Windows XP

I have received several reports, from various sources of digital information, where the Microsoft company announces it subject definitely the popular Windows XP operating system for the month of April of the year 2014, date in which totally suspended support and security updates for the most famous system which has existed in the history of the universal computer. This information make me think that the decision is final, because previously, several months ago, Microsoft had reported that it would invalidate the Windows XP for the year 2012, but then changed his mind and he extended the life of this operating system, which according to the latest statistics, still dominates the market with a 60.03% of users. Although fans and fanatics Windows XP, like me, have around three years to migrate to another OS, at this time many things can happen in the increasingly more accelerated and competitive world of computing. In other articles I have mentioned the reasons, which in my opinion, have contributed to an operating system with 9 years of existence and very good competition, keep current and is the favorite of most of the PC and Notebook users. He said that Windows XP was born with the explosion of information technologies and communication at the beginning of this decade that is about to end, i.e., was born at the time and the accurate time of the boom of computing and the Internet. Its versatility, its navigation interface and some generational feeling, also have helped much in force. Now, and I think that for commercial reasons and security, Microsoft wants to bury the Windows XP to give way to a new era in operating systems has already started with Windows 7. It happens that a high percentage of the monthly updates of the XP in recent years have been security patches, due to the considerable increase in cyber crime.



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