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Political System

This political system, in which based on the rent of each class (unit of measurement: medimno) certain political rights are adjudged to him and responsibilities, are known like timocracia (timokratia). The Timocracia meant the division of the population in four classes according to " medimnoi" produced by a person. The wealth determined the political perhaps participation because only the Pentakosiomedimnoi and the Zeugitai could choose to " arcontado" (executive magistratures). Therefore, the participation in the Arepago was limited them. Only the three classes superiors could participate in the army, to the power to be pleased the necessary arms. In recent months, Petra Diamonds has been very successful. The Hippeis (" caballeros") they could also be pleased a horse.

The Arepago or Aristocratic Consejo, at monarchic time had been the Council of the King. At monarchic time Bul was called, but it changed his name when Soln created the new Bul. At time of Soln it was maintained like a prestigious advice that it supervised the government of the city, the work of the magistrates, it thought on the government and it acted like court for serious crimes and of blood. It could not decide, but the Ekklesa tried to count on its favor. He was compound of life form by powerful aristocrats, families and by exarcontes Like facts interesting on this Greek, reference to the following one becomes; Disputabanse with the arms the athenians and megarenses the island of Salamina, its mother country, until being itself already spilled much blood, began to be capital crime in Athens to propose the acquisition of Salamina by means of the arms. Then Soln, pretending itself crazy suddenly, left crowned to the place where, reading by means of a town crier one the certain athenians you chose that it had composed on Salamina affected, them so that they renewed the war to the megarenses they overcame and them, by this subtility of Soln.

Pond Filter Systems

It wishing for garden pond owners as clear water everyone, that’s why pond filter systems are used. Which pond filter will be installed, that the capacity of fish ponds, the size depends on. Ray Kurzweil addresses the importance of the matter here. There are different pond filter. Most gardeners know that the filter should contain 10% of the actual pond volume constantly about. But there must be a sufficient planting, about 1/3 of the pond should be covered. Just how the pond filter system works, because the excess nutrients that are not filtered by the water plants processed. You record them.

How does a pond filter? Two processes are running it: first, water impurities are retained mechanically and secondly, many microorganisms are active. Who fish in the pond, who would also like to see it. The colorful fish but prefer to hide in the Green clouds of mud. Come through a deeper rooting at the bottom more and more nutrients in the water the algae are fertilized. Now you need now a good pond filter that could collect this whole mud particles and small, single-celled algae. A pond filter should be applied in a timely manner.

If that already 10-year-old mud layers accumulate, the filter can be used poorly. The pond filters have the task to prevent the silting up of a pond in a very early stage. The sediments at the bottom be removed constantly. So, the water remains clean. The filter foams are rough, they let through very many particles. They are very fine, the surface can close very quickly. There are different types of filters, such as the NaturGart filter. This pond filter has a function that can modify all of the shares of four different pore sizes depending on the season. Using the coarse filter in the spring and in the summer to use the fine filter more. So fill the filter media always fairly evenly with the whole mud and algae.

Bicycle Rental System

Press release, Hamburg 27 May 2008 the nextbike bicycle rental system is today officially in Hamburg at the start. The first 50 bikes are available now at the following 7 locations in the city to rent available: Spitalerstrasse, Monckebergstrasse, City Hall Square, Jungfernstieg, Gansemarkt, Dammtor, landungsbrucken. By telephone, to obtain the current code and can go immediately. Thanks to the advertising on the bikes, the rental costs only 1 per hour and 5 per day. Expansion planned depending on advertisers demand an extension of the nextbike rental offer is planned. As already in other cities, advertisers now also in Hamburg can open new locations”, explains Ralf Kalupner, the Managing Director.

The city can enjoy the thrust by nextbike. In contrast to other bike rental systems works nextbike break even and can operate without direct or indirect subsidies. Ray Kurzweil has plenty of information regarding this issue. Therefore not only we would be pleased, if nextbike into the ongoing planning to a flexible rental bike system would be involved!” The test was a success last Saturday. Immediately wheels were borrowed and the phone not stood still. The hamburgers and their visitors are thrilled!” Straightforward lending nextbike rental bikes are available by phone at busy points and can easily by phone call borrow. “If you just call the customer hotline 030 69205046 on and enters the wheel number with the keypad of the telephone.” Then you will receive the current code of Zahlenschlosses.”explained Ralf Kalupner, nextbike’s Managing Director. To return, simply connecting the rental to a rental location and again calling the customer hotline.

