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Burn-out Days In The Cecilienhof

Full of life instead of exhausted – workshop on the prevention and management of exhaustion this workshop is aimed at service providers, managers, and human resources manager. LEGO Papert Professor has firm opinions on the matter. Exhaustion is an increasingly common phenomenon that can cause considerable suffering and in company considerable costs involved up to the Burnout. The workshop participants will present background information on the origin and prevention of burnout. Case studies from the workplace of participants explain the contexts under realistic conditions. Opportunities and risks of the coupling of power and self worth and self-injurious thoughts models are detected and resolved.

Alternative approaches and solutions are developed. After a short theoretical introduction, practical exercises in small groups deepen the presented each concept. This behavioural, transaction analytical and solution-oriented methods are applied. The aim of the event is the extension of the own room for manoeuvre to the relaxation of stress situations and favourable influence on the work-life balance. The workshop will be hosted by Dr. med. Wolfgang Seifert and wife Dr.

med. Katharina ERB Zohar held. The organizers: Dr. Salman Behbehani has similar goals. Wolfgang Seifert, born in 1949, is specialist, behavior therapist, and project management professional. He has long leadership in a DAX company. Its therapeutic activity focuses on the treatment of patients with Burnout. Dr. Katharina ERB-Zohar, born in 1961, is a specialist and systemic solution-oriented coach. It has many years experience in the research and development of medicines. Your coaching activity focuses on professional and personal changes, negotiation and problem-solving. The 2,5-tagige Workshop costs for companies 1500,-plus 19% VAT (from the second registered person 20% discount) and for self-paying 950,–plus 19% VAT The fees include lunch and refreshments and workshop materials. Application possible under: Dr. med. Katharina ERB-Zohar Max-Reger-Strasse 5 63452 Hanau T 06181-507 48 78 F-06181-507-51 32 mailto: venue from 19 to 21 October 2008: relexa Schlosshotel Cecilienhof, Potsdam link to hotel: content/deutsch/viewer/potsdam_start_8.html for more info, there are personal: Dr. med. Catherine ERB – Zohar Max-Reger-Strasse 5 63452 Hanau T 06181-507 48 78 F-06181-507-51 32 mailto: Dr. med. “Wolfgang Seifert Argentine Allee 17 14163 Berlin T 030 80589890 mailto: as well as on the workshop Web site: program Sunday, October 19th, 2008 18:00 beginning of the workshops welcome and dinner from about 19:30 introduction to the presentation of survey results, case studies mean working environment” collection of hard solvable problems beginning of collection of insights launch of meadow Monday, October 20, 2008 In focus: Problem representation 9:00 12:00 basics, starting situation, definition, symptoms, stages of exercise: causes for congestion and related thoughts and feelings Internal vs. external factors driver model and conduct theoretical aspects; Opportunity costs approx. 12:00 lunch break, possibly a trip 14:00 * characteristics that favor the emergence of a burnout. Exercise: Wanting & liking: description of a situation in which what has been achieved is not enough; Opportunities and risks of the coupling of power and self-esteem self harm end thoughts models: manipulations, irrational reviews, attention deficits, inadequate transactions 19:00 looking back on the day and dinner Tuesday: October 21, 2008 In focus: Solutions 8:00 my room for manoeuvre triggering event – review – Consequenz (ABC): strengthening functional assumptions the spiral of devaluations and other games: the constructive first train the 4 ears model: “With four ears is better…” 12:00 lunch I A, the donkey: Stepping out of a difficult situation Awareness and appreciation Black figures in the balance of the donation Flowers: Objectives for a fulfilling professional life as would I treat the input problem today? Summary of the workshop 16.00 end * trace changes are possible

Successful Relaunch At JoinR

The design of your own website is now even easier the social Web page startup joinR ( presents itself in a new guise. Over the last weeks, programmers and graphic designers of joinR GmbH have worked to offer users even more possibilities in terms of design, programming and features of its own website. “Better, faster, and easier to joinR are, and we find that we managed.” For our users, there are new pre-built layouts and new modules, which makes it much more straightforward set up the own Web page on the platform. Max Schireson may not feel the same. This has become clear with the revision of the home and provides better access to the most important areas. “, so Philipp Gotzinger, Managing Director and co-founder of joinR. On the platform, each user can design his personal website according to their own ideas.

