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States Federal Republic

In common parlance, the level of well-being of a person or a group of people is described primarily with quality of life. Material prosperity is a factor, but there are a number of additional factors such as education, employment opportunities, social status, health, nature, and others. The prosperity is important to the people: ‘Without Moos nix los.’ In addition, we can apply the Maslow’sche pyramid of needs. The definition of WHO is: quality of life is the subjective perception of a person about their position in life in relation to the cultural and value systems in which she lives and in Reference to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns.”on the issue which include quality of life, there are differences of opinion. Quality of life based on health includes a basic definition of WHO”the physical, psychological and social welfare of an individual (WHO 1949). Several authors emphasize that less quality of life comprises the objective availability of tangible and intangible things, but, with a desired by the individual State of physical, psychological and social welfare is actually achieved the degree.” In the assessment of the quality of life and satisfaction of the people, the Switzerland stands on number 3 and the Federal Republic to place 35….

The problem is the evaluation. In multidimensional subjective indexes need to soft facts in an objective scale hard facts are converted. There are various theoretical approaches to the measurement of quality of life. The Objektivisten bureaucrats, Technocrats, controller assume the fundamental assumption, that there are identifiable needs, its satisfying determines the well-being. The observed living conditions to outsiders after scientific or assessed moral standards are Cybernetics, Hartz 4.” This theory has found its way into politics of the so-called welfare States Federal Republic of Germany. The subjectivist, however, emphasize the individual perception of one’s own life situation. The American quality of life research believes that the quality of life in the course of social development is determined increasingly by intangible assets.

Catalog Online

An online catalog is defined as a virtual presentation of articles that are available for marketing, which includes a detailed description of items, price, process order, etc.; also referred to the online catalog as Cyber catalog, electronic catalog or virtual catalog. ( one of the main advantages of having an online catalog is the possibility of that business to be found by potential customers rather than businesses are potential clients. Therefore, has a greater chance of making a sale if the company offers what the consumer is looking for. In addition to online catalogues are available all the time, offer very complete information, are easy to update and promote, also serve to reinforce the brand image, they usually offer more information than a printed catalogue, they allow current customers to share assessments of products, etc. If you already have with a printed catalog, we recommend that you publish it to Google Catalogs. Google Catalogs allows you to search and view printed catalogs that have been adapted to be available on the Internet. If you are looking for an economical way to create a catalog for your products or services online, we invite you to join to the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. At the moment that is registered and activated your account, you can create a catalog on line that includes five products / services offered by your company.

In the event that your needs are greater, can acquire the Membresia Premium with which you can publish up to 100 products in the catalog online for your company. The e-commerce offered by HISCEC tool allows you to create a catalog on line you can upload up to 12 photos per product, a detailed description of products (SKU, bar code, size and price) and may also receive evaluation of customers. Use the catalog that assemble in HISCEC as a promotional material, which can promote through its Web site, printed materials and with its existing customers. In order to create a catalog that maximize the benefits offered by the tool, we recommend that you use high resolution photos. If we can help you with something, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal.

Mehrschad Zaeri Esfahani

“” CyberForum starts with the ‘LoomingDay’ consulting and Qualifizierungsange bot for migrants workers Karlsruhe, July 29, 2013 – do not submerge the challenge accept “under this motto the CyberForum, last week hosted the LoomingDay” for migrants /-who want to gain a foothold in the industry. The aim of the event was to give a motivation boost to the participants before the holidays so that they cannot fall into the impending silly season. Under the guidance of Mehrschad Zaeri Esfahani, Managing Director of parsQube GmbH, the participants received a glimpse into the Scrum project management method”an important qualification which is needed for many employers in IT. The LoomingDay took place in OpenIT project, which promotes the work mark integration of migrant workers. Demographic change, falling birth rate and a lower number of school-leaving certificates – according to BITKOM vacant are already today nationwide about 43,000 jobs in the IT industry. At the same time, migrant workers have it difficult to gain a foothold – often, because degrees in Germany are not recognised or feared a prolonged induction process due to language and cultural barriers in the labour market.