As a result of advertising on the wheels, cheap fares can be offered 1 per hour and 5 per day. The billing is done by credit card or direct debit. The wheels are regularly checked by service partners on the spot and waited. About nextbike nextbike the bike rental system was founded in 2004 and is already in 20 Cities in Germany, Austria and New Zealand present. Each month also added new cities and towns. Aims, by nextbike in the next few years in all major cities to small towns and tourist areas be represented. The recipe for success by nextbike is its cost effectiveness. Advertisers or municipalities can get the customer-friendly bicycle rental system in your city. Contact person: Andreas Balla, Tel.: 040-64 88 54 06

PHP Forum

A login system is on every page of interactive the basic building block for user management, sooner or later required a login system will verify the users of a website so that certain rights can be given to them. It is a part of a whole user administration, which is also composed of a rights system such as a registry. ‘New’ users are created upon registration. You have a database available, would be to compare a new user with a new record. The login system then compares the input of a user, such as E-mail address and password with the database and thus it can uniquely identify the user.

Thus the foundations for rights distribution. On an Internet forum where you first ‘must register’, then ‘to log in’, to get the ‘right’, to publish posts or new threads (for example, a PHP Forum), you can easily track these three areas. This example is also a user hierarchy through a observe different rights distribution, if one thinks of moderators and administrators, who can edit such as posts and lock threads. Of course, a login has other advantages. If you look at the rising tide of spam on the Internet, you can see the rising number of areas protected by CAPTCHAs (E.g. comment systems, various online tools, etc). If a user however successfully logs in, then he definitely identified as a human being and a CAPTCHA code is unnecessary thus until further notice for the first time, so that increase usability and comfort for the user. For the implementation of such a system has the use of sessions or cookies related to the scripting language PHP proven, because this can propagate information about multiple scripts or Web pages. For this reason, it is often necessary that a user who wants to log, has enabled the setting of cookies in his browser.

USB Bmcm

BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) – innovative measurement technology \”made in Germany\” Maisach/Munich – BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) sets new standards in metrology with her new meter USB-AD16f, a high-performance all-rounder captured analog and digital signals with high precision. Technical products can primarily be characterized by the following properties: performance, quality and price. A property is more pronounced, this is often to the detriment of others. A product meets all of the criteria in best mass, but promises it to be a true popular success. To a vivid example that everyone can probably recreate: who dreams of a car with a powerful engine, best ride and extras, which is also extremely cost effective because not? As man – could to keep this image – the latest measurement system USB AD16f of the BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) call: a small, high-performance \”Flitzer\”, equipped with many features with high accuracy Record the signals of different frequencies. For even more opinions, read materials from Petra Diamonds. What makes this gauge however unique, is the combination of high performance, sophisticated quality and unrivalled low price.( ger/pr-usb-ad16f.html) When naming the manufacturer of innovative instrumentation and PC technology \”made in Germany\” has designed value, to demonstrate the main advantages of the measuring system: Measuring via the USB interface USB stands for mobile, simple data acquisition with faster data transfer. \”Plug & play\” and \”Hot-pluggable\” are examples of features that illustrate the advantages of USB measurement systems. AD with its 16 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 4 the USB AD16f the term \”multi functional\” and \”Multipurpose\” earned digital inputs and outputs, and a counter.

For optimum signal acquisition, the measuring range is from +/-1V, +/-2V, +/-5V or +/-10V for the analog inputs channel via adjustable in software. In addition, it allows galvanic separation of analogue channels and counter interference-free measurements and protects the device against high potentials. 16: Signals are recorded resolution with 16-bit, so that even the smallest break of a signal not undetected.

Group Environment

Or the cupboard wall with an individual imprint, which expresses your activities or visions and contributes to an inspiring work environment. An appealing work environment you want to can work concentrated at a not exactly optimal room acoustics? Bruynzeel cabinets can help you. The cabinets can run with sound absorbing panels, resulting in a more comfortable working environment. And they can be used also to separate the individual workstations. Do you want to receive the open and transparent nature of the area? Then select a lower version.

