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The city of Quito, located beneath the feet of the Pichincha volcano, is an excellent starting point to discover the natural and cultural beauties of Ecuador. In this article we tell you the secrets of one of their greatest treasures: Itchimbia, the Magic Mountain from where you can enjoy the city in all its splendor. At 2,800 meters above sea level stands the historical center of Quito, the largest in Latin America. The overwhelming beauty of the baroque churches and the simplicity of the colonial houses are complemented to perfection on cobbled streets where time seems to have stopped. However, if you shoe lifts the view you will discover the imposing Andean volcanoes that have been untimely guardians of this city. With the world at your feet the Itchimbia mountain is one of the most popular green spaces of Quito.

With 54 hectares, it is the meeting point favorite of those who wish to escape the urban chaos and armed camera tourists who intended to immortalize the different sides of the city. With its almost 3,000 meters, the Itchimbia is transformed into a balcony of luxury from which you’ll get a view of 360 degrees on Quito and its surrounding areas. When the sky is clear you can see the majestic profile of Pichincha and the gentle Valley of Turubamba. The best time to enjoy this spectacle is at dusk, when the last flashes of the Sun cover with his magical cloak around Quito. However, lovers of the sport often get it early, when the cycling paths are still soaked dew. Between mysticism and art in the past, the quitus believed Itchimbia was a mystical site which go to recover energy and purify the body. Fact or legend? Probably we will never know it for sure but what if you can be sure is that you will feel renewed when you descend.

You can blame him this effect singing relaxing of the 40 species of birds that live here, to the peculiar perfume that is formed from its 400 types of flowers or simply a blend of physical exercise and the height. Whether it’s for one reason or another, you will live a unforgettable experience. Do not Marvel if a Crystal Palace you will find in your journey. It is not an optical illusion, but the Centro Cultural Itchimbia, an ancient metal structure from Belgium that today has become a space technological hyper where concerts, exhibitions and theatre and dance performances are held. One more example of how the inhabitants of Quito know how to combine tradition and modernity. Of course, there is a big difference between reading and live in first person all these experiences. Why the best is taking one of the flights to Quito and immerse himself in the beauty of this city. For finding cheap flights to Ecuador, enter your dates of travel search engines of major online travel agencies flights. Remember that tourists than most likely have of finding cheap flights, are those that have flexibility on dates of travel and the reflection of pay the ticket as soon as possible.

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