist values, if this social satire has no bitterness, no one can say the same thing of his later novels, such as, The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg (1899) and the unfinished The mysterious stranger, published posthumously in 1916, reflecting a pessimistic world view and some bland. As American novelist said: “Man is the only animal that eats without being hungry, drinks without being thirsty and talk without having anything to say.” Francisco Arias Solis loves freedom as he loves and needs air, bread and love.


But how do combine business travel, training, or rest with full control? The solution is – and this administration on the basis of the main statistics of the entire organization and this will run the company from a distance. If your company management is based on real results, not someone's opinion or speculation, all these results should be reflected graphically. Main statistics for the ceo of course – it's gross revenue and profits organization, as its main valuable end result – as director – a viable, expanding the organization. To achieve this it is necessary to look at the key performance indicators throughout the organization – such as: The number of "upstream", which comes from the organization (this may be all the promotion, advertising, product samples, letters to clients). The number and amount of products or services provided by the company. Number money available and the accounts in comparison with the accounts payable (suppliers, lenders, etc.) Sales (oborot0 on the main indicators. The number of permanently employed clients and the number of new customers.

There can be 20-25 chief statistician of the organization. Typically this: each unit in the organization should be a valuable outcome of which pours into the main valuable end-product organization, and all these major podprodukty can and should be measured and monitored. Control the distance you can – by watching and analyzing what actions subordinates in case of a fall of statistics (and, accordingly some of the production), or that seeks to perpetuate and enhance growth.

Ecological Economics

General considerations, scope and impact characteristics of the ecological reality of this is subject to commitment, active participation of governments, to ensure the preservation of the environment, the need to be attentive to the reality of this in favor of the security of planet Earth, of course, all this leads to that it takes a lot of interest within reach the economic ecological impact generated in the present. It says that you should observe in relation to protecting nature, which is administering life support of humankind, we lack knowledge about the nature and relationships between societies and their environment. Thus there is uncertainty about the consequences of our actions, which in turn means taking precautionary principles and approaches open to social participation and that scientific knowledge is insufficient. Using systems theory, from natural sciences to understand the dynamics and evolution of the problems. The issues of equity and international distribution and intra-national are essential. Nature has a value in itself, regardless of use or usefulness to humans.

The economy is integrated into cultural and social systems so that comprehensive nature, economy and society work together. The social and cultural take on great importance to ensure a better sustainability just have to ecological economics. What ecological economics understands this?, Gives us about Wikipedia, which defined as the science and management of sustainability or the study and appreciation of the sustainability is not a branch of economic theory, but a field of trans-disciplinary study. This means that each expert in a science, eg biology, knows a bit of economics, physics or other, in order to communicate between researchers and effect a merger of knowledge which will better address the problems that guide and motivate as the usual economic approach is not appropriate.

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