The OpenIT project was launched to facilitate the entering of IT migrant workers. It is one of 21 sub-projects of the IQ network Baden-Wurttemberg, the migrant workers of the nationwide programme of IQ”through consulting and qualification opportunities for labour market integration supported. Specifically, this means that IT coaches train the participants individually and depending on their professional knowledge search for a matching entry: internship, training, post training or direct entry. Training and qualification programs such as the LoomingDay form an important building block. In the Center stood last Thursday”the Scrum project management method, which often comes in software development to the application. Mehrschad Zaeri Esfahani, Managing Director of parsQube GmbH conducted the workshop to do so and certified Scrum trainer. Esfahani reported first as he arrived in Germany in 1986 and then conducted the Scrum seminar with theoretical and practical units.

Baal Shem Tov

The Zohar has a great influence on us even though we do not understand. Well described by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Ephraim of Sadilkov, grandson of the Baal Shem Tov: "The sacred language of the Zohar is fit for the soul but you do not understand what he reads, as a person who enters a perfume shop, but leave without buying nothing, anyway, is affected by good fragrance. Therefore, we do not have to do but want to grow, as a baby who instinctively want to be big. Try to calm him down, tries to convince him not to continue to grow or to stop demand it. Impossible. We can not stop it, then, nature pushes him to development with an unbeatable force. That is how we work tirelessly in our internal search of spirituality, with perpetual enthusiasm to continue growing.

If we do, certainly, we will. This is only condition and all that is required of us. The spiritual operating system already exists. We just have to put up with our desire, our spiritual aspiration, such as a power tool consisting of multiple components (our souls) that only needs to be plugged into the mains (the general force of nature) to start working. Without this inner drive from us, the system has no effect on us. Or more precisely, it will affect us through suffering, in order to awaken, although it is impossible to really move forward in this way. The pain only encourages us to want to develop, but real progress only occurs as a result of our own desire.

And the suffering is only an indication that we have not yet acquired the desire to develop. It turns out that everything depends on the environment, as we explain the Kabbalists. The system exists, the media, books and teachers, and are, as the atmosphere that awaits a new born baby provide everything you need to grow. All that remains in our hands, is to get into the right and we allow it instilling the desire to achieve our purpose in life: to develop our souls until they return to join together and with the Force that created them. * The Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is Masters in cybernetics, doctor in philosophy and Kabbalah, a professor of ontology and epistemology. He is founder and president of Bnei Baruch and ARI Institute in Israel. More information and


The conveners of Madrid believe that people act by conviction, not because any prohibited by Board and advances that regardless of what you decide the Board they continue with their demands and their camping, reported Marta Bac. However, people like Delia, a treinteanera who works in the world of communication, if approached Sun as soon as he learned that the concentration had been banned. Grabbed me a tremendous anger and I went there after Curran and didn’t go eh?, explains. Is your representative case of what can happen if concentrations are prohibited? For the sociologist Angel Gordo, director of the complutense research on cyberculture and social movements group, this movement of 15-M is independent and is above the prohibition. His vindication goes beyond policy and explains that for the same reason these manifestations do not they are in contradiction with the day of reflection.It’s a civil Act, is not campaign for any party, they are not based on any parliamentary politics, why are legitimate, defends Gordo. To this sociologist, it is important to note that you it’s a movement that is not merely juvenile, is a collective malaise that goes beyond, is much deeper and is not something improvised. Sociologist and researcher Juan Diaz Nicolas, sees difficult to pronounce on what will happen and is questioned whether or not prohibit demonstrations: the majority of people there is good faith, going to dnder their rights. It is a very heterogeneous group, with a real base: the total situation of desperation of youth.

Then there will be who attempt to take advantage of the situation and lend the Ember to its sardine, but time will tell. If the movement died the day of the elections we will know it was something seasonal, coupled with the election of the day 22 and that someone wanted to benefit, if it continues we will know that he was on the sidelines, but now neither know nor I can tell who benefits and who is detrimental, because even the publication of polls can influence. The teacher warns in addition to a risk: erring on the recipient of the protests, which we call a displaced aggression within the frustracion-agresion hypothesis. Someone makes me something and pay it with the dog. For the Professor of sociology at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Roberto Barbeito, the prohibition generates ctos varied depending on place and time and has unpredictable ctos, although he believes that in this particular case it would be counterproductive and would encourage many who had not yet had decided, moreover, explains, there is a need that young people express themselves and now have nothing to lose compensates them more leave than stay at home. If there is a calculation of the cost, is that the benefit is greater. There are 5 million unemployed, four of every ten young people have no work, the news about the future are disturbing, express themselves has become a necessity.The ban would be a blunder, he continues, the day of reflection affects parties attending the elections; but in these demonstrations do not vote is asking for anyone, is not the case, and, in addition, there is precedent for manifestations of a general nature and non-partisan before the elections, as that occurred following the 11-M attacks. Source of the news:: cto Streisand at the 15-M or how to get more support if the demonstrations are prohibited

