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Industrial Production

The form to create wealth in the second wave started to be the industrial manufacture and the commerce of good. The land already was not so important, but, of another form, building, plants, equipment, energy, raw material, human work e, of course, the capital had started to assume the main role of the means of production. The human being needed to understand orders and institutions, to have disciplines e, in the majority of the cases, to have physical force to work. New and deep transformations had occurred in the society. The value of the organizations was measured for the number of plants, equipment, inventory, and the production and the consumption were massificados. The third wave enhanced the half dominant knowledge as of production of wealth, and the inventive, creative human being and contestador its main instrument of transformation, the central element of the society became. In the measure where the knowledge is present, it is possible to reduce the participation of all the other ways in the production process.

The importance and the value of the organizations are the knowledge that they possess and that she is contained in its contingent of human resources, being, therefore, intangible and of difficult quantification. production in the third wave to a large extent is automatized and allows to make desmassificados products, diversified, without great incidental costs and the necessity to stop all the plant. The production is adapted to the desires of the consumer by means of the creativity human being and of high technology. The society was desmassificou and become more complex and demanding, being impossible geriz it without information and technology of the information (computers, telecommunications), in integrated and agile systems. The industrial society is in the end and lives of form each more intense time the third wave, under gide of a generalized process of desmassificao. The world displays much more structures familiar, styles of life, sports, diversity of entertainment, works, professions and industries that work for productions of market niches.

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