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It may seem incredible, however, have a Gmail account gives you access to a range of Google services, that will make your cyber experience richer and more productive. Using same user name and password, you can start a blog (personal document) in Blogger, have an online photo album in Picasa, create and edit documents in Google Docs. Google offerings, the company that offers much more than an internet search engine, an excellent service of mail and even its own web browser, Chrome, lets you also use other web services, in wherever you have internet connection. Below is a list of products that Google has at your disposal. Blogger – express your opinions Online Calendar – organize your schedule and share events with your friends Docs – create your projects online, share them and access them from wherever you are Gmail – mail fast, with less spam and Google groups search technology – creates lists of distribution and Picasa discussion groups – Find, edit and share your photos Reader – quickly get all your feeds of news and blogs SketchUp – built models 3D fast and easy Talk – send instant messages and call your friends from your computer other services that do not require registration are: books – an online library with books in all categories, from classics to contemporary maps – find places and addresses across the globe translator – view web pages in other languages YouTube – get your own video channel or look at the creations of others all listed services and more, you can activate them, using your emails from Gmail account, at the following link: can also easily access all web services from the Google toolbar, which adds a search box to your web browser either Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, Linux, MacOS X and Windows operating systems.

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