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Domain Registration

It is common that in our Inbox appear an irregular amount of emails sent by people who we have not known. Read some and others are sent directly to the trash without being opened. The majority of emails of this kind, belong to professional scammers who have trust and ignorance of people to make his plan work. An example of this type of scam are those companies that are contacting the owners of a site in order to let know them that their domain is being registered by another company, putting at risk its trademark and future sales. Exchange auxiliary us and prevent us be caught the same keywords and the domain, they call for a certain amount of dollars.

If people who receive this kind of mail take the trouble to investigate a bit in the network, before you answer them and deposit the requested money would be cuanta fraud, since there is currently an extensive database and forums specialized in any kind of cyber scams. For example, there are companies from some countries Asians who ask for a subscription in order to reserve a certain amount of keywords or keywords. China, for example, not only boasts several companies dedicated to this type of scam, but in addition there are ghost companies that sell sites or domains that actually never posted, because they do not have the required permissions to the domain registration. Therefore, it must be clear several points. Firstly, there is no registration or paragraph of keywords in any country and much less globally; the only tool that can be are the specialized sites to provide the most searched keywords in order to optimize its use in search engines like Google. Even you can manipulate in some way so that little by little our page go climbing positions, but up there. So if you ever receive this type of email, remember: internet as a mass medium of global scale, no one can have the exclusive use of the search services and accommodation.

Mexico Frustration

do (a) Mr Martinez, remember you the first time we spoke, he raved of new technologies to save money and energy? Good would like to tell you of those developments and also show you amazing mechanisms that my company has developed to help you save money through the use of technology for solar cells. (b) let me tell you the reason why my company, we have found customers like you worried about the high costs of electricity, have found frustration by high expenditure that enterprises have to deliver in this regard, it definitely does not help our companies to be competitive Mr Martinez. As data can say you that the cost of electric energy in this country is high, in comparison to China, the cost of energy for a company is 60% lower than in Mexico. This results in an enormous frustration because this causes that our businesses are less competitive. In the first indent for the appointment, we explained that the key phrase, in this case saving energy was important. It is important not to forget it because once mentioned the reason for the appointment, what is done is to communicate the raison d ‘ etre of our company focusing on potential frustrations our customer may have, all this relating it to our key phrase. Let’s take into account something, all problem implies a frustration, and all this problem implies a better future, and that better future are our enterprise solutions to our customer’s issues. That is why the second step in this indent (b) is show our customer the existing problem and bring about their frustration and understanding that we are willing to help you. Once done the next step is to explain to the customer on our mechanisms for cost savings by electrical energy (key phrase) through the use of solar technology, this suggested creating a procedure to diagnose the real problems of our customer depending on the offer of our company, which in turn will give us guidelines to create solutions for their problems.

GDP People

Only be invested in Mexico in the year 2006 the. 36% of GDP in science and technology, and taking into account the trend of the past years will continue lowering the amount allocated to this important aspect for the growth of the country, and this is not everything Mexico has a big problem of leakage of talent since the salary provided to doctors for investigations is only 6 thousand pesos a month and This can reach up to 32 thousand depending on the contributions you have made. This is something insignificant compared to developed countries where doctors and prepared people are the more paid and that is why people with graduate degrees or doctorates decide to work in other countries. Mexico should start to take into account this aspect if it is that it wants to become one of the world’s major powers, and must now start with the youngest, and follow examples of countries such as China that have special schools for child geniuses and given an education Special and help them to fully exploit their full potential so then these young people to become professionals committed to helping his country, is a good way to begin, not only to see the short term. If we want Mexico to improve and reach farther there is to promote education among people since education fosters the growth of the country and of its entire population, makes us more open, rational, knowledgeable people and entrepreneurs sometimes there is no first world country which do not support to education and that not this convinced that are there since its population has a high educational level. I know that in Mexico we have more serious problems such as poverty and others but there is always room for the study for reading and things to which Mexicans are not used but that is essential to succeed.

The Pilot

Always, upon awakening should ask ourselves: who leads me today? Because some of us to perceive the first signs of the new day, ask: where am I? And so each one we ask some questions to the awakening. There are pilots to pilots, there are some that can lead us to perform wonders never imagined; others on the path of the eternal quest; but we could have assigned a pilot that could well lead us to our own misfortune. As well, hence precisely lies the importance of making a kind of test or test, every morning to know what is the Mission of the pilot who leads us. There are some who call the pilot the other, but I have always ensured that it is not, when less not the same program or goal that it moves them. If you are Catholic, dear reader, right outside that Christ would be its pilot; or the Holy Spirit, some call him the Blessed Sacrament. But now that we are in the era of Robotics and cybernetics, already accuse a tendency to navigate without limits, exploring the universe of communication that moves through space. We advise us constantly updating that programming, because there are all kinds, and if we ignore that someone might be us programming or manipulating, because then it would be that you have to give us that we can build our own destiny, we would say that that wasted time. There are some techniques to rid of possible handlers, because even the marketing is designed to predispose us to consume or purchase certain products or services, and if not enough money, we must learn to invest our resources, when less having clear that is the main thing in our daily. Moral: If you don’t want that they predisposing, learn how to build your own destiny.

Federal Bureau

Note published in some curious facts of offences on the Internet: > money stolen by fraud on-line on average each victim has grown from 5.249 euros in 2003 to 6.383 in 2006. > Spain ranks third worldwide in fraud via the Internet. > The online fraud in the first four months of 2006 in Spain grew 50% more than in 2005. > During the month of May 2006 was recorded an all-time high around the world of Internet banking fraud attempts. > 70% Of malware detected in the first quarter of 2006 was related to cybercrime (spyware, Trojans, bots and backdoors). > 60% Of wireless networks are unprotected. > In Spain, 75% of detected cases of Phishing in 2005 were banks, 20% to companies of online auctions and exchange of money, and 5% to false charges of mobile web pages. > Victims of identity theft employ 600 hours recovering from this crime, (paperwork, complaints, lawsuits) after a period of years.

He makes three years, this average age of 175 hours, representing an increase of 2470%. These hours is equivalent to revenues of approximately 16,000 of potential losses or income not generated (by loss of time). This data, necessary to add that the author can get to steal. > Almost 7 million people were victims of identity theft in 2003, this equates to 19.178 each day, or 13.3 per minute. > Identity theft is the crime of greater increase during recent years in United States, according to the Federal Bureau of investigations (FBI).

> 70% Of malware detected in the first quarter of 2006 was related to cybercrime (spyware, Trojans, bots and backdoors). In the first quarter of 2006 Trojans represented 47% of the total number of new malware detected, whereas in the second it has increased to 54% (source PandLabs). While in 2004 the Trojans accounted for 24.3% of the total again detected malware, in 2005 increased to 40.3%.

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