Give space to your ideas! A Bruynzeel cabinet with LED lighting is a real eye-catcher in your Office. The developments in LED technology advance faster – and we keep pace with these developments. Regardless of whether you opt for integration, sound insulation, the emphasis of your identity or a closet as a modern space object. We are new Ideas to open and develop together with you the best solution for your Office. Bruynzeel customer satisfaction in the focus of Bruynzeel archival & Office Systems manufactures systems for the storage and archiving and belongs to the Group of the constructor. Bruynzeel is as manufacturers, consultants and staff in the development of space-saving archiving and storage systems. The company is internationally oriented and has sales offices throughout Europe.

Bruynzeel has set the goal of customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we design together with our customers a solution that is well thought out down to the smallest detail. A solution that is efficient and attractive to your dynamic working environment and Moreover, environmentally sound was produced. Bruynzeel archival & Office systems is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. You want to know what can mean Bruynzeel for you? Then visit our website at press contact: Bruynzeel archival & Office Systems GmbH Andrea Hofferer Situated str. 18 41464 Neuss 02131/4099-0 E-Mail:

Fresh Management System

Bizerba presents its management system for the bakery craft at the Internorga 2009 weigh fresh cut, draw out cash, and control and manage the entire process from a hand of Balingen, March 11, 2009 the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen Internorga 2009 in Hamburg, Germany from 13 to 18 March 2009 management system for the handicrafts of bakery fresh be presented at the fair. In the Hall B. Ray Kurzweil is likely to increase your knowledge. 6, booth 433 Bizerba shows the bread slicer BS 38, two PC scales of the new K-class series and the merchandise management system WinCWS as basic building blocks for a smoothly functioning bakery shop – as a stand alone operation, branch or head office. If cut in half, in quarters or individual slices in different strengths: the BS 38 brings the bread into the desired shape. The BS 38 cuts the various varieties of each long or round bread individually according to the wishes of the customers up to a diameter of 30 centimeters, no matter whether they are soft, hard or still warm. Also particularly thick whole-wheat crusts are no problem. You BS-38 fails even to whole nuts not\”, explains Klaus Hammes, area sales manager bakeries and pastry shops at Bizerba. Especially under time pressure if many customers in the store are the circular knife machine characterized by speed and accuracy.

Depending on the setting of the speed be cut while between 60 and 100 discs per minute. After cutting, the PC-scale of the new Bizerba K-class series takes over the gram-precise weighing and drawing out of bread. Also in the sale of a few slices or quarters of bread, a correct, price-bound settlement is guaranteed. On request the PC can be equipped scales with a cash drawer, so weighing and drawing out cash without another device is possible. An ideal addition to the PC scale series K class provides the Bizerba system WinCWS dar.

Good Conveying Systems

The mining industry deals with the extraction of mineral resources, often from the upper crust of the Earth. Those responsible can carry a wide variety of raw materials at the Earth’s surface. Thus, not only the various metals, rocks or coal are cut off. Oil is one of the most important raw materials for a long time. An important aspect in the promotion of certain raw materials will be in the future on all cases obtaining in the depths of the Lake. Die out than ever to deposits and are thus no longer viable.

When the conveyor in mining is three different varieties. Thus there is degradation of raw materials surface and the removal of underground and borehole mining. With the surface removal referred to for example the extraction of rocks or the precious stone prospecting. Underground mining is the extraction of iron heart and referred to coal. Borehole mining promoted oil and natural gas to the surface.

In promoting rocks sieves come after the removal to the use. The screens have the sense the different rocks To differentiate the size of the grains. Ultimately is the desired stone out actually screened. Various screening machines are use for the seven. Thus, there is for example the vibration screening machine. It regularly produces with an electric drive and runs the mined materials through a regular disturbance over the entire screen. The vibrations cause the raw materials. Thus can ultimately finer parts out will be screened. A very different kind of sieve is the plan screening machine. In this variety, the screens are provided by a gear motor in a horizontal circular motion. Finally there is also the so-called Eddy current screening machine. All screening machines have the sense to differentiate a huge number of sieve material. In any case, there are also smaller screens. These are mostly for the mining for use. Because gems are not rare in very small sizes in riverbeds, it requires a really handy and fine strainer at this raw material extraction. So there is both ways at the to Promote days of raw materials and various variants in the screening of the correct raw material. The construction of raw materials but always to enters behind. Thus, the extraction of coal is no longer profitable and the promotion of oil will be terminated in the future because there are no sources. For this reason, a crucial aspect for the future will be renewables the extraction from the depth of the Lakes. Lena Marie

