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It is common that in our Inbox appear an irregular amount of emails sent by people who we have not known. Read some and others are sent directly to the trash without being opened. The majority of emails of this kind, belong to professional scammers who have trust and ignorance of people to make his plan work. An example of this type of scam are those companies that are contacting the owners of a site in order to let know them that their domain is being registered by another company, putting at risk its trademark and future sales. Exchange auxiliary us and prevent us be caught the same keywords and the domain, they call for a certain amount of dollars.

If people who receive this kind of mail take the trouble to investigate a bit in the network, before you answer them and deposit the requested money would be cuanta fraud, since there is currently an extensive database and forums specialized in any kind of cyber scams. For example, there are companies from some countries Asians who ask for a subscription in order to reserve a certain amount of keywords or keywords. China, for example, not only boasts several companies dedicated to this type of scam, but in addition there are ghost companies that sell sites or domains that actually never posted, because they do not have the required permissions to the domain registration. Therefore, it must be clear several points. Firstly, there is no registration or paragraph of keywords in any country and much less globally; the only tool that can be are the specialized sites to provide the most searched keywords in order to optimize its use in search engines like Google. Even you can manipulate in some way so that little by little our page go climbing positions, but up there. So if you ever receive this type of email, remember: internet as a mass medium of global scale, no one can have the exclusive use of the search services and accommodation.



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