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Value Added Company

Lamit company installs new age of new solutions of connection by the Internet completely mobile marine, their efforts leading communication satellite to the next level. The company has reduced the costs of services, now being able to offer services more efficient and more economical for different types of merchant ships, large and small cruise ships or yachts. Having deep experience in the commercial sector, Lamit company provides TDMA and SCPC services for the maritime market and offers its customers the best services they need: VoIP services at a cost of fixed telephony connections, free calls between the bowl and the headquarters and vice versa (depending on the PBX installed in the Office of shipowner), prepaid Scratch crew, VPN between ships and the headquarters, automatic conversion between different satellites without human intervention on board, monitoring, control, and provision of services to the distance, and much more. Lamit company has also launched new services by satellite to private yachts, which are also applicable to smaller vessels, cruise ships, ferries and fishing boats. This new service is a package of prepaid that includes hardware and 3 months of service. He comes to the aid of our clients that possess this type of vessels and companies, because it allows them to use the service of only 4 months a year (these first months are included in the initial price of the equipment) avoiding unnecessary costs for the rest of the year, when customers do not use their yachts. In addition, equipment used by Lamit is one of the smallest and lightest, the antenna has only 60 cm and its total weight is 45 kg. Due to its size, it is the first computer that allows operation with the dispersed spectrum multi mode because despite its size ll continues to provide performance and quality without compromises.Except connection solutions Mobile maritime, Lamit company also offers connections to the internet with technology satellite VSAT two-way fixed or movable and connections special military to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, or where the situation requires it. Military bases, government agencies, universities, cybercafes, drilling and oil companies for oil and gas, as well as several companies, but also people who use daily broadband satellite connections offered by Lamit company for communication in the world and secure data transfer. For more information, please visit the web page.

Anonymous Group

Today everyone has heard of the Anonymous hacker group. This group, author of several cyber attacks to large-scale, has become one of the main objectives of the police. Since the July announcement alleged disbandment of the dome of Anonymous, to carry out the arrest of three of its leading members, the national police group is being victim of several cyber attacks that are detailed below. The first Cyber consisted of data theft of the bodyguards of the Presidency of the Government and some of the members of the special operations group. Such data appeared hung on the Internet.

The new attack has suffered a forum dedicated to the Center National Police (CNP). With the information that is available at this time, the attack seems to be work of Anonymous. In addition, a statement found on the website of the group header, which publishes the hash of the CNP forum administrator. Apparently, this has not been the only information obtained, since it was found a JavScript that reveals information about a possible attack by the group against the website of the future socialist candidate Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. In recent weeks, State security forces have suffered important data leaks, and the Anonymous group to threatened to carry out new attacks until the next general election, so there will be more leaks. The list of attacks must be added the fact that, a couple of weeks, the website of the Spanish national police was out of service, in addition to publishing a file on the Internet signed by anonymous that confirmed the theft of sensitive information from the database of the Agency, and which contained the names of the bodyguards of the Presidency of the Government. The Group denied being behind this action, therefore does not preclude the existence of a second group who operate leaving the signature of the collective known. The Anonymous activist group threatened the police once it announced last June alleged disbandment of the dome of the group, the statement that finally has been denied by the group. Audea S.L Security Department information security ICT source:

Farmville Money

More and more people have been dragged by the wave greater than she strikes the cyberspace. Farmville is the best thing in these days and many people are in the crazy race to have a farm, to work plants, to gain more currencies and experience. If you are not playing Farmville, would have to do it already. It is a great way to take relajantes vacations, far from the noise and the stress of the daily life. Farmville must see with seedtime of some seeds, the harvesting of the harvests, gain currencies to go shopping in the market of Farmville, and even visit the farms of its neighbors. It is definitively a relajante form to pass his time of inactivity and a link more to socialize with his friendly in line. , A friendly rivalry as far as whom could raise of level before nobody, it will assume flavor to Farmville.

