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Windows XP

I have received several reports, from various sources of digital information, where the Microsoft company announces it subject definitely the popular Windows XP operating system for the month of April of the year 2014, date in which totally suspended support and security updates for the most famous system which has existed in the history of the universal computer. This information make me think that the decision is final, because previously, several months ago, Microsoft had reported that it would invalidate the Windows XP for the year 2012, but then changed his mind and he extended the life of this operating system, which according to the latest statistics, still dominates the market with a 60.03% of users. Although fans and fanatics Windows XP, like me, have around three years to migrate to another OS, at this time many things can happen in the increasingly more accelerated and competitive world of computing. In other articles I have mentioned the reasons, which in my opinion, have contributed to an operating system with 9 years of existence and very good competition, keep current and is the favorite of most of the PC and Notebook users. He said that Windows XP was born with the explosion of information technologies and communication at the beginning of this decade that is about to end, i.e., was born at the time and the accurate time of the boom of computing and the Internet. Its versatility, its navigation interface and some generational feeling, also have helped much in force. Now, and I think that for commercial reasons and security, Microsoft wants to bury the Windows XP to give way to a new era in operating systems has already started with Windows 7. It happens that a high percentage of the monthly updates of the XP in recent years have been security patches, due to the considerable increase in cyber crime.

Educational System

The increasing use of the senses will equalise in theory excessive intellectual and technical dimension of current knowledge, at the same time that will encourage creativity because students will choose between endless possibilities to solve problems that will not be abstract, but as real as the situations that occur in real life, recreated in virtual worlds with the sole purpose of increasing the experience of the learner. Largely, this system will end with great limitation of education current, it throws every year into the labour market to millions of young people with a great preparation, but devoid of an experience that takes them years of filming. If the new educational model is well planned, these students completed their studies after intense professional experiences in virtual worlds, having lived that will train them much more than at present to carry out the most complex responsibilities in the bosom of the companies. The emphasis, which is evident that none of this has been achieved yet and continues to be a reasonable forecast of what may occur in the field of education in the next twenty years, Although, as pointed out by Rod Paige, a vision with a plan can change the world. In reality, the report offers more questions and suggestions that responses, task that corresponds to the teams that will have to be brought up to this great reflection on how implementing the latest technology in overcoming the current educational limitations. In this regard, it suggests that technology is only a part, although essential, of the future educational scenario. Another no less important part corresponds, as always, to educators, parents and guardians, who will interact with the student through new generations of mobile telecommunications linked in real time with the class and at home definitely points out Martinez, the technologies that will change the information and communication in the education system are autoesteroscopico display system, the 3D sound, virtual reality and the corresponding machinery, mobile or fixed, that preserves and power the system with simultaneous access to all information the agents involved in education and the most appropriate data banks. Virtual worlds allow also experiences in computer to solve complex real life problems, whether a decision on surgery or an investment in stock exchange. The virtual meeting has the added advantage that allows meet in cyberspace to students from different geographical origins, which opens the door to much more intense collaborations that nowadays between universities and schools from different continents and cultures, bound together by band systems broadband much more powerful that those who are today applied to teaching..


What difference can make a day. What difference can do 5 minutes. You had an argument with your ex. Say you that already, which already was, it has finished, finished, goodbye, and until you finish going through the door, you’re already regretting it. But definitely it is already too late. How I do get my ex back? You can have existed any good reason to do what you did, but now your heart says you do not want to lose it or lose it.

It could have been something spontaneous, or it could have been something that was madurandose for weeks or months and finally exploded. Whether the reasons are justified perfectly or not, the question now is how do get my ex back after break? So make a list of all their good points and then make a list of all their bad points. Then, you must decide. Yes, you could have 20 negative points and only 2 good points and still have so much love for your ex. So what do? How important could be the issue that caused the rupture? First of all the straw that I revalso the water was a major problem, do or was somewhat small but exaggerated way? Don’t worry about how your ex saw the matter.

What matters is your opinion about the same problem. It was a big enough issue to ignore it, with your other substantial qualities enough to counteract the big problem? And other qualities, is a very predictable person? Kind, attentive, considerate is (a), sentimental? Do you have a sense of humor? Treats you with respect? Nourishes and supports the things you do or you critique, it is verbally or physically abusive or aggressive? Weigh these factors will help you decide if really you want your ex back to you. Now, this is what a coach says there are a large number of opinions that are circulating in cyberspace on this topic. I was on a forum recently, and I found this gem on relations: to win back your ex and express your true feelings, you must let you know that it is always really on your mind. If ended the relationship, do you know that you made a big mistake and did you notice account that is a wonderful person that is ideal for you. Horrible advice! Well, then, how retrieve to your ex? You must not humiliate you under any circumstances, and if you’ve had more than one relationship in your life, you are probably aware that this Council never works. There is a certain formula that you can apply when trying to win back your ex. This does not include incessant calls, text messages, email, Twitter, etc. because this only shows desperation. You must not tell you you’re very sad, alone, depressed, sad without her love, since all this shows need and dependence is not really a compelling reason to bring your ex back. It also helps a lot having a plan of action to make your ex again, before you improvise. Replace with your ex requires more than good intentions. You should know what you’re going to do. You must make a plan based on some of the fundamental concepts that have been tested and shown to work. Gives a twist to your life knows the real to recover remedy to your former partner beam click here: steps to recover your partner.

BitDefender Application

After having already seen countless attacks on all types of Web pages, social networking, online players portals, etc. in these days is playing the turn to this young lady, but implemented, social network that is Twitter. Thus, a malicious application called StalTrak on which BitDefender security company has warned it is circulating in this social network. The truth is that the tactics of the ciberdelicuentes is not very new, and already is known to almost all who inhabit the social networks, namely the majority according to all statistical data are published. In fact, functionality which promotes the aforementioned application consists of let us know who has visited our Twitter profile. To do this, we asked our username and password – how not!- and we already have the deception underway. At the end, what the application does in fact is to begin to send messages with links to the application itself, but does not provide in any case what you promised.

Therefore, if we have fallen into the trap, we must proceed quickly to change our password to that our Twitter account remains that, our. As we see the cyber crime working shifts of 24 hours the 365 days of the year, so we have to continue to take good security practices in our daily use of the network. It is the only way in which we can be sure and avoid us more than one headache. Audea, of the Manuel Diaz Sampedro Department of management of the safety information

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