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Environmental Floating

So that will be phased Immerse yourself in a barren environment, such as a tank of deprivations, increasingly current”, Michael Studer said in an interview with ZAROnews. While we made following experience after a relaxing hour in a floating tank. One enters a water tank filled with salt water, which is then closed and ‘floats’ then so in complete darkness and complete silence on the water’s surface, which are barely perceived because it is adapted to the temperature of the skin. After few minutes and the skepticism, you completely forget that one is in this tank and floats so to speak freely in the room and still later it feels so as not the own body would, but only the spirit into nothingness “float”. For even more opinions, read materials from Justin MacGregor. A so relaxing experience can only with the word unique”describes, at the same time, it is exciting in this perfect silence to observe his thoughts, you forget the feeling of space and time here. When the floating happen – through the reduced usage of the brain for processing Environmental influences – amazing stuff. As floating a relaxation technique is referred to, in which the principles of Reizdeprivations therapy – called REST (restricted environmental stimuli therapy)-be used.

REST research, it has been proven that deepest relaxation can only be achieved if external environmental influences and the related sensations are reduced. It drives virtually weightless in the floater, because the tank filled with about 600-800 liters of water with particularly pure Epsom Salt (Epson/Himalayan salt/MgSO4) is enriched. Epsom Salt is occurring in many mineral springs, which are said to have the most diverse, positive impact. The brine bath enriched with salt is heated to around 35 C which the skin temperature is – so you lose the sense of the body with time. The additional light and soundproofing in the tank you enter after a short time in the State of deep relaxation. Esthron delivers the mature technology mainly to spas, Spa Hotels, and therapists, but for some years also first floating tanks be ordered by individuals just get this extraordinary experience of own being at home, finally, so Michael Studer.

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