Leveling to raise definitively, has its rewards to unblock new seeds, adornments and other wonderful things in the market of Farmville. The last experience of Farmville is enjoyed to the maximum when you raise of level quickly and desire more XP, currencies and Farmville bonds in the way. Basic Farmville: The leveling in Farmville is very easy if you know the basic thing. In order to be able to happen to the following level, it needs to gain more points of experience (XP). For example, during the Earth preparation, each parcel that it plows the Earth will give a XP him. At the beginning of the game, you will occur to account of that you are only forced to secure a smaller number of XP so that it can raise quickly of level and to be able to pass these stages initial. You can gain XP by the plow and seedtime of cultures. Once they have surpassed these initial stages, once again account will occur of which you need to gain more XP to raise of level, reason why is a challenge, as well as the motivation.

Internet Explorer

It may seem incredible, however, have a Gmail account gives you access to a range of Google services, that will make your cyber experience richer and more productive. Using same user name and password, you can start a blog (personal document) in Blogger, have an online photo album in Picasa, create and edit documents in Google Docs. Google offerings, the company that offers much more than an internet search engine, an excellent service of mail and even its own web browser, Chrome, lets you also use other web services, in wherever you have internet connection. Below is a list of products that Google has at your disposal. Blogger – express your opinions Online Calendar – organize your schedule and share events with your friends Docs – create your projects online, share them and access them from wherever you are Gmail – mail fast, with less spam and Google groups search technology – creates lists of distribution and Picasa discussion groups – Find, edit and share your photos Reader – quickly get all your feeds of news and blogs SketchUp – built models 3D fast and easy Talk – send instant messages and call your friends from your computer other services that do not require registration are: books – an online library with books in all categories, from classics to contemporary maps – find places and addresses across the globe translator – view web pages in other languages YouTube – get your own video channel or look at the creations of others all listed services and more, you can activate them, using your emails from Gmail account, at the following link: can also easily access all web services from the Google toolbar, which adds a search box to your web browser either Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, Linux, MacOS X and Windows operating systems.

Buying Power Tools

What to look for when choosing a tool. Firstly, we recommend buying power tools brands. Buying a tool, you can be sure that you get the product of excellent quality and at later time You do not have problems with warranty and post-guarantee repairs. Secondly, you need to decide which mode you operate the power tool. If you are a professional artist, and plan to operate the purchased tool on a daily basis, you will only fit into a professional power tool. If you are the master-lover, but you have to do a lot of work, for example you started a renovation in their apartment, in which case, again we recommend buying a professional power tool. Amateur power tool, designed for easy work, 'from time to time.

" This class will be a good acquisition for non-professional masters. The main advantage of an amateur tool, not a high price, with relatively high performance. But keep in mind that the resource (MTBF) in the amateur class in a few times less than that of professional power tools. On what not to look for when choosing elektroinstrumenta.My live in the twenty-first century, and production capacity of most manufacturers are shifting to Asia. In There is nothing wrong with that.

If you buy a product known firm, whether a car or a television set, a drill or a hammer, believe the country building has no value. You are now sitting at the computer, which is likely made in China. Well, how often it crashes? In short, do not do crap, but better than Focus on the technical and operational characteristics of the selected tool. Where is the best buy you elektroinstrument.Esli want to buy a tool that will best fit your needs better than the store, for which sales of power tools is a major activity. In specialty stores, there are always competent consultants who can help you choose and buy the appropriate tool specifically for your operating conditions and type of activity. In the shops, prices are always lower, but Unfortunately there is no way to test the tool, hold it in your hands. If you decide to go for buying at an online store power tools, you need to know exactly what you are buying. And it is in any case, it is not necessary buy power tools in the markets or from their hands. Otherwise, you risk being left without a warranty or buy a fake.

