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In common parlance, the level of well-being of a person or a group of people is described primarily with quality of life. Material prosperity is a factor, but there are a number of additional factors such as education, employment opportunities, social status, health, nature, and others. The prosperity is important to the people: ‘Without Moos nix los.’ In addition, we can apply the Maslow’sche pyramid of needs. The definition of WHO is: quality of life is the subjective perception of a person about their position in life in relation to the cultural and value systems in which she lives and in Reference to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns.”on the issue which include quality of life, there are differences of opinion. Quality of life based on health includes a basic definition of WHO”the physical, psychological and social welfare of an individual (WHO 1949). Several authors emphasize that less quality of life comprises the objective availability of tangible and intangible things, but, with a desired by the individual State of physical, psychological and social welfare is actually achieved the degree.” In the assessment of the quality of life and satisfaction of the people, the Switzerland stands on number 3 and the Federal Republic to place 35….

The problem is the evaluation. In multidimensional subjective indexes need to soft facts in an objective scale hard facts are converted. There are various theoretical approaches to the measurement of quality of life. The Objektivisten bureaucrats, Technocrats, controller assume the fundamental assumption, that there are identifiable needs, its satisfying determines the well-being. The observed living conditions to outsiders after scientific or assessed moral standards are Cybernetics, Hartz 4.” This theory has found its way into politics of the so-called welfare States Federal Republic of Germany. The subjectivist, however, emphasize the individual perception of one’s own life situation. The American quality of life research believes that the quality of life in the course of social development is determined increasingly by intangible assets.

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