The Cultures

You switch between their individual and (peer) group interests. To constantly focus on common objectives and we need the respective digital Individual-Gesellschaft(en), in addition to the natural ethics, the moral(en) (social rules, etc.) our analog archaic everyday clan society and norms (). We need for the common objectives (3) Assistance in the form of laws, treaties and regulations, etc. In public, a complex social groups dynamics is created for us. We focus most of the time not only to our opinions and preferences, but on the re actions and actions of others, until discernible pattern (fashions, trends, panics) caused a chain reaction of mutual interference and manipulation.

We align ourselves, with our natural imitation behavior, constantly on others. “This caused a constantly changing social knock-on effects (developments): we are IN and include: all have an iPhone, I want one too!” People must decide when physical or psychological primary situations always emotionally and rationally justify. Nature = people and cultures (body, soul, spirit), work differently than all other living things, for example: we have a pronounced Gosshirn (cortex) and reason (enlightenment, Reformation). We can literally, in writing (verbal: letters, figures,) Symbols), communicate with pictures graphics and photos. We communicate also chronologically offset by means of technology and in direct. We think sense-oriented: be interpretation, mental logical content, guilty… We can analyze ourselves, abstract, and think ahead in strategies. We have instinct (‘ gut feeling, heart ‘) and intuition (“heart and brain”).

People are semi-autonomous (un-ter conscious control) acting beings that control their behavior for ethics and morals: useful or harmful. Cultures have interest derived (and purpose) fixed networks (infrastructure) for communication: telephone, radio, Internet, information (processes): wikipedia, facebook, twitter, mobility: roads, railways, aircraft, ships, supply: electricity, gas, water, media,… Cultures consist of selfish social reason-being with a ‘free’ will: the cultures (sub-system, Cybernetics) are always a part of nature (System). The cultures of work according to hierarchical Central (top-down, Macht-Interessen) command structures (organization charts: vertically and horizontally): democratic federal State (control) and paternal management (control) about people, projects and processes: control, review and correction.

The Crystals

It done to ensure that whatever mix messages from people with similar names. Therefore, the network on a single resource, you will not find two identical Katya, Len, Serge, etc. So the name is unique, as well as information stored in it. The easier it is to read the name than it is easier to pronounce, and if it is positive, the more surely had had a favorable impression on the interlocutor. On the other hand, the unusual nickname and avatar, can certainly attract the attention of people its intrigue. Just a favorable first impression directly writing style. Here are the following features.

The first widely known – it's polite. Of course, this teaches us from childhood, but there are people who believe that the Internet is a place where you can spit on all the cultural laws is an area of freedom from the conventions and prejudices. I would like to note that even in this zone there is a society that builds its own rules communication, so you can find the failure of rudeness, swearing, rudeness, etc. The second feature, which will promote a positive first impression when communicating on the Internet – this is the prevailing worldview and the existence of belief. The network is designed so that people are most often represented by the text, through which he offers his thoughts. If a person has something to say, his opinion matter, and he knows how to communicate their thoughts. This is a big plus. Holistic personality attract and communicate face to face, but on the Internet many people are attracted to them increases, because the network thought to affect only the perception of their ability to express, and such things like status, age, appearance has a minimal impact.