Feng Shui

Almost all classical Feng Shui tips can also be explained in terms of energy space. So, to the bedroom was a good Feng Shui, it is necessary try to follow these rules: 1. Try to make your bedroom a room in a distant part of the house and place it in a quiet subdued tone. Interior colors should be neither too bright nor too bright, because they prevent you to relax. 2. Opposite the entrance to the bedroom if possible should not be bathroom door, toilet and kitchen.

3. Sharp corners of furniture and walls, and ceiling beams should not look directly at the bed and the bedroom door (Either outside or inside). But rounded corners to your dream did not hurt. Therefore, the problem of sharp edges can be solved if ill-placed to cover the corners of narrow, long decorations, such as branches of artificial plants. 4. You can not put the bed against the radiators.

This is especially true head of the bed. 5.Spalnoe place should not be placed flush toilets. If this is not possible, it will help further soundproofing. For example, a thick carpet on the wall. Surprisingly, the sound of water behind the wall, too, can break the feng shui bedroom. 6. Sleeper should be able to delete from powerful external antenna. In general, if possible should try to postpone the sources of electromagnetic radiation from the bed. Try to get rid of the habit of putting cell phone in the head or under your pillow (you might be convenient to have a phone handy, and your body – not!). 7. Better accommodate the computer and tv in every room except the bedroom. And if this is not possible, simply turn off them at night from the outlet. 8. Desirable to accommodate a double bed headboard to the wall, and child – the side of the wall, while not sleep feet to the door. (We know who have put their feet to the door). It is very important to choose a good bed. Do not be tempted by a stylish metal bed with a twisted back, you much more comfortable 'll feel the wooden beds with high solid back near the head. Well, when the bed has legs. This will allow the energy under the bed does not stagnate and to circulate freely. For the same reason why not recommended to keep under the bed boxes with shoes and other things that we love to hide in this place from outside vzlyad. Let your bedroom is comfortable, and the morning is always good!

Union Desk

Types of jobs may not contribute to effective action. In the offices of the main contractor work still remains man, and each performs the work in its own way, has certain habits and has preferences. Computer, as well as office furniture – this is just a tool. Therefore, for effective work computer workstation should be as convenient as possible and prevent premature fatigue employee. Moreover, it must comply with the current workflow. This is achieved only under certain requirements to the organization of a computer workstation – such as the correct positioning of the monitor on your desktop the absence of reflected light, privacy, protection from noise and other interference. The workplace should be able to 'tune' on the individual physical data of the employee: it must regulate the height of work surfaces in the accordance with the growth of the employee.

A comfortable chair and adequate personal space will make your stay comfortable in the workplace. In addition, the table should be given a place to put the necessary documents and things easy access to the computer system unit and cables for maintenance. One of the latest developments in the Russian market was the equipment of computer jobs system consisting of cable channels and special socket strips fastened to the table. The system allows easy and convenient to install and maintain all electrical connections and information within the workplace. Its relevance is due not only growing number of mobile devices (such as laptops or mobile phones) used during operation and requiring frequent connections, but also the best – comfortable, simple and understandable system reduces cost of maintenance.

Importance Of Infant Beds

Modern manufacturers of beds offered to buy them both separately and together with sets of furniture in the nursery. We can distinguish two principal types of beds in a nursery – is, of course, cradle Newborn babies and beds for preschool and school children. Latest styles of beds are called the corners of a schoolboy or a bed – loft. At birth, crumb bed, of course, often is not in the room kids, and parents' bedroom, nearer to the Pope and his mother, due to this it is less work to approach the toddler at night. For these cribs raised back and friendly marginalia, which consists of all bars and rods. Bed for a child appeared, above all, to be perfectly ventilated, be made from natural environmentally friendly materials and component elements. The frame itself should be the crib made of wood and mattress – made of natural fillers, of which there are used as seaweed, coconut fiber or a typical straw and a cover of linen or cotton wool.

Bed student – it is more furniture children form school bath or bed – loft (queen size bed, where the sleeper is located on the top and bottom of a computer desk, locker or cabinet, shelves for books). These beds are very compact, since occupying the space of one bed, includes three least important items for a toddler – to sleep, to learning to preserve the garments and their subjects. Therefore, in a room of kids will have more space for of unallocated time kids.

