BitDefender Application

After having already seen countless attacks on all types of Web pages, social networking, online players portals, etc. in these days is playing the turn to this young lady, but implemented, social network that is Twitter. Thus, a malicious application called StalTrak on which BitDefender security company has warned it is circulating in this social network. The truth is that the tactics of the ciberdelicuentes is not very new, and already is known to almost all who inhabit the social networks, namely the majority according to all statistical data are published. In fact, functionality which promotes the aforementioned application consists of let us know who has visited our Twitter profile. To do this, we asked our username and password – how not!- and we already have the deception underway. At the end, what the application does in fact is to begin to send messages with links to the application itself, but does not provide in any case what you promised.

Therefore, if we have fallen into the trap, we must proceed quickly to change our password to that our Twitter account remains that, our. As we see the cyber crime working shifts of 24 hours the 365 days of the year, so we have to continue to take good security practices in our daily use of the network. It is the only way in which we can be sure and avoid us more than one headache. Audea, of the Manuel Diaz Sampedro Department of management of the safety information



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