The third feature – the length of the message. No wonder they say that brevity the soul of wit. When the user hits the page Bolga, a forum and so on, faces lots of text, this text zashumlyaet perception, the eyes want to jump, to cover all the crystals. It's like when you suddenly found themselves in a company where people are talking all at once. So long posts, read in the network heavily. If the text is short and, in fact, it will generate a positive impression of who wrote it. Positive presence in the text, the same effect as a smile when we first met. The ability to joke in the good or praise interlocutor, creates a favorable impression. Everyone knows the expression, a kind word and a cat is nice. The network decided to speak frankly about their feelings, not taking into account the reaction of the interlocutor, on the principle of "his face did not seen ", but those people who know how to express sympathy and support heals psychological climate of any Internet community. I would like to emphasize that any law of first impressions do not help to establish deep relationship, if on the other end will be "dead" man. Therefore, we must admit that the "real" relationship is not so much superior to relationships in cyberspace, how they differ from them. And of course one never replace another.

Blind Date

In one of my long walks, I discovered this little cafe, quiet and neat, and treasured as one of my best discoveries, so I considered that no better place to witness that from that date .- That appointment, such that came almost by accident, as the small cafe, unexpectedly, the result of those words …….. we get along so well, I like to meet you .- It was like a flash, I was against this cyber reality that touches us live, we have conversations that almost touch the intimate, and we have not ever seen me .- The idea was appealing, but I forced its concreteness let evolve the moments with this woman, great moments, and it seems impossible, without a face, but so well known .- ……………….. not you curious to know how I am?, and she seemed to guess my thoughts, if he wished but, as I imagine it? .- So, no rush or insistence, in the end we agreed to meet at my favorite place ,…… already had a blind date .- I arrived much earlier than the time agreed, and while the coffee cup rolled between my hands, I thought, would have done well?, and if I lost, I liked being with her a lot, and it seemed that she too be with me, but as serious reality? .- This meeting would not be like the others and felt some hidden fear, which is not happening where I have frequented in the chat room .- I kept looking toward the door, and when it opened agreed to make way for a female figure, not very tall, with short brown hair and beautiful brown eyes ……………..

Webmaster Tools

Finally you have your website, everything is designed and those waiting for the Google crawler to pass through your page. They spend two weeks and your site has not yet been indexed. Then ask yourself, is my website automatically indexed by Google?. There are several ways to get your website indexed by Google. The first option is to use a "ping" services. What this does is allow the search engines know that there is a site that is visited the next time (although there is no guarantee). Another option is to create a site map in XML format. If you do not know how to do this, there are many online tools that are free and help you create the site map.

The site map is usually stored in the root folder of the website and can appoint any Maer, but most people just leave it as sitemap.xml. The next step for a site map is to send it to Google using Webmaster Tools tool. It will also be able to check whether the pages of your website have been crawled. Social bookmarking is another way get your site to be crawled and indexed quickly. The most popular sites are updated every few minutes and search engine spiders more often come to these sites and as a result your page is indexed more quickly.

Articles directories are a way as the point mentioned above, are scanned every few minutes as it has very good credibility and is an authoritative site. Always worth creating quality articles in the Medici as you can with a link to your site to try to get it indexed quickly. RSS is an additional feature you can implement. If you do not know how to do this, then as an XML sitemap, there are plenty of tools to help make this RSS IceRocket has a constructor which is free. Once created you can send to multiple RSS directories. If after all the previous methods have done, you might want to check the file robots.txtya that could be blocking the spiders crawl your site or may have other problems.

What Is Google Adsense Internet ?

What is Google Adsense? If you look at the internet, at least a few years ago, we discovered that advertising begins to use very similar to that used in other media, like television, or to make a greater assimilation, as in the newspaper. And it is so simple that when entering a website or web page, its content can see banners or advertisements (In the beginning many and large) … What is Google Adsense? If you look at the internet, at least a few years ago, we discovered that advertising begins to use very similar to that used in other media, like television, or to make a greater assimilation, as in the newspaper. And it is so simple that when entering a website or web page, its content can see banners or advertisements (In the beginning many and large) in most firms, companies or even individuals who are paying for your space, or an advertisement of the space is displayed. You’ve probably noticed a lot of these things on the pages you frequent sailing, for example, perhaps by entering an online store in search of a clock that shows you want to buy the large supply of a car is really a banner advertising you have been shown in order to make a click on it. Well, this has been the major idea developed by the Google team, known as Google Adsense, an intelligent and well thought idea consisting of a targeted advertising program, where they earn all, Google (the company that enables advertising) Web master or owner of the site where the ad is displayed (receives a small commission), and the owner of advertising, you get more clicks (potential customers or prospects).

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