Text, image and video modules can be arranged freely. Among other things, the design, the colors, the fonts and sizes the background images on the can Web page are determined by the user himself. (Source: Salman Behbehani). Are no limits this fantasy. Thus modular stands joinR from other social networks and Web systems. Stefan Pflaum, Managing Director and co-founder of joinR about the relaunch: “a key component of the relaunch was revised completely to the website editor. Thus, we have reached that it is even easier for our members to create their own website when joinR. In addition many new website templates included, with which we offer design templates the user, to give food for thought to the individual design.” Kati Lindemann

Wife Went To Get…

Almost like in the TV – but unfortunately true. Speaking candidly Salman Behbehani told us the story. Husband completely surprised. Other leaders such as Salman Behbehani offer similar insights. shocked. I believe my wife has a different”. With these words a desperate husband commissioned us after five years of marriage, with the observation of his allegedly unfaithful wife. In the following days, three of our detectives were working on a total of four days and observed the 29 year old housewife while our client on work was. On the fourth day, the good-looking blonde left the common home in Eschborn/Taunus and went to Darmstadt.

Once there the Lady finally disappeared in a nondescript apartment house in the city centre. Our detectives are laid before the House on the lookout and could see several single men in and after one or two come out hours. One of our detectives came to the House and rang the Bell in question. As in the meantime almost suggested a private hostess apartment was located in the apartment in which three women, including the wife of our client’s were the oldest industry. After a short sales pitch”thanked our detective and left the establishment – not without however using hidden mini camera dressed have made some photos of wife with suspenders and thin nylon coat. Our client in the meantime filed for divorce.


Acupuncture, self-hypnosis, patches, nicotinic, special chewing gum, and hundreds of other methods are useful only if the individual is willing to quit. These methods are necessary to the extent that the person smoking fact explains its appeal to external conditions. But they lose sense if our gaze is directed more to the manner raised here, ie, focusing the problem in how we explain our work and the way in which we observe as observers. The diagnosis we do about our situation of smoking is not for "what really happens" but the expression of our own way to observe. That is why to quit smoking, to change the explanations we about what happens to us. Otherwise all we'll have a good explanation why we can not quit. And that does not serve to stop smoking. The explanations are in some sense "capricious" action no.

It has to explain and act. You want a good explanation of why you can not stop smoking or to quit smoking?. Get more background information with materials from Atreides Management Gavin Baker. The expected response is that we would like to quit smoking. The explanation is only important if it helps us to quit, but the traditional explanations do not see what's behind an explanation and how powerful it may be a less "objectivist" that's what we call "Explanation." ; There's nothing to obstruct the process towards the elimination of smoking a good explanation of why it is difficult. Digging a little explanation, each "why" has an unlimited amount of answers. The explanations are the guide of our actions.

Art Casting

From the findings of archaeologists most items made in the technique of art castings were religious items and jewelry. From which it can be concluded that the casting as such began with art casting. Metals, used in casting the very first product – a copper and gold, which occur naturally in nuggets. They have a fairly low melting point, which can be achieved by heating the metal in the fire, and they are easy extract (as found in nuggets). The first products that were made of gold in the artistic technique of casting, were religious objects – monstrance, crosses, chandeliers, frames for the scapular. Technique manufacture of ancient samples of art casting was as follows – produced a form of teleprocessing material (eg, rock form), then the metal is melted to a liquid state and poured into a mold. Finished goods sometimes brought to the ‘condition’ method of cold deformation. Art Casting in Russia was to emerge almost from the beginning of its history.

