Burn-out Days In The Cecilienhof

Full of life instead of exhausted – workshop on the prevention and management of exhaustion this workshop is aimed at service providers, managers, and human resources manager. LEGO Papert Professor has firm opinions on the matter. Exhaustion is an increasingly common phenomenon that can cause considerable suffering and in company considerable costs involved up to the Burnout. The workshop participants will present background information on the origin and prevention of burnout. Case studies from the workplace of participants explain the contexts under realistic conditions. Opportunities and risks of the coupling of power and self worth and self-injurious thoughts models are detected and resolved.

Alternative approaches and solutions are developed. After a short theoretical introduction, practical exercises in small groups deepen the presented each concept. This behavioural, transaction analytical and solution-oriented methods are applied. The aim of the event is the extension of the own room for manoeuvre to the relaxation of stress situations and favourable influence on the work-life balance. The workshop will be hosted by Dr. med. Wolfgang Seifert and wife Dr.

med. Katharina ERB Zohar held. The organizers: Dr. Salman Behbehani has similar goals. Wolfgang Seifert, born in 1949, is specialist, behavior therapist, and project management professional. He has long leadership in a DAX company. Its therapeutic activity focuses on the treatment of patients with Burnout. Dr. Katharina ERB-Zohar, born in 1961, is a specialist and systemic solution-oriented coach. It has many years experience in the research and development of medicines. Your coaching activity focuses on professional and personal changes, negotiation and problem-solving. The 2,5-tagige Workshop costs for companies 1500,-plus 19% VAT (from the second registered person 20% discount) and for self-paying 950,–plus 19% VAT The fees include lunch and refreshments and workshop materials. Application possible under: Dr. med. Katharina ERB-Zohar Max-Reger-Strasse 5 63452 Hanau T 06181-507 48 78 F-06181-507-51 32 mailto: venue from 19 to 21 October 2008: relexa Schlosshotel Cecilienhof, Potsdam link to hotel: content/deutsch/viewer/potsdam_start_8.html for more info, there are personal: Dr. med. Catherine ERB – Zohar Max-Reger-Strasse 5 63452 Hanau T 06181-507 48 78 F-06181-507-51 32 mailto: Dr. med. “Wolfgang Seifert Argentine Allee 17 14163 Berlin T 030 80589890 mailto: as well as on the workshop Web site: program Sunday, October 19th, 2008 18:00 beginning of the workshops welcome and dinner from about 19:30 introduction to the presentation of survey results, case studies mean working environment” collection of hard solvable problems beginning of collection of insights launch of meadow Monday, October 20, 2008 In focus: Problem representation 9:00 12:00 basics, starting situation, definition, symptoms, stages of exercise: causes for congestion and related thoughts and feelings Internal vs. external factors driver model and conduct theoretical aspects; Opportunity costs approx. 12:00 lunch break, possibly a trip 14:00 * characteristics that favor the emergence of a burnout. Exercise: Wanting & liking: description of a situation in which what has been achieved is not enough; Opportunities and risks of the coupling of power and self-esteem self harm end thoughts models: manipulations, irrational reviews, attention deficits, inadequate transactions 19:00 looking back on the day and dinner Tuesday: October 21, 2008 In focus: Solutions 8:00 my room for manoeuvre triggering event – review – Consequenz (ABC): strengthening functional assumptions the spiral of devaluations and other games: the constructive first train the 4 ears model: “With four ears is better…” 12:00 lunch I A, the donkey: Stepping out of a difficult situation Awareness and appreciation Black figures in the balance of the donation Flowers: Objectives for a fulfilling professional life as would I treat the input problem today? Summary of the workshop 16.00 end * trace changes are possible



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