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A login system is on every page of interactive the basic building block for user management, sooner or later required a login system will verify the users of a website so that certain rights can be given to them. It is a part of a whole user administration, which is also composed of a rights system such as a registry. ‘New’ users are created upon registration. You have a database available, would be to compare a new user with a new record. The login system then compares the input of a user, such as E-mail address and password with the database and thus it can uniquely identify the user.

Thus the foundations for rights distribution. On an Internet forum where you first ‘must register’, then ‘to log in’, to get the ‘right’, to publish posts or new threads (for example, a PHP Forum), you can easily track these three areas. This example is also a user hierarchy through a observe different rights distribution, if one thinks of moderators and administrators, who can edit such as posts and lock threads. Of course, a login has other advantages. If you look at the rising tide of spam on the Internet, you can see the rising number of areas protected by CAPTCHAs (E.g. comment systems, various online tools, etc). If a user however successfully logs in, then he definitely identified as a human being and a CAPTCHA code is unnecessary thus until further notice for the first time, so that increase usability and comfort for the user. For the implementation of such a system has the use of sessions or cookies related to the scripting language PHP proven, because this can propagate information about multiple scripts or Web pages. For this reason, it is often necessary that a user who wants to log, has enabled the setting of cookies in his browser.



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