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In the last months we have attended, mainly in the media, true frenesi in relation to the excellent performance of the indices of the electronic commerce in the country (+79%*1). When compared with the weak performance of the traditional physical commerce (+3,2%*2), the difference if becomes still more clamorous and generates a sensation of that we cross a rupture moment, where nothing of what it became before has value in the new model. Hear other arguments on the topic with kevin ulrich. This is not accurately one absolute truth. The conditions in Brazil sufficiently singular if are compared with the other countries. (Happily) the extinct law that instituted the reserve of market for computer science products (1984-1992), allied to the fall of the purchasing power of the population in the successive economic plans, generated what we call deficit of digital inclusion. This deficit passed to be corrected since the end of the passed decade, and this registered growth now if of the one for a matrix of four factors combined between itself, it differentiates what it of the performance of the too much sectors of the society.

The Bearer

If on the other hand, we vendssemos this same option, we would receive the prize, but we would assume the obligation of vender, not right it, the action object until or in the expiration of the option for the value of R$ 46,00. The sales options are little common in Brazil, its functioning are similar to the options of purchase, much more popular this way. The sales option to give the right, to its bearer of vender the action for one determined price and in one determined date, in this context, the thrower, person whom the prize receives, is with the obligation to buy the action object, in the expiration of the option to the combined price, case is exerted by the bearer. It functions, accurately, the inverse one of the action of purchase. The terminology used in the sales and purchase options is the same ones. Valley to stand out that the sales options have little liquidity in Brazil, therefore its use is small, of this form little strategy is mounted with this type of paper..

Ambient Economy

The structure of this article meets divided in four item, namely: The first part will examine the general aspects of the market of metallic packings for drinks in the national context, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of if using the steel and aluminum in the production of cans for cooling beers and. They will consist, also, in this section, the main statisticians of the cincoempresas of the sector installed in Brazil. In the second part it is looked to prove that as much the technological innovations as the strategy implemented for the Metalic (to produce steel cans) became it more competitive than its competitors (manufacturers of aluminum cans). This analysis will be made on the basis of the information contained in the magazine Metallurgy and of the BNDES report, being overcome as referencial theoretician to the modern theories that turn on the concept of competitive advantages of the Traditional Economy. In the third part it is looked to over all prove that the decision of the Metalic in producing cans of steel, and with aluminum, did not become it more competitive than its competitors (manufacturers of aluminum cans), Northeast naregio of Brazil, which depended up to 1997, of the supplying of proceeding cans southeastern Brazilian, with raised transport cost, beyond what the steel he provides a bigger preservation of the environment, has seen that the time of erosion of the steel is well lesser of what aluminum. This analysis will be made on the basis of the information contained in the magazine Metallurgy and of the report of BNDES, being overcome as referencial theoretician the rules ofthe Ambient Economy that turns on sustainable development, ecoeficincia, amongst others. In the conclusion, it is emphasized that the Traditional Economy reproduces with sufficient lucidity the necessary elements for promotion of the economic development, lacking only of bigger concerns with the ambient questions.

Visa Purchase

You already bought some product in Site of the Internet? The question is not by chance, today has all the great companies of the retailing displaying its products through its sites and the number, comes increasing to each day that passes, therefore is seeing that the Internet, is arriving at the homes, each time more and with this the vision to increase its profits and for consequence its sales, with a lesser cost, therefore it does not demand the physical presence of the salesman, and each time more customers search the sites to carry through its purchases. This market put into motion in 2009 about 10,6 billion Reals in the Brazilian market and in the period it grew 27%, and it still counts on the full confidence in the service of 86% of the customers, and counts on more advantages where we can detach. – The purchaser does not need to leave house to make quotation of prices. – He does not have schedule, can at any time be where he will be available. – Stated period for delivery in the maximum in 10 (ten) days. – The product in its residence. Brazil is the country of the Latin America that more it grows in this segment in relation to the other countries in agreement shows the data to follow: Already they had bought for the Internet the level.


it searchs for one I credit fast went off in Portugal. This is only one of indications of the financial climate that if lives in our country. Many people had been attracted by a consumerism extreme throughout these years that had passed now and they live in apuros not obtaining to fulfill with its obligations next to the board. The Portuguese had started to live in the threshold of its financial possibilities, and in many cases, above of them. Everything seems easy when we attend the advertising of the companies of I credit easy, if to covet to have some good, is enough to bind for one numbers of telephone or to go to the site of them and in 24 hours or less I credit we will have it approved and the money in our account.

All the process of one I credit fast is sufficiently easy, fast the payment guarantees, are almost inexistent in some cases. As much speed and easiness seduce much people. Urgent loans stop defend the habitation Until the good little time the search for this type of credits had in part to the uncontrolled increase of the tax of the Euribor, relation was easy to understand: The people have one credit the habitation, perhaps one I credit automobile and one for vacation or a computer. With the tax of the Euribor to go off and the price of fuels in the limit, the people did not obtain to have money to pay to its credits and for its day the normal day. Then much people she chose one I credit fast as solution: They had asked for one I credit staff fast with the money against the account, had been repaying the installments of the house and using the money for everything the remaining portion. But this is a solution to prevent, therefore when appealing to one I credit fast to pay other credits alone we are to intricar our situation still more, and we go to pay much more interests in the end.

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