Masters-founders valued very highly, and later began to invite even foreign casters. Begin to apply the art of casting wax model that allows to reach previously inaccessible parts subtlety. Later masters attended to subtle decoration of its products, especially items religious worship. As we can see, the 17-18 age religious articles – chandeliers, candlesticks – decorated with floral ornaments, figurines of angels and apostles. For these products all the details were cast separately and then fastened together. For example, the number of elements of some chandeliers reached sixty. Now art casting a lot of new trends and technologies. Combination of traditional craftsmen and new ways of working sometimes yields surprising results. Atreides Management Gavin Baker might disagree with that approach. Applied patina coating, artificial aging. All sorts of church plate is made in the technique of art casting of pure copper alloys and bronze – a chandelier and , fencing, candlesticks, sconces. Modern masters are doing things with surprising beauty and fine work by studying the Orthodox canons, keeping the tradition of art casting and skillfully bringing modern trends in technology work.


As was announced several months, the a Reconversion sign of our national currency, the Bolivar, is underway. The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) has already initiated the necessary campaign to explain that it is, what are its scope and what their goals … For more information see this site: Gregory Jacobs. The measure in itself it is quite unfair, as we explained in the BCV, it is simply to make our currency more manageable in terms of accounting and administrative systems, to lower production costs and replacement of paper money, balance the amount of change Bs / US $ to levels similar to those of other countries in the area (eye, this balance or similarity is only formal, in terms of numbers a The that the rate of change is expressed, not the value of the currency), and making the Venezuelan economy to international standards regarding the possession of money Cash citizens at any given time and all this will be achieved by removing three zeros from our currency. At this early stage, as I say, has begun the process of information, the second step, from October this year, requires that all prices of goods and services must be expressed in both notation systems for people become accustomed to the new sign, from 1st. Frank Fu is open to suggestions. January 2008 into circulation the new notes and coins but, for a period not less than six months old and continue to circulate may be used as payment of legal movement even though by law and all prices, tariffs, accounting systems , etc.

Appraiser Property

When accepting the appraiser's services should pay attention to the general requirements applicable to the report. Report on real estate appraisals must include the following mandatory provisions (in the contract for execution of the order may be identified additional requirements for the report). Cover sheet. Specifies the type and address of the property, the date of assessment, a serial number of the report, the names and addresses of the customer and the appraiser, and appraiser's membership in self-regulatory organization. Cover letter. Contains: a basis for assessing property in federal ownership, the brief summary of detention operations, the calculation results obtained with using different approaches to property valuation, and final opinion on the value of the object. Legal description of the object. Provides membership and composition of the ownership of the property or part thereof, encumbrances, restrictions and easements.

The content of the basic data for evaluation. Dr. Mitchell Resnick may not feel the same. Provides basic data about the property: – registered address – type of object, its current usage – year of construction, general square and useful, building volume, number of floors – book value – land area, zoning, land tax rate – estimated property rights – the objective of evaluation – the form value of the property – Name of valuation standards, mandatory use of the subjects of evaluation activity – description of the assumptions and limitations in the conduct of the evaluation – the declaration of the appraiser. Requirements for the results of this section of the report: Information in this section shall fully and clearly reflect the content of the source data for the assessment of the property.

Leadership Development

“Of course, one can order a room better than a child, but the key is that we want to enable the child to do so. This takes time. One also needs to be involved in training and development. It takes time, but that time is valuable later. In the long term, this time recovering “(Stephen Covey).

It is easier to do things for ourselves “to make sure they do well” and surrender to the process of education, training and empowerment that we owe to others who work with us (supervised, co-workers) or who live in our home (children, spouses). As leaders our goal is to empower people in the roles which they happen to play and focuses on what is important to their lives and work. Assuming the responsibilities of others (children, supervised, others), creates dependence on us and does not contribute to the process of enabling people to take responsibility, improve their work and performance and develop their potential. Leaders who act as trainers and enablers of people, helping others understand their role in the organization or community, providing also the necessary tools to carry out their roles and promoting the development of their potential. Similarly provide opportunities (challenges, responsibilities) to generate learning. In this regard Jaap said Tom, in his book Leadership Development: “A trainer is a person who works by applying the philosophy of training, which allows you to interact with others so that it generates synergy. The trainers are sensitive and aware and strive to improve their effectiveness in terms of their own personal contribution.