Novosibirsk Institute

As a result, of the works determined by the first indications and contraindications for treatment in Kislovodsk on rheumatic heart diseases and disorders of the heart muscle. In 1940, Kislovodsk, was already recognized cardiac resorts in the country and have clear indications for treatment. At the resort were treated 142,000 patients, 76% had arrived heart and vascular diseases. Work in this direction did not stop during the Great Patriotic War. In behalf of the Kislovodsk hospital B. Lenin studied the characteristics of the course of hypertension in wartime. New problems arose in the postwar years. In 1956 a joint session of the Academy of Medical Sciences, devoted to 150 anniversary of the Caucasian resorts were made for a successful treatment in Kislovodsk angioedema forms of angina, pregipertonicheskih conditions and damage to heart rate neurogenic nature of Cardiology and the initial stages atherosclerosis with symptoms of coronary insufficiency. Basis of these reports were the work conducted under the supervision of Professor ve Nezlin. In the next stage have been developed especially regime, spa and climatic treatment of patients with essential hypertension, as well as the principles and methods of functional-anatomical diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease and methods of spa treatment of the vascular system. The last 10-15 years the focus was challenged to identify the value of the spa treatment in the rehabilitation of patients after myocardial infarction. As a result, established the optimal duration of treatment at the spa, the main approaches to set of treatment facilities and some criteria for evaluating the results stay. found wide application in clinics of the institute. Successfully used this method in . In contact with Novosibirsk Institute of Circulatory Pathology, headed by Academician ENMeshalkin completed successfully monitor treatment in Kislovodsk of patients with mitral stenosis before and after commissurotomy. It is proved that Spa treatment significantly accelerates the medical and vocational rehabilitation of the operated patients. Patients with dynamic cerebral blood flow is rather large group. Kislovodsk created specialized department for their treatment. Studying the dynamics of functional systems in the early period of cerebral atherosclerosis, developed complex methods of treatment using physical therapy and resort factors. Held in Kislovodsk research, the creation of specialized offices, research laboratories (biotelemetricheskoy, Allergic, vascular disease) and the Computing Center provided the resort to organize medical and diagnostic work at a high level, and today the resort town of Kislovodsk, is one of the leading centers that develop the problem of spa treatment cardiovascular disease.

Hamburger Abendblatt

The ball is rolling again! The new home is launched and hundred thousands of fans await match day to day with their favorite team. All followers of the SV Werder Bremen have now the possibility to manage their team on the and to lead the Championship. The cooperation of aitainment with WESER-KURIER digital makes it possible. WESER-KURIER digital absorbs aitainment exclusively the online game TopLeague successfully launched in the last season of the House in its completely redesigned online program. TopLeague is a unique simulation software that sets apart the game from the entire competition of football manager games. Each user determines training, preparation and tactics of the original pros and denies his virtual team the day before the real game.

As a result he can compete directly with Thomas Schaaf, all other Werder fans and supporters of all clubs from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga. This game innovation has convinced even WESER-KURIER digital. TopLeague is integrated into the new website with an own sub site () Werder/TopLeague.html). The aim of the media cooperation is mutual increase of the range and its monetization. WESER-KURIER online presents his popularity with all virtual Werder trainers on advertising placements within the game, and increases in this way purposefully. Obtained by the aitainment revenue from online advertising, WESER-KURIER digital participates on a revenue share.

With WESER-KURIER digital we have found an ideal media partner. Both partners benefit from this cooperation. “Comparable content partnerships in other regions and with other media implemented, for example with the Hamburger Abendblatt online or different center TV channels”, explains Dr. Heinz Kierchhoff, Managing Director of aitainment GmbH. because of the reference to the respective local Bundesliga clubs competition between the media is low. The potential, however, is immense.”aitainment GmbH, Bremen, September 2009

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