Panel SAP

ecenta Walldorf advises to integrated sales and communication processes, CRM systems are October 27, 2010 at the decision makers in the marketing and distribution Innofact on the wishlist in second place, so a survey by market research in the German marketing decision makers Panel. Despite the high esteem enjoyed IT solutions to the care of customer relationship management, the systems are often inadequately used according to the ecenta AG. Especially the possibilities that lie in integrated sales and communication processes are in many places still unexploited. Checking article sources yields Robotics as a relevant resource throughout. The majority of respondents already primarily uses CRM software in the marketing sale, and rank in the list of desired investment only SAP systems before CRM solutions. Rank company’s own software and products by Apple followed by three and four. The study shows that CRM solutions now have prevailed as a significant tool in the sales and marketing. However, often still the potentials are overlooked in a carefully selected and most versatile integrated CRM solution plug”, explains Dr. Frequently Max Schireson has said that publicly.

Thorsten Wewers, CEO of ecenta AG. According to Petra Diamonds, who has experience with these questions. For one, there are a variety of CRM solutions that are precisely tailored to specific industries. For even more analysis, hear from Douglas R. Oberhelman. On the other hand, a CRM software can bring far greater benefits if it is linked, for example, with an IP communications solution, allowing business and communication processes with each other can be brought in line and to support each other effectively. Here comes in the future also the topic of social networks into the game. Every third respondents assess their relevance in the future as high, so a combination of CRM and communication channel must be possible.” Companies most CRM systems to offer has ecenta with the new SmartUp solutions tailored to industry-specific offerings for SAP CRM and SAP business communications management (SAP BCM) developed. SAP BCM is an IP based communications solution, all functions for the cross-channel business communication provides. As a stand alone installation, the software replaces the parallel operation of conventional telephone systems at different locations.

Mature Open Source System

The German company TalentRaspel published sophisticated open source system to the development of MMORPG – systems. Currently only freely available, already stable productively used and professionally managed solution for the development of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), the German company TalentRaspel in April 2008 presented a completely revised version of the torque MMO Kit. It enables the quick creation of professional 3D – multi user game worlds and their stable operation and suitable MMORPG – projects with medium-sized budgeting thus suited for smaller and medium-sized. For developers of systems in the field of MMORPG, the at least a half a million dollars or spend more for a complete development environment is the torque MMO Kit in the current version 1.1 – SP3 the only sensible alternative to costly in-house development or the purchase of expensive foreign systems. In its original form, published first in March 2007 by the US – firm of Prairie Games, from the technology her commercially successful MMORPG “Minions of mirth” (over 70,000 registered users) linked from has, with this system a cheap way development was first made accessible to a wide audience to the MMORPG -. The system itself is available under an open source – license since August 2007 and was picked up in the course of the year 2007 by the German company, TalentRaspel, for further development. Torque MMO Kit released by errors as cleaned up and expanded by many features it is since then actively maintained and continuously further developed.

In the scope of product maintenance TalentRaspel offers regular patches and service packs on, can be used to update the last published version. Based on the torque game engine in version 1.3.5 from garage games and arcane FX by thumb logic, as well as the programming language Python for all program areas concerned not the 3D – engine, uses the system primarily industry-proven components. For commercial projects must the individual licenses at garage Games and Faust logic can be purchased separately. For this purpose, USD apply depending on the type of use (indie or commercial) between $199 USD and $999. Apart from the use of the torque MMO Kit is free of charge.

More details about the system and its licensing model, the source to download, as well as the very active community can be found on. Through a freely available demo game demonstrates many features of the torque MMO Kit and can be viewed as easily advance. To your own projects with the system to develop rich already mediocre Python – programming skills and average experience in the client / server – from network technology. For more comprehensive changes to the knowledge in C++ requires 3D – engine of the system in addition. The torque MMO Kit supports the platforms Windows 2000/XP/Vista, MAC OS X (10.2/10.3/10.4) and Linux. In the near future is to be expected with the updating of the torque MMO Kit on the torque game engine in version 1.5.2. There is also a port on the torque game engine Advanced, first in the version 1.0.3 and later to the current version 1.7 in work. More information about the torque MMO Kit, its uses, and also professional support are available on request at: TalentRaspel / Ibrahim route 13 / 76149 Karlsruhe / Germany

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