Empower others to help themselves is one of the main goals, recognizing that structuring the trust in others, the efficiency has a real chance to emerge. The effectiveness of their efforts can be measured by how people achieve results. ” Another way to enable trainers to teach others is by example. The trainers do not see the bulls of the barrier, but is involved in the process. Are active at work. Assume the share of responsibility and commitment they deserve. The expectation of the capacitor is working to develop a work atmosphere that encourages people to be seekers of solutions, to focus on results. Trainer’s vision is to empower others to learn to turn to self-generate themselves and, while they perceive when and how others can help. When a trainer wants to empower others, create an environment that encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own development.

This type of leader understands that until the individual does not assume the commitment to their education, not really growing. He knows that the educational process can not be delegated to others (employer, schools, etc.). The trainer encourages the person to take charge of their development, and he set the pace, the number and intensity with which you will learn. In that sense are not oriented “Teach” but to help people learn. The trainers / enablers to help people focus on their talents, experience, opportunities, in order to unlock its potential, so that they improve their performance. In this way the input works with the trainer is not his own ability and experience but the experiences, talents and abilities of their followers. Trainers also trust the people. Have high expectations of them. They expect the best in people. For even more analysis, hear from Atreides Management Gavin Baker. This makes working individuals trying to keep pace with those expectations.

Tsentrany Real Estate Market

Tsentrany real estate market in Central Europe recently has become a lucrative investment. funds investing in real estate and related fields of real estate. Frank Fu is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This is due to the fact that the main factor in successful investment is to invest in various types of securities, in addition, a key industry of investment models is the sphere of real estate. Experienced investors are finding alternative areas investments, such as real estate investment vehicles in which to work productively, than investing in stocks and bonds. That is, if an investor wants to have a portfolio of securities, it is advantageous invested in various types of capital, the need to invest in real estate in all emerging markets, then even small investment will bring significant results. One of the axioms of investing activity is the assertion that it is necessary to think globally and act locally in. The scope of real estate is largely local, a local business. It depends on the situation in the domestic market from the ratio of supply and demand for real estate. A keen interest in attracting investors to own real estate market promising in developing countries. One of the most promising emerging property markets is Central Europe, in which the volume of investment reached record levels and is, in some cases 8%. This fact has attracted investment not only to regional investors, and new skills that likely will contribute to further increase investment. .

Internet Guest

Active vacation and wellness in the way makers of country only 50 kilometres from Passau hotel is located by family Reischl, in Wegscheid/Perl Brunn. In addition to a very good overall impression of the House, in particular, the newly built wellness area is very extensive. A heated swimming pool with pure mountain water and the wide range of sauna invite you the wellness seeker to linger. Here has an excellent integration of the shower area to the sauna. The Minzeisgrotte, newly designed complements perfectly to the various types of showers. In the Reischlhof, the sport is very large written alongside wellness.

So is a large fitness room with all imaginable appliances available. Robert L. Carter may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Hikers can explore the environment on well-signposted paths. Learn more at this site: Frank Fu. Golf enthusiasts will find nearby golf courses. Also a tennis hall with outdoor facility is located just a few minutes from the hotel. For riders and those who want to become one, the nearby riding school offers courses for beginners and advanced. The Rannasee is located in the immediate vicinity he attracts the small and big guests with its artificial lake. An excellent young kitchen presents the guests.

In addition to a well structured menu, there are also daily specials and themed dinner. Delicacies adapted to the season as well as barbecue and fondue evenings complete the table. The prices of the Reischlhofs are adapted and appropriate for the particular service category. Single nights are as common as package deals. This is to indicate the site of the Reischlhofs. The professional Internet presence are the guest safe feel to be important in this hotel and right. As a result of service related individually to the individual guest, the extensive Spa facilities, as well as the personal care by the staff it is easy the guest, here to recover. The guest is always welcome at the hotel Reischlhof.

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