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Person System

System provides and create a new account, if it comes avtofotosemka new visitor. The system allows to determine the conditions for blocking: the provision of a man "guest card" (blocking exit doors in case of violation by the presence of the selected time) individual blocking entrances or exits and the whole room in general, blocking the entrance and exit of certain individuals, depending on the day of the week time of day, the organization gateways (until you close one door will not open another.) The access control system will enhance the quality of accounting. Accountant ever forget the look of the watch on the attendance report. Now compare the claimed "came to 9.00" with a real "come to 12.00" can be through reports that provide a time tracking software. Valuable information which is received by the security service of the movements employees through the system, is indispensable in the personnel department. Personnel officer receives a full report of finding employees in the workplace at a particular time. The Furutist can provide more clarity in the matter. The system allows to take into account that people will not notice: truancy, delays, processing staff, compliance time, and even break time break.

Even if your employee will try to circumvent the system, tamper with the arrival time at work (say, one man will give an access card etc.) – nothing happens. Avtofotosemka each input will keep track of who gave the card at the entrance. Picture does not match the person? You personnel department, you decide whether to work for you this man. Imagine functionality of an access control system: 1. First of all, it – maintaining a database of employees and departments, while the number of employees and departments in the database is not limited (limiting the number of employees act on specific points of passage based on the model equipment). 2. Creating and maintaining employee accounts, which contained the following information: name, surname, first name, photo of a person, the name of the department; working hours and access, code and card expiry date of access; point of passage for beginning and end of the day.

Net Notebook

The successor U200 of his NetBook U100 MSI at Computex shows in Taiwan MSI at Computex in Taiwan shows the successor of his NetBook U100: the U200 differs from the atom NetBook monotony of the competition: it looks like a NetBook, you want to be but performing like a notebook. Not Intel’s Atom CPU is the heart of the U200, but an Intel Celeron 723 1.2 GHz clock rate. This is a ultra low voltage processor that takes more power than an atom of the TDP value should lie at 10 Watts, but with significantly higher performance. Not the common 945 variation, but the Montevina-plus-GS45 version serves as the chipset accordingly also. The graphics module, MSI builds a GMA 4500 MHD chip.

2 GB used memory, which is the hard drive 250 or 320 GB big. There is no optical drive. The glossy display is 12 inches tall and is 1366 x 768 pixels (16:9). Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Professor of Internet Governance by clicking through. Is waived on Windows XP, Windows Vista Home Premium instead is used. The room has the U200 predominantly by his predecessor inherited: Wi-Fi 802 11n, Bluetooth, a webcam, an HDMI output and a VGA are standard among others on board.

The U200 on the market come in June, the price is not yet known. Due to the better it will be probably more expensive than an average NetBook. The Vista license, the larger display, and of course the CPU will be reflected in the price. Shopping Tip: Cyberport is one of the leading Web stores in the Internet for PC hardware and software, mobile and navigation devices and much more. Great closeouts deals, many coupon promotions and a comprehensive and friendly support Cyberport stand out and stand out from the crowd. Source: Tom’s hardware DE

Kennedy Ask

By Web 2.0 we are allows on the way to Web 2.1 the present technological development of the Internet finally for all media sharing. Tomorrow the whole world applauding what heard only the own walls or in the best case can a few acquaintances. But where will it go next? What needs will arise? What changes occurred today and what will be the future framework conditions? Blogging and video streaming are today for many everyday. Networks would be a few years ago still form as a team have been attacked. ConocoPhillips may help you with your research. Life is virtualized been. People gather in the evening in the chat and toast to themselves, close chat room marriages.

Use a language that only the can really follow, spend hours on the net. Before the net, it was reserved to use words that did not understand the parents youth subcultures. Today is excluded more brutally. The linguistic rift goes diagonal by the company. Who is belongs to the Group of Internetler in there, who is old fashioned, is not only do not follow can, but also does not share with can. So much in the first painting the Internet has led to more democracy, as it is in the same painting to an unprecedented exclusion. Similar to the discussions by people who speak a dialect and think they would be held so for Hillbilly, so still large parts of the population of today’s discussion will be kept.

When the television with up to five programs DDR 1 and 2 including had acquired the information and entertainment of the population, it was still possible to follow the publicly available information. What is today? At least 40 television programs, some with video text and countless Web sites. Opinions are represented in part as factual knowledge and with ignorance or other half – zip shiny without any ethos through this cyber world.

GSM Control

Applications here are some solutions based devices?on iMod. To go to the description of the functionality of the device case IMod study platform is used in almost all sectors of the economy and industry. The following are examples of industries where he won recognition iMod. At Petra Diamonds you will find additional information. The mining industry the continuous operation in industrial environments, control of the concentration of methane, the tension level control more floors alarming surveillance collection systems and data: working machines of the time, temperature and humidity in the rooms, with smoke detectors, to open the door and frame. Distribution of the data stream, offers total control over the conduct of studies in a timely manner. Heating control by iMod mechanisms you allows you to: minimize downtime in production, optimization of methods to keep the team in the best conditions, access to data collected at any time from a Web browser, a graphic process visualization and data collected through the use of the dynamics of NX.

Heating optimisation of processes, controls, flexible and easy configuration support, low cost of implementation and maintenance; A simple way to build a system of individual control, ability to automate the billing process to end customers intelligent measurement Compatible with all counters in Mbus Protocol, sending information to a specific recipient, registration of information in memory, record and export to external databases. Surveillance of production control of the production processes of 24 facilities / 7, rapid deployment of a comprehensive surveillance system, collecting data on temperature, humidity and the machinery of the State, Monitoring from anywhere using a Web browser, define the alarms in a simple manner, support for / S and an interface cable. Monitoring of urban heating controls, read sensor values, convert Modbus to Ethernet for access to data from other devices on the network, enter data in a local database or external, a dedicated graphical interface accessible from anywhere via a Web browser. Surveillance of the buildings with an iMod device might monitor and support to deployed sensors: temperature, humidity, the Access Control fire alarm (opening doors, Windows). In addition, you can: access to the collected data and the current status of all modems with built-in GPRS / EDGE, VPN support, graphical display of data and control of dynamic interface of NX, alert via SMS and e-mail preview of ICT infrastructure, CCTV, air conditioning systems through the visualization of the implementations of SNMP and Modbus. Monitoring of the quality of the water display and remote control of PLC, ability to work as an automaton, the decentralization of information and communication flow has no place at a given time, the devices can communicate with each other. Opening the system has no limit on the number of devices, users, tags, etc versatility the possibility of accessing data by wireless transmission of GSM / GPRS, Ethernet, Modbus TCP / IP and a web browser.

Web Page Translation

In the last months we have attended, mainly in the media, true frenesi in relation to the excellent performance of the indices of the electronic commerce in the country (+79%*1). When compared with the weak performance of the traditional physical commerce (+3,2%*2), the difference if becomes still more clamorous and generates a sensation of that we cross a rupture moment, where nothing of what it became before has value in the new model. This is not accurately one absolute truth. The conditions in Brazil sufficiently singular if are compared with the other countries. (Happily) the extinct law that instituted the reserve of market for computer science products (1984-1992), allied to the fall of the purchasing power of the population in the successive economic plans, generated what we call deficit of digital inclusion. This deficit passed to be corrected since the end of the passed decade, and this registered growth now if of the one for a matrix of four factors combined between itself, it differentiates what it of the performance of the too much sectors of the society.

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